(Watch) Berkeley Professor Says That Everyone Supporting Donald Trump May Be a Nazi

(Video) My President Donald J Trump’s First 100 Days

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(Video) All About Federal Pork: Who Is More Responsible At Spending Your Money?

California Is $457 Billion+ In Debt — Illegal Aliens Cost California Taxpayers $30.3 Billion Annually

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In Memory of the 6 Million Jews Whose Deaths Will Never Be Forgotten

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Socialist Left Riot in Paris Following Election

(Video) Liberal Fascists Shout Down Baptist Minister During Townhall Prayer

President Donald Trump Awards Purple Heart to American Hero Alvaro Barrietos at Walter Reed

USA TODAY Holly Epstein Ojalvo Questions Free Speech at Public Universities – When Was the First Amendment Repealed?

Democrat Jon Ossoff Falls Short of Winning Georgia Special Election Despite Raising $8.2M Mainly From California Liberals