(Watch) In 2007 Then Sen Obama Was Against Wiretapping and Surveillance of Americans Within 6 Yrs That All Changed

Former DoD Asst Secy & Team Clinton Advisor Evelyn Farkas Admits to Spying and Leaking Trump Intelligence

Idiot! Ms. Farkas Should Have Consulted With an Attorney
Before Speaking to MSNBC

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More Than 1 Million Migrant Refugees are in the Pipeline in Libya Waiting to Cross Into Europe

NOTE: They Are All Men, Where Are The Women???


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Great News For Retirement Savings – Its Been a Winning Quarter For the Dow Industrials

Good News For Investors

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Beautiful “Ava Maria, Hail Mary”

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Today Is National Vietnam War Veterans Day — God Bless Our American Heroes!

Thank You President Trump — God Bless Our American Heroes!

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Now Liberal Snowflakes Suffering From PTSD Due to Climate Disruption

According to CBS News Washington in May 2014 Global Warming/Climate Change
i.e. Change in Seasons, Should Now be Referred to as “Climate Disruption”

VIA: Washington Post

Where Can Loony Liberal Snowflakes Find a Support Group?


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Idiocy! CNN Commentator: “Barack Obama Had to Be the Next Best Thing to Jesus”

@42 Seconds CNN Commentator says, “Barack Obama had to be the next best thing to Jesus.”

(Watch) Its Discover Islam Week — I’ll Pass!

Enough Said!!!


Thrill Up His Leg Chris Matthews, Compares Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump to Saddam Hussein’s Sons