(Watch) Muslim Brotherhood Shill & DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison: Jews Were Behind 9/11

Making America Great Again — Congratulations Secy of Commerce Wilbur Ross!

Congratulations to Our 39th Secy of Commerce
Billionaire Investor/Jobs Creator Wilbur Ross


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Keep It Classy Michael Bugard: Loony Liberal Actor and His Frustrated Buds Go on Tirade After Criticism of Bigoted Attack on Melania Trump

Trump: FY 2018 $54 Billion Spike in Defense Spending With Savings From Domestic Outlay Cuts

(Watch) Hillary Looks to Rally Democrats Promises to Be There “Every Step of the Way”

Kiss of Death for Democrats After Losing Two Elections,
Hillary is Threatening a Comeback?

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(Watch) Former Sen Rick Santorum Outlines Another Reason Why ObamaCare is a Failure

Iran Director Asghar Farhadi Boycotts Oscars Claims: Trump’s Extreme Vetting “Prevents Democracy and Human Rights”

Awesome — Congratulations Meryl Streep!

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Bitter Bernie Sanders Trolls President Trump About Size of Inauguration Crowd

Bernie Sanders Trolls Donald Trump on Twitter with Pre-Inauguration Crowd Size Photos

Actual Crowd Size Photo of President Donald Trump’s Inauguration
Image Courtesy: Shirley Marie Bradby

Trump Actual Crowd Size During the Rain –Thanks: Nathan C

Democrats Choose Muslim Brotherhood Shill Keith Ellison as Deputy Chair