Chinese Immigrant Lily Tang Williams: ‘Common Core’ is the Communist Core I Had in China

So Again, Why Do Democrats Claim Republicans are Racist and Mainly Old White Men?

Latino VotersDon’t Be Fooled by Democrats & the Dinosaur Media Narrative

(Buzz Feed) Despite the constant drum beat of Democrats, Progressives and their favorite Dinosaur Media news readers, that Asian-Americans and Latinos are reliable Democrat voters, one may want to reconsider this old and tired narrative heading into 2016

In the State of California, more than 90 Latino Republicans have been elected to office in just the last two years and in November, Asian-American Republican Women dominated Orange County races, with three candidates elected to state offices and two to the County Board of Supervisors.

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VP Joe Biden on Obamanomics: “Past 6 Years Have Been Really, Really Hard for This Country”

Obamanomics 20151 in 5 American Children Rely on Food Stamps –Image: Phk Ken@Twitter

(Daily Caller) VP Joe Biden said the past 6 years have been really hard for the United States — Duh!

Referring to the national hardships of the period which he has been Vice President, Biden also noted the great struggle experienced by the Democratic Party.

“To state the obvious, the past six years have been really, really hard for this country and they’ve been really tough for our party, ” Biden said at the ‘House Democratic Caucus Retreat’ in Philadelphia.

Finally, a Democrat that will “state the obvious” in public with cameras rolling. — Wow, that’s a rarity.

Obama Administration: Taliban Not a Terrorist Group — Taliban Kill 22 in Three Separate Afghan Attacks

Obama Administration TalibanOn Wednesday, the Obama Administration Said the Taliban Was Not a Terrorist Group But Instead an ‘Armed Insurgency’ –Image: FOX News

(Gazzetta del Sud) At least 22 people were murdered in Afghanistan in three separate attacks local sources in Kabul reported today.

A Police Officer and 3 Civilians were killed when a bomb exploded in Mihtarlam City in the Eastern Laghman Province; Earlier, a young girl was killed and several people were injured in a dawn explosion in Jalalabad City also in Eastern Afghanistan–Police said the bomb went off near a local public works office and a school, killing the girl as she was making her way to classes.

On Wednesday night, 11 pro-Afghan government militias were killed and at least 6 additional injured in a ‘Taliban’ Jihadist attack on a check-point in the Eastern/Central Province of Ghanzi–at least 6 Taliban Jihadist Thugs were also killed.

CBO: ObamaCare Will Result in 10 Million Losing Employer Based Health Ins Plans

CBO Warning....

(IBD) Congressional Budge Office (CBO) says in a new report ObamaCare will  cause 10 Million to lose their employer based health plans within the next 6 yrs–the latest findings also thoroughly debunks the myth that ObamaCare proponents made when trying to sell the law–about how those with employer based coverage, have nothing to worry about.

CBO IBDObamaCare Architect ‘Stupid Americans’ Jonathan Gruber  for example claimed that the ACA was specifically designed “to leave those who are happy with their employer sponsored insurance alone.”

Likewise, the Obama Administration insisted that “respected independent analysts have concluded that the number of Americans who get their health insurance at work will not change in any significant way.”

Of course, who can forget Obama’s ‘Big Whopper’ that he repeated over-and-over that Americans who liked their health insurance plans (like their doctors) can keep them.

Obama Hypocrisy: Won’t Meet Netanyahu ‘Too Close to Elections’ — Campaigns Against Him

Obama HypocrisyObama Hypocrisy –Image Courtesy: Anne Bayefsky@Twitter

(WFB) An Obama Administration/U.S. State Dept funded group is financing an Israel campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu and has hired former ‘Team Obama’ Natl Field Director Jeremy Bird who has taken up office space in Tel Aviv, according to IMRA on Monday, the 26 January, Haaretz reporter Roy Arad said that the foreign (U.S.) funded organization ‘OneVoice’ is bankrolling the campaign to defeat Bibi Netanyahu, in the March Knesset elections and has converted the ground floor on one office building into a campaign headquarters packed with ‘Victory 2015’ signs and young people wearing “V-15” campaign buttons.

Flashback: On the 16 December, I wrote here that in May, 2010 it was first reported in ‘The Philadelphia Bulletin’ but got little coverage elsewhere, of the Obama Administration’s ‘psychological warfare campaign’ to topple the Netanyahu and his Conservative Likuid party.

In December The Blaze reported in a Jerusalem Post article headlined ‘Outside Forces Already at Work on Influencing Outcome of Elections’ wrote the Secy of State John Kerry said that, “…his comments and the bulk of comments coming from Washington over the next few months regarding Netanyahu, need now to be seen within the context of trying to influence the electorate.”

The Jerusalem Post noted the example that just one week before the last Israeli elections in 2013 Bloomberg writer Jeffrey Goldberg quoted President Obama saying privately that “Israel doesn’t know what it’s own best interests are,” a clear dig at Netanyahu.

  • The assertion that the U.S. doesn’t try to influence Israeli elections, “clearly isn’t true,’ according to Aaron David Miller who was a Senior State Dept official, “We always tried to influence the elections in Israel but we never succeeded,” Miller told Ynet News in March, 2014

Last week Obama’s Natl Security spokesperson Bernedette Meehan claimed the reason Obama won’t meet with Netanyahu when he’s in Washington in March to address a Joint Session of Congress, that its in keeping with ‘long standing practice and principle’ the president does not meet with heads of state or candidates in close proximity to their elections.

Its all about principle Riiight…

What a hypocrite — Obama just organizes political campaigns against them.

Obama in Saudi Arabia for 4 Hrs Wastes $267,787 of Taxpayers Money for Hotel Rooms

Ritz Carlton Saudi ArabiaRitz Carlton Hotel, Saudi Arabia Riyadh

(WFB) Obama Administration spends wastes $267,787 of taxpayers money for hotel costs for a 4 junket to Saudi Arabia, attending the funeral for King Abdullah, according to contracts issued by the State Dept.

Obama AuschwitzObama will not be attending the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz on Tuesday which heads of state from France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and Denmark will be in attendance.

Southern California Weather Alert: Light Rain Expected — MSM Silent, Typical NYC Media Bias

California Weather WarningCalifornia Weather Warning –Image: Jennifer@Twitter

One Can Empathize with Those People Impacted by the 2015 Blizzard Along the East Coast — It’s Been Sprinkling Lightly in Los Angeles

RainmeggedonRainmegeddon Strikes Southern California
Image Courtesy:
Rick Dickert@KTTV/FOX 11 L.A.

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Intl Energy Agency: China’s Coal Use Imperils Obama’s Idealistic ‘Greenhouse Gases’ Initiative

WH ChinaWhite House Announces Obama’s Grandiose Deal
With the China Regime in November

(RFA) In November, the Obama Administration and the China regime supposedly reached a ‘groundbreaking agreement’ on ambitious CO2 reductions, ending years of wrangling.

Under Obama’s tendentious deal with China, the United States pledged that it would cut CO2 emissions by 26-28% from 2005 levels by 2025 while Beijing promised to reach its peak in releases in 15 years by 2030 or sooner if possible–To hit the 2030 targets, the China regime would have to stop the growth of coal use considerably earlier, capping consumption in 5 years or by 2020 according to a  Tsinghua University study.

According to the Paris based International Energy Agency (IEA) annual ‘Medium Term Coal Market Report’ in December, it said that China will not reach a plateau in coal consumption during its forecast period and probably beyond.

Additional coal will be needed for years to meet energy demand during the next decade–the IEA study concludes, that the peak in coal use could be reached by 2019 only in case of unexpected circumstances, such as a sharp reduction in economic growth–even slower growth means China will be burning more than 100 million tons of additional coal with each passing year.

Flashback: Remember in November during the APEC Summit it was China Daily that wrote, “Obama does not have the political capacity and resources to solve issues–he is powerless to solve the structural problems in the United States. Obama has not helped his country secure more global resources…Obama may not accomplish any outstanding achievements in his remaining two years in office because he chose the wrong strategies from the very beginning of his tenure.”

Only in an Obama Fantasyland and in the minds of his gullible minions, would one actually believe that one can trust anything that the China regime pledges.

Pew Research: Americans Say Obamanomics Failing Them — Falling Behind the Cost of Living

Obamanomics...Obama SOTU — Good Grief  –Image Courtesy: Austin Ridenour@Twitter

During his ‘State of the Union’ speech last week, the USA Today reported that President Obama said:

“The shadow of the (recession) crisis has passed
and the state of the union is strong.”

Not so fast — According to Pew Research earlier this month, while Americans views of the economy have improved somewhat:

  • 48% say their economic condition is only fair, 24% call themselves poor while only a meager 27% describe economic conditions as good.
  • Likewise, most Americans 55% continue to say they are falling behind the cost of living and when it comes to job opportunities, 57% say that jobs are difficult to find.
  • Overall the strength of the economy is seen as tepid–66% says the economy is recovering but not very strongly, 17% see no economic recovery at all with just 16% that believe the economy is recovering strongly.

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