Obama Was Duped, China Regime Tricks the U.S. Into ‘Greenhouse Gases’ Pledge

Obama was DupedObama Was Played For a Fool and OFA California Is a Sucker
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(BBC News China) China and the United States “agreed” to set limits on ‘Greenhouse Gas Emissions’ earlier this month at the APEC Summit in Beijing or did they?

Noting this this was the first time both countries have reached an agreement on a world issue, the Chinese edition of the Global Times praised the existence of a China-U.S. joint leadership but the papers subtly hints that China will not make any dramatic cuts despite pressure by the U.S. and Europe adding:

“Its is the basic right of the people to pursue a moderately comfortable life and improve their living standards. We need to balance many factors and move on step by step.”

Echoing similar views, a commentary in the China regime state run Beijing Times welcomes the shared responsibility of tackling emissions but also reminds readers of the ‘differences’ that still exist between the two countries adding:

The U.S. and other industrialized countries need to shoulder more responsibility–and that “It is unfair to highlight (China’s) emission level of recent years…It is also unfair that developing countries have to sacrifice their development to deal with climate change.”

“While the climate agreement has been widely praised in the U.S. as a significant breakthrough,” writes China Digital Times “Chinese media response has been relatively muted.” 

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St Louis Rams Players Propagate ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ Myth in Support of Furguson Thug Mike Brown

St Louis Rams Players(Young Cons) St Louis Rams Players Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey, Kenny Britt, Chris Givens and Jared Cook came out in the already debunked as a lie “hands up don’t shoot’ gesture in solidarity of Ferguson Thug Mike Brown, before Sunday’s game against Oakland Raiders.

Instead of promoting ways to help local businesses that were looted and burned in Ferguson, Missouri writes Deneen Borelli these players decided to propagate the myth by racial agitators, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Nation of Islam Leader Louis Ferrakhan that Brown was shot while trying to surrender with his hands-up.

“The actions of these players could conceivably fuel more unrest in the Ferguson community and throughout the country–Sadly this on field stunt will pollute the minds of young fans about the truth of what really happened in Ferguson,” writes Borelli.

Pope Francis Urges Muslim Leaders to Condemn Violence in Name of Islam, Seeks More International Assistance for Refugees

ISIS Justifies War With....(MEMRI Video)  Islamic State (ISIS) Justifies Its War With Yazidis
Calling On Them to Convert to Islam Before Killing Them

(Vatican News) During Pope Francis apostolic trip to Turkey this past week, the Pontiff urged Muslim leaders worldwide to condemn violence in the name of Islam–Appealing for more international assistance for the thousands of refugees from nearby Iraq and Syria who have taken refugee in Turkey.

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Idiocy By Some in the United States…

Culture Crisis“It Boggles My Mind Where Peoples Priorities Are.”
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Culture Crisis in America@Facebook

Islamic Intolerance of Christianity: ‘Real Madrid’ Pro Football in Spain Forced to Remove Cross From Crest After UAE Sponsorship

Real Madrid

(Daily Mail) Real Madrid has been forced to remove the Christian Cross that was atop their official crest to appease its new sponsor the Natl Bank of Abu Dhabi in the UAE according to Marca Sporting News.

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Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan Threatens Americans

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Did You Know Not a Single Democrat Voted for the 15th Amendment Granting Voting Rights to Blacks

15th Amendment(Frederick Douglass Republicans) Not a Single Democrat Voted for the
15th Amendment –Image Courtesy:
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Flashback: On the 30 August, 2013 I wrote here Woops! Los Angeles Times erroneously claims Democrats led to passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act when in fact Democrats not only opposed the legislation but led a 57 day filibuster of the bill.

Leading in the Democrat opposition was none other than KKK Member Sen Robert Byrd (D-WV) who Democrat President’s Obama & Clinton eulogized at his funeral and claimed that he fought for civil and equal rights.

Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of St. Andrew Apostle & Martyr of Jesus Christ

St Andrew

(CNA) Today Christians worldwide celebrate the ‘Feast of St Andrew’ Apostle & Martyr of Jesus Christ–A fisherman from Bethsaida and brother of Simon Peter, St Andrew is said to have spread Christianity in Russia and Asia minor (present day Turkey) after Pentecost in the first century.

St Andrew was crucified by the Romans in Greece on an ‘X Shaped Cross’ which is now his distinctive symbol as well as the symbol of Scotland of which he is the Patron Saint.

St Andrew demonstrated his love for his brother as well as his apostolic zeal when, convinced that Jesus was the Messiah, he sought out St Peter:

“Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, he first found his brother Simon and said to him, ‘We have found the Messiah’ –then he brought him to Jesus.” –John 1:40-42

Some of St Andrew’s remains were brought to Scotland in the 4th Century though parts of his skeletal remains lie in a crypt of the Cathedral in Amalfi, Italy where they are removed twice a year and produce a clear, water like substance. The substance called “manna” is said to have miraculous attributes.

More here from American Catholic and here from EWTN

Where’s the Moral Outrage? #BlackBabiesLivesMatterToo

Obama’s EPA Proposes Extreme Air Quality Standards

Cost of EPA RegsCost of EPA Regs: 336,000 Mfg Jobs in One Year –Heritage Foundation

(Daily Signal) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just released its proposed new standard on ground level ozone which allegedly is a component of smog–every 5 yrs, the EPA is required by law to review and if appropriate release these standards.

In 2008 the EPA issued an ozone standard of 75 parts per billion (ppb) the new standard proposed by the EPA would decrease that level to 65 to 70 ppb though the EPA is considering an even lower standard of 60 ppb.

The National Association of Manufacturers has said a 60 ppb would be the costliest regulation in U.S. history according to a new study conducted by NERA Economic Consultants which reveals that the new EPA ozone regulation from the Obama Administration may cost $270 Billion annually and place millions of more good paying American jobs at risk.

On the 13 November, 2013 I wrote here thanks to Obama’s EPA and California’s disastrous environmental regulations which resulted in the closure of San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant and the loss of nearly 1,000 jobs, air pollution actually increased by as much as 35% together with wholesale electrical prices.

The Columbus Dispatch reported in June, 2011 that because of Obama’s proposed EPA clean air rules they would be scuttling 11 coal burning power plants, costing 600 jobs and consumers would face an increase in electricity costs ranging from 10 to 15% over the subsequent 5 years.

In another example of Obama’s EPA over-regulation in July 2010 the EPA announced that it would be cracking down on farm dust.

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Very Happy Thanksgiving — God Bless!

Hello Kitty Happy ThanksgivingVery Happy Thanksgiving From My Family to Yours