Hamas Murders Israel & American Teenagers, Obama Urges Israel Not to Destabilize Situation

Obama Hamas...Obama Endorsed by Hamas –Image: RevkahJC@Twitter

Hamas KidnappingsHamas Barbarians Kidnapped & Murdered Israel & American Teenagers
Eyal, Gilad and Naftali

shattered-IDF-ambulancePalestinian Authority/Hamas Terrorist Thugs Attack IDF Ambulance
Carrying Teenager Boys Bodies –Image: Algemeiner

(NRO) President Obama urged Israel’s leadership not to “destabilize the situation” following the discovery of the bodies of Israel & American teenagers who were kidnapped by Hamas terrorist thugs.

Hamas leader Khalad Mashaal praised the kidnappings last week according to the Times of Israel calling it an heroic act adding, “This is a Palestinian duty, the responsibility of the Palestinian people…”

Al Gore is Wrong Again! Antarctica Sets New Record For Sea Ice

Al GoreWrong Al Gore Didn’t Have a Clue in 2007 –Image: Kippir@Twitter

Last September, FOX News reported that a new study in the Journal ‘Nature Climate Change’ compared 117 climate predictions made in the 1990s to the actual amount of warming–out of 117 climate predictions, 3 were roughly accurate, 114 overstated the amount of warming. On average, the predictions forecast 2 times more global warming, climate change (now the latest PC term is climate disruptions than actually occurred.

Will the Climate Disruption Soothsayers ever get things right?

The latest global warming, climate change climate disruption hoax revealed comes from The Cryosphere Today–Univ of Illinois Polar Research Group which shows the sea ice surrounding Antarctica has been steadily increasing throughout the period of satellite measurements that began in 1979 has hit a new all time record high for areal coverage.

Antarctic IceAntarctica Sets New Record for Sea Ice –Talking About the Weather

Flashback: Remember just two years ago Al Gore claimed that Antarctica ice was melting so rapidly, that rising sea levels were putting some 40 million people living in the worlds port cities at risk.

Given all of the erroneous predictions by Climate Disruption Soothsayers, is it really a good expenditure of taxpayer money to now spend $5.7 Million of taxpayer funds on “Climate Change Games” at Columbia University while we have a crushing federal budget deficit of $17.555 Trillion+ which pushes us closer-and-closer everyday to bankruptcy?

While Obama Claims To End the War on Islamic Terrorism & Americans Become Complacent…

Glimpse Into the Lives of Muslim Women

Obama on Thursday Claimed Benghazi and IRS Targeting of Conservatives are Phony Scandals

UC San Diego Baseball Player “Louie The Lefty” (Louie Leonardi) Posts Anti-Asian Tweet

Louie the LeftyLouie The Lefty (aka Louie Leonardi) Despicable Tweet

One thing about Twitter that people should realize before posting things they may later regret in life, is that Twitter his forever. Louie The Lefty’ (Louie Leonardi) a baseball player at U.C. San Diego seems to have a problem with Asian students per his Twitter post, had Leonardi Tweeted about African-Americans on campus, there would soon be demonstrations through the gazoo at U.C. San Diego and the Rev’s Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be soon be saying that we need to have a conversation about race in this country.

Wednesday afternoon I contacted Eric Newman, U.C. San Diego Head Baseball Coach and inquired if Leonardi actually plays baseball there, forwarding to him as a courtesy a link to “Louie The Lefty” bigoted Tweet and solicited any comment he may have?

UC San Diego Head Baseball Coach Eric Newman replied:

“We do not have a young man by that name–he does not play for us. I would agree that his Tweet is inappropriate and not a good reflection on his character.”

Though Coach Newman denies Louie Leonardi plays baseball at UC San Diego their Baseball Roster indicates otherwise.

jgghcgab(1)UC San Diego Recreation Baseball Roster

In 2011 I wrote here about UCLA Student Alexandra Wallace who went on an anti-Asian rant on YouTube (since removed) subsequently Shanghaiist reported that Wallace dropped out of UCLA after mounting criticism and ostracism erupted .

What’s up with some University of California students taking to social media to go on anti-Asian tirades?  In 2011 ‘The College Solution’ reported that half of the undergraduates at U.C. San Diego were Asian.

If Leonardi is so uncomfortable attending a university with Asian students, why doesn’t he just go elsewhere?

California Residents Surprised by Medical Bills & 60% of Americans in Smaller States Report Increase in Healthcare Costs

ObamaCare CostsObama Administration Lies to the American People About Healthcare Costs –Image: White House@Twitter

(California Healthline) A new survey by TransUnion Healthcare concludes that 62% of California residents are surprised about their out of pocket costs.

Overall, 80% wanted to receive cost estimates but unfortunately according to Payers & Providers few receive any meaningful costs estimates in advance.

Flashback: Remember when Obama/Biden claimed that your healthcare costs “will go down by as much as $2500 per year.”

Nationally in smaller states, 60% of Americans particularly those in the West are reporting an increased in  healthcare costs.

Disengaged Obama: World Cup Affecting Some Foreign Policy Moves

Obama World CupObama Tells Former Clinton Staffer ABC News George Stephanopoulos ‘World Cup Affecting Some Foreign Policy Moves.’

In related foreign policy initiatives today, Obama sought $500 Million from Congress to Train and Equip Syrian Rebel Butchers

ISIS JihadistObama Supported Syrian Rebel Jihadist Sever Hand of Civilian in Maskana –Image: Syrian Lion@Twitter

Remember When Dems & Nancy Pelosi Blasted Bush for Rising Gas Prices Calling it a “Scam of the Greatest Magnitude”

Gas Prices BakersfieldGas Prices in Bakersfield, 02 June
Image: 23 ABC News Kero/Bakersfield

Gas Prices 2006

Flashback: Remember back in July, 2006 The Daily Signal reports when House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi appeared at a gas station in Washington, DC  to draw attention to high gas prices under President George W. Bush together with other Democrats, all of whom criticized the Bush Administration for his energy policy blaming him for the high gas prices.

Subsequently in 2008 then House Speaker Pelosi blasted the Bush Administration’s so called ‘big oil agenda” for rising gas prices saying: “This is a scam of the greatest magnitude.”

If rising gas prices were the “scam of the greatest magnitude,” in 2008 what are they today?

Where oh where are Democrats and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi criticism of the Obama Administration for skyrocketing gas prices? Why the double standard?

Obamanomics: Economy Crashes -2.9% Most Since The Great Recession

Obamanomics 101

(Zero Hedge)  Remember in January, Q1 GDP was expected to rise 2.6? Now comes the final Q1 GDP revision and its a doozy–at -2.9%  far below the expected -1.8% and well below the -1.0% revision the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported last month–an absolute disaster.

While the economic woes had been largely blamed earlier this year on the unusually harsh Winter in much of the country, the magnitude of the negative revisions suggest other factors at play other than the weather–Growth has been revised down 3% since the government’s first estimate was published in April which had the economy expanding at a paltry rate of just 0.1%

More here from FOX Business

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