Obama Administration Criticizes Execution of Oklahoma Rapist & Murderer Clayton Lockett

Stephanie Neiman and ParentsStephanie Neiman Together with Her Parents –Images and Story
Oklahoma News9.com

Stephanie Neiman and GrandparentsStephanie Nieman Together with Her Granparents

Family of Stephanie Neiman StatementFamily of Stephanie Neiman Statement –Ben James@Twitter

Clayton LockettRapist & Murderer Clayton Lockett

(NBC News) Today, the Obama Administration claimed that the execution of Oklahoma rapist and murderer Clayton Lockett fell below humane standards.


While Lockett’s final 43 minutes on this earth according to The Washington Post reportedly did not go as planned, many people seem to be forgetting his victims Stephanie Neiman and her friend that Lockett together with his two cousins, abducted, tortured and repeatedly raped Neiman and her friend, then shot 19 year old Neiman in the head and buried her alive.

Lockett got what he deserved.

Obamanomics: Economy Slows to .01% in 1st Qtr


(CNBC) The Commerce Dept reported today the U.S. economy slowed to an anemic .01% in the first quarter–the weakest pace since the end of 2012 and down from a weak 2.6% in the previous quarter.

Flashback: Reaganomics -v- Obamanomics  in 1984 alone, real economic growth boomed to 6.8% the highest in 50 years, nearly 20 million new jobs were created–increasing civilian employment by nearly 20% Unemployment fell to 5.3% by 1989

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Things Are Not Looking Good for Democrats Going Into November Midterms


(WaPo) Democrats face serious obstacles as they look to November elections–Obama’s approval rating is at a new low (41% down from 46% through the first 3 months of this year) and a majority of Americans surveyed are saying they prefer a Congress in Republican hands.

Just 42% approve of Obama’s handling of the economy–only 37% approve of his handling of ObamaCare–Americans continue to give Obama a failing grade of 34% for his handling of the crisis in Ukraine and Russia.

More here New Low for Obama in Key Midterm Indicator –CNN

Holocaust Remembrance Day 2014

Texas Thanks California Gov Brown for Creating Economic Opportunities in the Lone Star State

Gov Jerry BrownCalifornia Gov Jerry Brown Creating Job Opportunities–In Texas

(Forbes) Toyota’s move from California to Texas is huge news (especially in an election year) considering the high costs of operating in the ‘Golden State’ Toyota expects to save big and many of Toyota’s employees moving from California to Texas, stand to reap significant tax savings themselves–for some workers, it may be more than $1 Million in tax savings over their lifetimes.

On the 30 July, 2012 I wrote here that Ansafone Contact Center in Santa Ana were expanding but not in California, instead they were opening a new office in Ocala, Florida and adding 300 jobs there–In June, 2012 I wrote here that ‘Road and Track Magazine’ that had been in California since the 1950s decided to move their entire operation from Newport Beach to Ann Arbor, Michigan

In March 2012 Financial Sense reported California tax revenues plunge as businesses exit “Taxifornia’ in droves.

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N. Korea Propaganda Ministry Launches Sexist Attack of Park Geun-hye After Obama’s Visit

Kim Jong Un

(Asian Correspondent/AP)  South Korea has expressed outrage over a rhetorical attack on South Korean President Park Geun-hye by the North Korean propaganda ministry, calling Park a “despicable prostitute” with Obama as her pimp.

The North Korea state-run media, often uses rather childish inflammatory rhetoric, it has called former South Korean president’s ‘dogs’ but has shown a particularly crude appetite for insulting Park with sexist slurs.

Racist L.A. Clippers Owner Don Sterling is a Democrat, When Will Democrats Be Having Their Conversation About Race?

Don SterlingDon Sterling is a Bigot–Listen to the Audio From TMZ
Daily Snark@Twitter

(Natl Review) Los Angeles Clippers Owner Don Sterling that commentators have attempted to tie to the Republicans, is in fact a Democrat and according to Politico has made political donations to Democrats: Sen Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) Sen Bill Bradley of (D-NJ) Sen Patrick Leahy of (D-VT) and former Democrat California Gov Gray Davis.

Have Democrats returned Sterling’s political contributions and if not why?

Donald SterlingDon Sterling is a Democrat, When Will Democrats Be Having Their Conversation About Race? –Image: WEEI 93.7 FM Boston@Twitter

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H/T: Constantine Soriao@Facebook

Narcissist-in-Chief Obama Poses For Another Selfie

Obama SelfieNarcissist-in-Chief Barack Obama Poses for Selfie
with Malaysian PM Mohd Najib Tun Razak@Twitter

Flashback: On the 16 April, I wrote here that mental health professionals in the UK say, “the growing trend of taking smartphone selfies is linked to a mental health conditions–cognitive behavioral therapy (is necessary) to help a patient to recognize the reasons for his or her compulsive behavior,” according to Psychiatrist David Veal.

On the 04 April, Time.com reported the ‘White House Falls Victim to Selfie Fever’ narcissist Obama has ‘succumb to selfie fever.’

Thought of the Day

Good PointGood Point –Image Courtesy: Constantine Soriao@Facebook

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UC Riverside Student Govt Votes to Support Islamic Jihad Propaganda Campaign Against Israel

PA AuthorityPA Authority Leader Abbas Chooses Islamic Terrorist Hamas Over Peace With Israel –Image: Irish4Israel@Twitter

Al-Qaeda Terrorist Support HasmasObama & McCain Supported Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Syria Support Islamic Fascist Hamas Terrorists Against Israel –Image: Hawkeye@Twitter

(Algemeiner) Resolutions to divest from Israel were resoundingly defeated in votes by the student governments at two California universities San Diego State Univ and UC Santa Barbara but a disinvestment measure at Univ of California Riverside, narrowly passed in favor of the resolution 8-7

Following the vote at UC Riverside, the virulently antisemitic 501(c)(3) organization Electronic Intifada was quick to praise the vote and posted Tweets from its supporters.

In August, 2013 CAMERA exposed Electronic Intifada for who they are, in a through article about the radical Islamic Jihad propaganda organization and its support of terrorism in Israel.

On Thursday in an interview with FOX News Bret Baier Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that a new agreement between rival Palestinian factions, Fatah and Hamas “is killing peace” Israel has suspended further negotiations over the announcement that the Islamic terror group Hamas and Fatah will be seeking reconciliation. 

Its very sad that students at UC Riverside, are so gullible to allow themselves to be duped as propaganda pawns by supporters of Islamic terrorism and ‘Electronic Intifada’ seeking to delegitimize our best friend, ally and only democratic country in the middle-east Israel.

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