ObamaCare Open Enrollment Ends Like It Started

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China Parents Abandoning Their Children at Guangzhou Baby Hatch

China Parents Abandoning ChildrenChina Parents Abandoning Their Children at Guangzhou ‘Baby Safety Island’ in February –Images: ifeng.com (Chinese)

Chinese Parents Abandoning ChildrenBadly Malnourished, Sick Child

China Child Being Abandoned

Chinese Child Being AbandonedWomen Carrying Children Into Baby Hatch

Chinese Child AbandonedThis Is The Last Good-Bye…

China Children Being AbandonedLittle Boy Attempts to Open the Door Into the Baby Hatch, Looks Back at his Mommy Knelling on the Ground Passed Out for a Moment

On the 07 July, 2013 I wrote here that we’ll always welcome and have room for any unwanted child from China in our home.

“Children are a heritage from the Lord.” –Psalms 127:3

More here in English from China Smack

H/T: Human Rights In China

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Thought Of The Day…

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HHS Secy Kathleen Sebelius Admits Management Failure in Implementing ObamaCare

Katleen SebeliusHHS Secy Kathleen Sebelius in Charge of Implementing ObamaCare Doesn’t Know How Many Actually Paid Their 1st Mo’s Premium –Politico

(CBS News) On Thursday, HHS Secy visited Nashville to urge residents to sign-up for ObamaCare before the dubious 31 March deadline.

Sebelius acknowledged that ObamaCare is “a complicated law” and when asked by Breitbart News if there may be more delays in implementing the law she finally admitted, “I don’t have any idea how to answer that question.”

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Thanks to ObamaCare Most Cancer Treatment Centers Off-Limits to Patients

Democrats 2014 ObamaCareThe Day of Reckoning for Democrats is Near
Image: Michael Nothem@Twitter

(AP) Cancer patients relieved that their health insurance can no longer be canceled because of life-time caps are discovering that of the 23 cancer centers that are part of the Natl Comprehensive Cancer Network that only 4 of the centers are able to accept ObamaCare–less access to these cancer centers means that patients may not get the most advanced cancer treatments, including clinical trials and news drugs.

On the 03 November, the Wall Street Journal reported that California Stage-4 Cancer patient Edie Sundby, lost her health insurance coverage and access to her cancer doctors due to ObamaCare, despite the President Obama and many Democrats promise, ‘that if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, period.”

Now cancer patients are discovering that thanks to ObamaCare, most life-saving cancer treatment centers are off limits to them too.

Joe Biden ObamaCareTwitter @The Democrats Lie

H/T: The Heritage Foundation

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Reid Denies Saying ObamaCare Horror Stories Are “Lies”

Harry Reid ObamaCare(CNS) Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) Now “Denies” Saying that ObamaCare Horror Stories are Lies –Image: Gordon@Twitter

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Obama Fails to Address Saudi Arabia Dismal Human Rights Record and Abuses of Christians & Women

The Scarlet LettersSaudi Woman Sentenced to 200 Lashes for Being Raped

(Amnesty Intl) Even by the standard of low expectations set for a trip described as ‘fence mending’ President Obama’s public silence on Saudi Arabia human rights violations spoke loudly today.

Saudi Arabia is targeting human rights defenders and subjecting them to unfair trials–two founders of a leading human rights organization are currently on a hunger strike following convictions related to their peaceful political work that led to long sentences.

Saudi security forces continue to abuse opponents and detainees with impunity. Torture is reported to be wide spread and systematic leading to unfair trials where key evidence is often collected through torture or the threat of torture.

Religious and ethnic groups face discrimination and sometimes even jail time for peacefully following their beliefs. For domestic workers, life in Saudi Arabia can be a nightmare where they have no legal recourse if abused and Women, Saudi law and practice continues to discriminate against them and offers little protection against domestic and other violence.

Full article here from Amnesty International

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Saudi Textbooks Teach Christians & Jews are Pigs

Muslims Kill Christians, Bottle Their Blood, Sell it For $100K to Saudis

Had Someone @FoxNews Posted a Similar @ColbertReport Racist Tweet, the Left Would Be Outraged

Steven Colbert Tweet

While the NY Daily News and other media outlets seem willing to apologize on behalf of Steven Colbert for the racist @Colbert Report Tweet, which has been taken down (but Twitter lasts forever) in fact, Colbert never actually offered an apology at all but instead Tweeted:

@StephenAtHome: “I agree! Just saw @ColbertReport tweet. I share your rage. Who is that though? I’m @StephenAtHome.”

If one is willing to accept that Colbert actually had nothing to do with the racist Tweet from the show that bears his name and provides no oversight of staffers, has Colbert not created an atmosphere that inappropriate racist jokes and Tweets are supposed to be funny?

Had someone from @FOX News posted a similar racist Tweet, the Dinosaur Media political commentators and Liberal Lefty bloggers would be outraged, demanding the immediate termination of the individual but when its one of their own, its just satire and Colbert together with his staff, should all be just given a pass.

Wrong Again! United Nations 2013 Climate Change Study on Melting Greenland Ice

Greenland Ice Coldest AreaLatest Northern Hemisphere Temperature Image Shows Greenland to Be Coldest Area –Image: Climate Realists@Twiiter

(Bloomberg) Just last year, the United Nations put out its most comprehensive study on climate change to date, claiming that ice in Greenland & Antarctica (which ironically trapped Global Warming Scientists Theorists in December aboard the Akadmik Shokalsky in Antarctic ice—I digress) is disappearing faster and may drive sea levels higher because of a warming planet.

Wrong again.

It’s about time that the ‘Global Warming Hucksters” (such as President Obama, former VP Al Gore, many other Democrats and RINO’s) give-up on their climate change hypothesis before they make even bigger fools of themselves than they already have.

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Mr. Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin Must Not Have Received That Memo

Obama Seated Alone at G-7World Leaders Walking Away From Obama –Image: Lemniscat

(Kyiv Post) President Obama speaking in Brussels yesterday, subsequent to his meeting with NATO and the European Union said:

“Russia’s leadership is challenging truths that only a few weeks ago seemed self evident–that in the 21st century, the borders of Europe cannot be redrawn with force, that international law matters and that people and nations can make their own decisions about their future.”

Russian President Vladmir Putin must not have received that memo.

Since Russia’s invasion of and annexation of Crimea, the Red Army has now seized 51 naval vessels belonging to Ukraine and over the past week, Russia has reportedly amassed  up to an additional 80,000 troops, together with large amounts of armored ground vehicles, battle tanks, artillery systems as well as rotary and fixed winged aircraft along the Ukrainian border.

Responding to the escalating crisis unfolding with Russia, President Obama deviated from the news of the day and allowed himself to get side-tracked, borrowing language from a campaign stump speech in 2012 according to CNN.com saying, “We believe in human dignity–that every person is created equal no matter who you are or what you look like or who you love or where you come from,” chiding Vladimir Putin on Gay rights, reconfirming to enemies of the United States (if there was any doubt before) that President Obama is weak, naive and ill equipped spectator instead of the leader of the free world.

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