Nancy Pelosi Claims Republicans are Driven by an “Ideological Extreme Sect”

Tea Party Extremists(Newsmax) Meet some of the ‘Tea Party’ Patriots that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) calls an “Ideological Extreme Sect”

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Principled Sen Ted Cruz, No Fear!

Principles...Notice South Carolina RINO Lindsey Graham at SOTU

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Covered California How Are Things Going Now? Still Having Troubles Huh…

Covered California“Been trying to apply for ‘Covered California’ all morning and it keeps kicking me off…No fun.” –Caroline Corrigan@Twitter

“Shocking report out with new questions on ‘Covered California’ and how you might be putting your ID safety at risk.” Shannon Brinias@Twitter

Dozens of ‘Covered California’ Employees Have Criminal Pasts –CBS Sacramento

What Others Are Saying…Covered California@Facebook

Michael Kitano “Is anybody still getting an error message when trying to login? Its been a week now…”

Gypsy R. Hartman from Los Angeles “I received a ‘Case Number’ for a plan I don’t recognize! I’ve contacted ‘Covered California’ online–6 days ago (still awaiting that 48 hour response) and I also faxed ‘Covered California’ My ‘Covered California’ agent who signed me up with another plan, says he has no idea what it is….Covered California why don’t you help anyone????”

Robert Lassers from Los Angeles “Covered CA who is running this insane program. So frustrated being on hold for hours. I am soooo frustrated…I have not received a bill for coverage, don’t know if I should cancel my other expensive insurance because I think I am covered with this program. I am in purgatory.”

Robert Finch from Tahoma “I can’t afford $500/month with a $5000 deductible. Who decided to call this affordable?”

Sabru Ha from Los Angeles “I’ve submitted my application with the required documents (online) since December of last year and still haven’t gotten a word from your agency.”

Gabby Plascencia “Any more disappointed. I have attempted to enroll at least 3 times this year only to walk away frustrated and angry. Every time I press the submit button–I keep getting ‘administrative error’ tonight alone, I have attempted and failed to submit the remainder of my application 7 times with no success! I was on hold on your help line for 30 minutes only to get cut off…shame on us. Facebook whose purpose is no where as important as health coverage…can imagine the kind of volume yet we can’t make a page that does not crash!!!”

Cindy Appel “16 total hours on hold over past two weeks waiting on hold with both ‘Covered California’ and Anthem Blue Cross. Still can’t get a person. No response from either party to emails. I just want to pay and start my coverage but I’m still not in the system. Jan 28th has passed. I need to go to the doctor. Somebody out there please help me. Developing nations do this better than us.”

Chela Pollard “I got my card finally from Anthem but there was no policy with it, so my doctor doesn’t know what tests or meds to order. Any suggestions? It is impossible to get through on the phone and the online site keeps telling me that I’ve entered the wrong phone number when I try to contact them. Thanks.”

ObamaCare/Covered California Indoctrination Center Shows Up at Grant High School Van Nuys

Covered CaliforniaThere Doesn’t Appear to be Much Interest in ObamaCare/Covered California at Grant H.S. in Van Nuys –Image: Griselda Vargas@Twitter

Uninsured Turn Against ObamaCare

Uninsured ObamaCareThe Uninsured Which ObamaCare Was To Help, Hate the ACA Even More Than the General Public –IBDeditorials@Twitter

(Heritage Foundation) Two new public opinion polls show that the Uninsured which ObamaCare was to help get health insurance are hardening the views against President Obama’s chief legislative accomplishment.

In the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation poll that came out today, 47% of Americans that lack health insurance have an unfavorable view of ObamaCare.

According to a new Gallup poll released today, 53% of the uninsured plan on buying health insurance, down from 60% that had planned to do so in December.

Chinese New Year Festival, Chinatown Los Angeles 115th Annual Golden Dragon Parade

Chinese New Year Festival --LA ChinatownWe’re Looking Forward to the 115th Annual Golden Dragon Parade 

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If Not For Gov Jerry Brown’s Man-Made Drought

Jerry Brown's DroughtCalifornia’s Man-Made Drought Moderate to Exceptional –NOAA@Twitter

(CBS San Francisco) As California Gov Jerry Brown’s man-made drought continues, farmers in the San Joaquin Valley fear federal officials may seize water in the San Luis Reservoir intended for their crops.

In 2009 the Wall Street Journal reported thanks to EPA regulations designed to protect the likes of the 3″ long delta smelt, one of America’s premier agricultural regions is suffering from a drought made worse by federal regulations.

California’s persistent drought crisis while made worse in 2009 in large measure may be attributed to Atty General Jerry Brown disastrous environmental law suits to save the mountain yellow legged frog to increasing regulations and prohibitive costs on big construction projects that have over the years, created wealth, prosperity, and opportunities, making peoples lives better.

If not for California’s wacky environmentalist policies and want for more regulations, the state may have instead invested for the future, constructing life-saving desalination plants such as Israel’s Sorek Desalination Plant which provides 26,000 cubic meters or 7 million gallons of clean potable water every hour, to over 1.5 million people.

Similar desalination projects along the California coast line, would forever prevent future man-made water crisis’s.

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Al Gore: Contraception is Key to Climate Change

Al GoreIn 2007 Al Gore Predicted All Arctic Ice Would be Gone This Year
Image: Conns Baby Doll@Twitter

(CNBC) Al Gore’s latest ‘Global Warming’ brain storm–contraception is key to climate change.


Wannabe King Obama to Assert Unilateral Agenda

Imperial PresidentThe Man Who Would Rather Be King Obama –Image: Mulinus@Twiiter

(Zero Hedge) While the stats of the Union remain unremarkable at best it would appear despite the rancor in Washington and online President Obama will ‘get his way’ whatever it takes–emphasizing his intentions at the SOTU, to ‘go it alone’ according to The Wall Street Journal and use his unilateral presidential authority, bypassing Congress when he determines that it is necessary, to an extent not seen in his previous State of the Union lectures.

Why will Members of Congress even show up to listen to another one of Obama’s lectures to them?

So much for three co-equal branches of a limited federal government.