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ObamaCare New Years Eve Ball Drop…

Nancy Pelosi, Why Have the Taxpayers Spent Nearly $1 Million to Fund Hardcore Porn Project?

Nancy Pelosi Cupboard is Bare

Flashback: Do you remember when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claimed “The cupboard is bare. There is no more cuts (in the federal budget) to make.”

The Daily Caller reported yesterday, The Natl Endowment  for the Humanities has provided nearly $1 Million of taxpayer dollars since 2010 to “The Popular Romance Project” which claims to be an academic program to “explore the fascinating and often contradictory origins and influences of popular romance as told in novels, films, comics, (sex) advice books songs and Internet fan fiction.”

The Popular Romance Project plans according to Financial Content: Govt Waste 2013 My Tax Dollars Went WHERE is to “bring new audiences into the conversation about the nature of love, romance and their expressions in novels and popular culture more broadly,” through 4 programs:

  • A documentary entitled “Love Between the Covers”;
  • An interactive website dedicated to romance and romance novels;
  • An academic symposium (I wonder what will go on there, I digress) on ‘the past and future of the romance novel’ hosted by the Library of Congress of all agencies–another really poor expenditure of taxpayers money;
  • A ‘nationwide series of library programs dealing with the past, present and future of the romance novel’ with a traveling exhibit–what like The Moving Wall Vietnam Veterans Memorial?

What could ever go wrong with that? Good Grief!

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NY Times Benghazi Propaganda: One Must Ignore Reality of What We Know Today to Believe

BenghazigateNew York Times’ Benghazi Fairy Tale Written For Hillary 2016
Image: Yid With Lid

For one to actually believe the New York Times whitewash of Benghazi one would first have to ignore earlier reporting by the New York Times and the reality that the video, allegedly to blame for the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi which I wrote about here was a very poorly made, rather stupid low quality production filmed in Santa Clarita, California and more likely than not, unseen by the Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thugs before the September 11 attack and most Americans subsequently.

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HHS: How Many of the 1.1 Million ObamaCare Enrollments Have Paid Their First Months Premiums or Have Been Enrolled in Medicaid?

5.5 Million Ins CancellationsHealth Insurance Cancellations As a Result of ObamaCare Mandates
Image: The Kelly File@Facebook

The Dept of Health & Human Services quietly in their blog posted today that “More than 1.1 Million people enrolled in a qualified health plan via the federally facilitated marketplace from October 1 to December 24,” seemingly to tout the success of ObamaCare but failed to account for all of the others, whose health insurance policies have been canceled because of the ACA federal mandates or have released data showing:

(a) how many of those 1.1 Million have actually paid their first months premiums;

(b) how many of those 1.1 Million enrolled in Medi-Cal/Medicaid?

High Taxed New York, Soon to Trail No State Income Tax Florida in Population

NY Times Opposes First Imcome TaxNew York Times Opposed First Income Tax
Image: Bastiat Institute/Ken Gardner@Twitter

(NY Times) New York which has long been recognized for its progressive and high income taxes will soon fall behind no state income tax Florida which may carry serious political and economic consequences in coming years.

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Obamanomics: NYC Homeless Shelters Swell With Record High Populations

Isn’t It Ironic That Climate Scientists Studying Global Warming are Trapped in Antarctic Ice

Climate Scientists Stuck on Antarctic IceAkademik Shokalsky Stuck in Antarctic Ice Waiting on Chinese Icebreaker Xue Long –Image: TODAY Online@Twitter

(The Guardian) Climate Scientist Chris Turney of the University of South Wales who is leading the global warming expedition may have seen better days.

The Chinese icebreaker Xue Long that was attempting to reach the crippled Climate Science vessel came within 6 nautical miles before becoming stuck in heavy ice itself according to CNN World and is now waiting on the arrival of a French icebreaker hoping to reach the other ships without becoming Antarctic’s ice latest casualty.

On the 10 December, I wrote here that a record low temperature of minus 135 degrees were recorded in Antarctica this year while “Greenpeace” warned Virginia that Christmas may be canceled due to Global Warming.

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