Just 6 People Signed Up for ObamaCare During First Day

ObamaCare LOLObamaCare Enrollments LOL –Image: The Daily Beast@Twitter

(CBS News) Ever since Day 1 of the roll-out of ObamaCare, the White House has been telling us that millions and millions Americans have been visiting the ObamaCare website (which hasn’t worked more than it has worked) but no one has been willing to tell us how many people actually enrolled in the federally managed health insurance, at least not until now.

We now have learned only 6 people enrolled in ObamaCare during the first day of ObamaCare’s website launch, according to a document request by the House Oversight Committee.

So much for all of the excitement to enroll in ObamaCare as the reason for the website crashes.

Interior Secy Jewell Says Obama Will Go Around Congress (Again) This Time on Natl Monuments

The Imperial PresidentThe Imperial President –Image: Heritage/ZorinInc@Twitter

(Washington Examiner) Dept of Interior Secy Sally Jewell vowed that wannabe Imperial President Obama, will use his executive authority to create more national monuments to protect lands if Congress doesn’t pass legislation to do so.

On Wednesday, Sen Tom Coburn (R-OK) criticized the national park service for wasteful federal spending of federal properties and land which they’ve already acquired, while the country’s most treasured national parks are falling into disrepair and neglect.

Day 31 ObamaCare/Covered California Roll Out, Website Down Again

Remember U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the American Heroes of Benghazi

US Ambassador Christopher StevensRemember U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens
Image: I Am The Tea Party

Flashback: Remember when Secy of State Hillary Clinton testified before Congress about the Benghazi Terrorist Attack on the American Consulate and said, “What difference at this point does it make?” Regarding the murders of Christopher Stevens and three other American Heroes.

HHS Secy Kathleen Sebelius: ObamaCare Website Has Never Crashed

Michigan Democrat Congressman Say’s They’re Not Cancellation Notices, They’re “Transitions” into ObamaCare

Health Insurance CancellationsMore and More Americans Losing Their Health Ins –Heritage Foundation

(Washington Examiner) Michigan Democrat Congressional Rep Sander Levin claims that health insurance companies are really not sending out ‘cancellation notices’ to their policy holders but are merely helping people “transition” into ObamaCare.


Tell that to Jennifer Harris of Fullerton, California who was happy with her $98 a month health insurance policy but has received a cancellation notice from Health Net, Inc informing her that her insurance will be canceled at the end of the year because it doesn’t conform to ObamaCare unfunded individual mandate.

Rep Sander Levin may want to ask California resident Deborah Cavallaro what she thinks about her insurance premiums rising $2,304 annually?

Whatever happened to Obama’s pledge to Americans that health insurance premiums will be $2,500 lower under ObamaCare?

Democrats Say the Strangest Things: Nancy Pelosi Claims “Of Course” We’ll Pick Up Seats in 2014

Pelosi We Don't Have a Spending ProblemHouse Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi: ‘We Don’t Have a Spending Problem

(The Hill) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) dreaming out loud, vowed that Democrats “of course” will pick-up seats in the 2014 mid-term elections.

When cows can fly–In 33 of 36 Mid-Term Elections Since the Civil War the party occupying the White House has lost seats in the House of Representatives.

Flashback: Remember when Nancy Pelosi claimed “The cupboard is bare, there is no more cuts (in the federal budget) to make. I think its really important that people understand that.”

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Nancy Pelosi: On the 4th July Celebrate ObamaCare

White House.gov Still Promising, If You Like Your Health Ins You Can Keep It

ObamaCare/Covered California Touts Fluency in “Asian”

ObamaCare Covered California LanguagesObamaCare/Covered California Service Rep’s Speak “Asian” –ROFLOL

 (Twitchy) Covered California Reps do not speak English particularly well but they do have fluency in a language called “Asian.”

Its an ObamaCare/Covered California Halloween

ObamaCare HalloweenObamaCare Halloween –Image: Julie Lawson@Twitter

(LA Times) Fullerton, CA resident Jennifer Harris, thought she had a great deal paying $98 a month for her health insurance through Health Net Inc until she opened up a letter from the company saying that it will cancel her health insurance policy at the end of the year as it doesn’t conform to ObamaCare’s unfunded federal mandates.

Now Harris, a self employed Attorney must shop for replacement insurance the least expensive policy that she has found will cost her $238 per month–so much for Obama’s repeated promises lies that if you like your health insurance, you can keep it.