Did You Notice What Fat Cat Nancy Pelosi Was Wearing When She Was Debating the Budget?

This is What the ObamaCare Exchange Webpage Looked Like Just 9 Minutes After Opening

Senate Democrats Kill House Spending Bill–Reid Refuses to Attend White House Meeting to Negotiate Compromise With GOP

Harr Reid Tax HikesSen Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) Uses Procedural Tricks to Raise Taxes on Americans  Image: The Humble Libertarian

(Washington Times) The Senate Democrat Majority voted today 54-46 to kill the House GOP latest stopgap spending measures that would have: (a) delayed implementation of ObamaCare for 1 year; (b) repealed the jobs killing medical device tax and (c) continued to pay the military.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would have none of it arguing that the House Republicans are nothing more than bullies, “With a bully you can not let them slap you around,” adding that, “we are dealing with anarchists–they hate government—we’ve done everything we can to be fair and reasonable.”


On Sunday, Politico reported that President Obama considered setting down with the Congressional leadership to potentially work out a budget compromise. Sen Reid privately urged Obama to call off that meeting, according to several people familiar with the situation, warning Obama that he would not attend the meeting. Obama scrapped the idea.

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Where Oh Where Was Democrat Senate Majority Leader Reid Sunday After the GOP Did Their Job?

Sen Harry ReidPretty Much Sums Up Sen Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)
Image: Stupid America/Twitter

(Politico) The Republican led House of Representatives passed a ‘Continuing Resolution’ early Sunday morning that would fund the government through the 15 December, while delaying implementation of ObamaCare for 1 year, a repeal of the jobs killing medical device tax and provision to pay the military.

Where Oh Where Was Harry Reid All Day Sunday?

If Congress does not having a budget passed and signed by the president into law by 12:00 AM Tuesday 01 October, Democrats would like for Americans to believe that its the Republicans fault, government will shut down and the center of the universe (which Democrats seem to believe is Washington, DC) will cease to exist as we know it.

Sunday, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid most certainly was not in the Senate Chamber and has made it clear that the Senate will not reconvene until Monday at 2:00 PM

So much for the urgency.

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Obama’s HHS Wants to Shut Down “Little Sisters of the Poor” Because They’re Not Religious Enough

ObanaCare -v- Catholic ChurchObama -v- Catholic Church –Image: June Moore/Twitter

(Investors Business Daily) The ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’ an international congregation of Catholic Women founded in 1839 by Saint Jeanne Jugan, presently serves the poor in over 30 countries around the world but this may all come to an end, at least in the United States if the Obama Administration gets their way.

Last Tuesday 24 September, the ‘Becket Fund for Religious Liberty’ filed a lawsuit on behalf  of the ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’ which faces millions of dollars in IRS fines for refusing to comply with ObamaCare’s mandate, that they provide to their employees free access to contraception, sterilization and abortion inducing drugs.

This is just the latest in a series of lawsuits filed by Catholics against the Obama Administration and their sacrilegious cronies, mandating that Christians violate their religious consciences, contrary of their First Amendment rights of religious liberty.

On the 14 June, EWTN–Global Catholic Network reported that a Democrat leaning group targeted the ‘Catholic Campaign for Human Development’ (CCHD) operated by the U.S. Bishops Conference, which provides millions of dollars annually to anti-poverty organizations–the Loony Liberal Lefty Democrat group alleged that the CCHD should not be able to bar funds (private monies of course) to groups supporting Abortion and Gay marriage.

Obama Willing to Negotiate with Iran Over Nuclear Program But Not Congress Over Budget

Obama Negotiates With Irans President RouhaniObama Administration & Iran’s Islamic Fascist President Hassan Rouhani Confirm Negotiations@Twitter  — Jim Roberts

(The Hill) Today during the President’s weekly radio address to Americans (did anyone actually hear it? I digress) Obama reiterated his demand to the House GOP Leadership to pass a budget bill on-time and that its his way or the highway.

“I will work with anyone who wants to have a serious conversation about our economic future but I will not negotiate over Congress’ responsibility to pay the bills it has already racked up. I don’t know how to be more clear on this.”

Yesterday I wrote here that Obama has confirmed that he has been chatting on the phone with Iran’s Islamic Fascist President Hassan Rouhani about Iran’s nuclear weapons program but is unwilling to negotiate over the federal budget with House Speaker John Boehner or even be engaged in the budget process.

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Obama Calls Iran’s President Rouhani But Refuses to Phone House GOP Leadership About Budget

Obama Rouhani Chat On PhoneIran’s Islamic Fascist President Hassan Rouhani Deleted Tweet About Phone Call With Obama –Mashable

(Weekly Standard) Obama confirmed today that he spoke on the phone with Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani but Obama refuses to put in a call to House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) or even be engaged in the budget process.

Obama Claims Today: Health Care Law is Unrelated to the Budget Deficit

Senate Voted 79-19 to Advance Legislation Funding ObamaCare

RINO Lindsey Graham and John McCain Stand With Harry ReidRINO’s Senator’s Lindsey Graham & John McCain Stand With Democrat Majority Leader Sen Harry Reid –Chads Daddy/Twitter

(National Journal) The Senate voted 79-19 for Cloture today advancing a continuing resolution that will pave the way for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to remove language from the House bill defunding ObamaCare and pass a new version restoring funding of President Obama’s Affordable Unaffordable Care Act.

List of 23 Senate RINOs Voting with Democrats for Cloture:

  • Mitch McConnell-KY
  • Bob Corker-TN
  • Lindsey Graham-SC
  • Kelly Ayotte-NH
  • Lamar Alexander-TN
  • John McCain-AZ
  • Tom Coburn-OK
  • John Hoeven-ND
  • Roy Blunt-MO 
  • John Boozman-AR 
  • Richard Burr-NC 
  • Saxby Chambliss-GA 
  • John Thune-ND 
  • Lisa Murkowski-AK 
  • Mark Kirk-IL
  • Ron Johnson-WI 
  • Mike Johanns-SD 
  • Johnny Iskson-GA 
  • John Hoeven-ND 
  • Jeff Chiesa-NJ 
  • Susan Collins-ME 
  • John Cornyn-TX
  • Roger Wicker-MS

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Uh Oh! More Bad News For President Obama: Columbus, Ohio SEIU Local 1 On-Strike Over ObamaCare

SEIU Columbus OhioColumbus, Ohio SEIU Members On Strike Over Cuts as a Result of  ObamaCare –Image: Media Trackers Ohio

(Washington Examiner) Members of the Chicago based ‘Service Employees Intl Union’ (SEIU) Local 1, have gone on-strike over recent job cuts by janitorial company “Professional Maintenance.”

Tyler French SEIU Local 1 Organizing Director told Media Trackers Ohio the company said they had to cut their employees hours due to ObamaCare mandates.

French did not believe ‘Professional Maintenance’ explanation saying, “I think the health care act is the latest excuse that corporations are using to try and save money.”

Other unions have been warning that such actions will be a direct consequence of President Obama’s health care law.

On the 12th July, The Wall Street Journal published a scathing letter from Teamsters President James P Hoffa, Joseph Hansen, Intl President UFCW and D. Taylor, President Unite-Here, to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) reminding them that they have been strong supporters for Democrats “In campaign after campaign,” adding that unless changes are made to ObamaCare it “will destroy the foundation of the 40 hour work week that is the back bone of the American middle class.”

If that’s not bad enough the Affordable Unaffordable Care Act if not modified will “destroy the very health and well being of our members along with millions of other hardworking Americans,” the Teamsters wrote.

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