Celebrities Protest California Prison Gang Members Held in Isolation Units

Goofy New Yorkers in Solidarity with Calif Inmate Hunger StrikersBizarre: New Yorkers With a Little Too Much Time on Their Hands Stand in Solidarity with California Prison Hunger Strikers
Image: Milk Not Jails/Twitter

(LA Daily News) Jay Leno, together with Gloria Steinem and other celebrities, have condemned the isolation of some 4,500 California prison gang members, their associates and serious offenders to control violence–a practice that has sparked a hunger strike by hundreds of inmates.

Isolation units “serve a vital role in state prisons, keeping staff and other inmates safe from the same violent gangs leading the hunger strike and terrorizing communities across California,” State Corrections spokesperson Deborah Hoffman said.

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White House Claims Deaths of Four American Heroes in Benghazi is a Phony Scandal

National DisgraceNational Disgrace–Barack Obama: –Image: Rock Princess/Twitter

BenghaziObama is Looking for Benghazi Terrorists as OJ Looked for Nicole Simpson’s Killer –Image: Roy Rogers/Twitter

U.S. Consulate BenghaziU.S. Consulate Libya Benghazi Aftermath –Image: Jane Galt/Twitter

(Real Clear Politics) White House Press Secy Jay Carney asked by Mark Knoller of CBS News if he could identify which scandals President Obama believe are phony scandals.

Jay Carney: “I think we all remember a few weeks ago when Washington was consumed with a variety of issues…there was an effort underway to turn them into partisan scandals, I don’t think anybody here would doubt that and what we’ve seen as time has passed and more facts have become known–whether its the attacks in Benghazi and the talking points or revelations about conduct at the IRS–that attempts to turn this into a scandal have failed.”

Justice for Christopher StevensJustice for Christopher Stevens: Maybe if Stevens was Wearing a Hoodie, the Media would Get Fired-Up Over Benghazi and Obama’s Absence –Image: iResist/Twitter

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Obamanomics Magic: ‘Knowledge Economy’ New GDP Revision to Make Recovery Look More Robust

Recovery Summer Anniversary

(WSJ) If one really believes the Obama Administration’s Commerce Dept, we’ve been told (to believe)  that the U.S. economy expanded at a stronger pace in 2012 than previously measured and the great economic recession depression (to many Americans) was less severe because of Obamanomics.

The nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) the broadest measure of goods and services produced across the country expanded at a 2.8% rate last year versus a previous estimate of 2.2% all of this interestingly may be explained (which much of the dinosaur media is silent about) because of big new change in the Commerce Dept measures what it calls the “knowledge economy” which includes money spent creating enduring artistic products and books that will now count as an investment according to Business Insider/Reuters together with intangible investments including brand-building, employee training and spending by companies to make their operations more efficient, research and development will all be added to the way the Commerce Dept is using ‘New, New Math’ to calculate the size of economic growth and inflate the numbers to show, Americans are now suddenly more prosperous than we first thought and the nations economy is chugging along thanks to Obamanomics Magic.

Well, that is if one is willing to just believe what they’re told by a government that is willing to manipulate numbers, attempting to fool Americans gullible enough to believe what they otherwise know is true.

Obama’s economic recovery compared to its WW II predecessors is exceptionally weak according to Real Clear Politics that reports we’ve become a nation of part-timer workers. If our economy was so robust, one would be expecting the number of part-time jobs to be on the decline as companies would be expanding and hiring more full-time workers but this is not the case.

Personal income has dropped 5.3% during the first quarter of this year the Epoch Times reports food and gasoline prices have also risen. This loss of disposable income also affects personal savings which has declined a whopping 44.6% in the first quarter 2013 according to a May article by the Savings and Retirement Foundation.

Likewise, if the ‘Obamanomics Magic’ was creating all this new found wealth and prosperity that we know doesn’t exist, given the fact that just this week the Associated Press reported 4 out of 5 Americans are struggling with joblessness, poverty and/or relying on food stamps for a least part of their lives–a sign of a deteriorating economy and an elusive American dream.

All of this, despite the Obamanomics Magic–Knowledge Economy, which we’re to believe, makes all of us much more prosperous than we ever knew we wasn’t.

ObamaCare Wrinkle Vexes Congress and Staffers

Congressional Dems Want To Exempt Themselves From ObamaCare“This is Rich: ObamaCare For You But Not For Me” -Rep Paul Gosar

(NY Times) As President Obama barnstorms across the nation cheering his health care law, one audience very close to home is growing increasingly anxious about the financial implications of ObamaCare—Members of Congress and their Staffers who didn’t read the bill before passing it. I digress.

Under a wrinkle that dates back since the days when California Democrat Rep Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to pass it so you can find what’s in it.” Members of Congress and thousands of their aides (many of them that helped write the flawed legislation) have discovered they are required to get ObamaCare through their state based insurance exchanges.

Whoops: Democrats that rammed the bill through Congress when they controlled both chambers, have now realized they failed to include language in the law for the federal government American Taxpayers, to continue to pay their share of the health care premiums for Congress and their Staffers comprehensive coverage–if the taxpayers are not picking up the tab, this will require an additional $5,000 a year for individuals and $11,000 for families under some of the most popular health care plans–not surprising, that idea is not very popular on Capitol Hill.

Surprises never cease. During the past week when it comes to President Obama’s signature piece of legislation that Democrats passed without a single Republican vote, which IRS employees have been designated to enforce ObamaCare’s individual mandate we learned, they don’t want it either.

If ObamaCare is so good for the rest of us, why is it that Congress that voted for the health care law, their aides and other staffers that helped to write the legislation and the IRS workers that will enforce ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate, don’t want it for themselves and their families?

Southern California Energy Plant Closure to Kill 900 Jobs by Labor Day

Obamanomics Reality

(NBC Los Angeles) Employees of the San Onofre Power Plant were shocked with the news that some 900 of them will be laid off by Labor Day as the plant prepares to close. Dan Dominguez a long time employee and nuclear reactor operator said, “Thirty one years and its over and done with.”

While environmental activists applaud the decision to close the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, 1,500 workers learned that 900 of their fellow employees will soon be laid off, joining the thousands of other Americans out of a good paying jobs in an anemic economy.

According to Bloomberg/Businessweek there were 1.3 million businesses in California at the end of last year–5.2% fewer than at the end of 2011

In other states Massachusetts lost 5,200 businesses, the second highest amount, Kansas had 3.1% fewer businesses in 2012 than in 2011

On the 10 November, I wrote here that subsequent to Obama’s reelection, Ohio energy job losses mount as a consequence to the Obama Administration’s war on reliable coal fired power plants.

All of this is occurring while President Obama claims the economy is improving and more Americans are going back to work but fails to explain, if the economy is on the rebound, how is it that his policies are continuing to destroy jobs, opportunity and peoples economic livelihoods across America?

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California Jobless Rate Jumps After Layoffs in Retail and Service Trades

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Chinese Immigrants Joining the U.S. Army

Chinese Go To US ArmyArmy Recruiter Qiang Wang Speaks With Chinese Student  Si-xing Zheng

Wei WeiWei Wei Wants to Join Military–Pictured With Recruiter Qiang Wang

(World Journal/Zi Yuan Gao) The U.S. Military Accessions Vital to the Natl Interest (MAVNI) allows certain non-citizens who are legally present in the United States to join the military and immediately apply for U.S. Citizenship without first obtaining permanent residency status.

The MAVNI program is only available to legal aliens possessing critical skills–physicians, nurses and those proficient in certain languages with associated cultural backgrounds.

Non-citizens have served  proudly in the military since the Revolutionary War–the ‘Lodge Act of 1950’ permitted non-citizen Eastern Europeans to enlist between 1950-1959

Today about 24,000 non-citizens are serving on active duty and about 5,000 legal permanent residents enlist in the Armed Forces annually. Today’s service members are eligible for expedited citizenship pursuant to a July, 2000 Executive Order and the military services have worked closely with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to streamline citizenship processing for service members.

Since 9/11 over 78,000 American Heroes have attained their citizenship while serving our country.

More here on MAVNI Program –Dept of Defense

Oh No! Democrat Rep Sheila Jackson-Lee Recommended for New Homeland Security Chief

Shelia Jackson Lee on VietnamRep Shelia Jackson on House Floor Speaks of North & South Vietnam

(Washington Times)  Just two weeks after ‘Big Sista’ Janet Napolitano announced her resignation as Secy Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) the Congressional Black Caucus has recommended Rep Sheila Jackson Lee to fill that post.

In a letter sent to President Obama, signed by Rep Marcia Fudge (D-OH) the Houston Chronicle reported the Congressional Black Caucus said that Rep Jackson-Lee,”stands as a strong and honest–voice of reason” that the DHS could stand to gain.

Oh My–God Have Mercy!

Los Angeles 1925 Picture of the Day

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Obama’s Watch: 4 of 5 Americans Struggle With Joblessness, Near Poverty or Reliance of Welfare

Obamanomics 2013

(AP) Isn’t this lovely? 4 out of 5 adult Americans struggle with joblessness, near poverty and/or reliance on welfare benefits for at least part of their lives–a sign of a deteriorating economy and an elusive American dream.

Flashback: Remember in Berlin when Obama said that ‘Climate Change’ is the global threat of our time–Forgets about poverty in America.

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Obama’s Economy: Record Poverty, High Hispanic Unemployment

Image Courtesy: Anti-Big Bro Gov/Twitter

Obama Claims that Marxists Ho Chi Minh and Nelson Mandela were Inspired by Founding Fathers

Ho Chi Minh Obama --I Am The Tea PartyPresident Obama Claimed that Marxist Vietnam Dictator Ho Chi Minh, was Inspired by Founding Fathers –Image: I Am The Tea Party

(FOX News) It came as some unwelcome news and a slap in the face to American Heroes that served in Vietnam along with the 60,000 families that lost loved ones during the Vietnam War that the whole thing was just a misunderstanding.

This was the impression that President Obama gave last Thursday when he spoke with the media after a meeting with Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang.

Obama striking a wistful tone observed, that it may have taken 67 years but the United States and Vietnam were finally enjoying the relationship that Ho Chi Minh wrote of–after all, Obama said that the Communist Dictator had been inspired by the words of Thomas Jefferson.

President Obama may have just been trying to flatter his guest who was obviously eager to show that Ho Chi Minh, was not the monster  history shows him to be but his connection between the American Founders and Ho Chi Minh shows either a massive lack of historical knowledge on the part of Obama or a remarkable degree of flexibility.

I believe the former to be true given the fact that President Obama just last month, compared American bashing Marxist Nelson Mandela to George Washington.

H/T: Lana Wong