USDA Orders Magician to Prepare a Disaster Plan For His Rabbit

Hocus Pocus The Rabbit In Frosty The SnowmanHocus Pocus the Rabbit & Professor Hinkle from “Frosty the Snowman” —Rankin-Bass Productions, Inc

(Bob The U.S. Dept of Agriculture (USDA) has reportedly sent an 8 page letter to an Ozark, MO Magician, advising him by July 29, he needed to have in place a written disaster plan, detailing all of the steps that he would take to get his rabbit to safety in case of tornado, fire, flood, etc. The USDA not only wanted to know how he would protect his rabbit from disaster but also what he would do following the disaster to make sure the bunny gets cared for properly–otherwise he would be breaking federal law.

Obama’s Watch: Another example of a monstrous, out of control federal government non-essential bureaucrats, with way too much time on their hands.

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Obama Compares Long Time Communist Nelson Mandela to George Washington

George Washington--Obama You Didnt Build That

(Weasel Zippers) Except for the fact that Nelson Mandela is an America-bashing Communist who once said, “If there is a country in the world that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world it is the United States of America.”

Although President Obama will not get a chance to see Nelson Mandela on his $100 Million African Family Vacation  ABC News reports Obama he is using his historic visit to pay tribute to a man that he calls a hero to the world–at a joint news conference with South Africa President Jacob Zuma, President Obama spoke extensively about Mandela’s legacy.

“Our thoughts are those of Americans and people all around the world are with Nelson Mandela…The struggle here for freedom, Madiba’s moral courage, this country’s historic transition to a free nation has been a personal inspiration to me, an inspiration to the world and it continues to be.”

“Mandela shows what was possible when a priority is placed on human dignity, respect for law, that all people are treated equally and what Nelson Mandela also stood for is that the well-being of the country is more important than the interests of one person,” Obama added continuing, “George Washington is admired because after two terms he said enough, I’m going back to being a citizen. There were no term limits but he said i am a citizen I served my time and its time for the next person because that is what democracy is about and Mandela similarly was able to recognize that despite how revered he was.”

Meet The RINOS Responsible For the Pork-Laden 1200+ Page Immigration Bill Passing the Senate

Nancy Pelosi: On the 4th of July We’ll be Celebrating ObamaCare

Wizard of Oz --Chicks On The RightDemocrats –Image: Chicks On The Right

(Washington Examiner) Because of ObamaCare, the 4th of July has taken on a whole new significance–not only do Americans celebrate the adoption of our Declaration of Independence, according to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) one is to celebrate the ‘health independence’ delivered by Democrats in Congress.

“Next week when we celebrate Independence Day, we’ll also be observing health independence,” Pelosi told reporters on Thursday, explaining further that “this week marks one year since the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, it captures the spirit of our founders…” Yade, Yade, Yade.

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White House Officials Meet With Islamic Jihadist Who Has Advocated Killing U.S. Troops

White House Meeting With Islamic TerroristObama Admin Officials Meeting With Sheik Abdullah bin-Bayyah, Radical Muslim Brotherhood Cleric –Newsmax

(Investors Business Daily) In the latest betrayal by the Obama Administration, the White House met ‘secretly’ earlier this month in the West Wing with fascist Muslim Brotherhood Cleric Sheik Abdullah bin-Bayyah, who has advocated killing U.S. Troops, seeking more support for Hamas and Syrian Al-Qaeda rebels.

Syrian Rebels Behead Catholic Bishop

Watch graphic video of Syrian Al-Qaeda rebels the Obama Administration has befriended, behead an Orthodox Christian Bishop and his assistant, with a small combat knife–echoing previous beheadings by Islamic Terrorists, the head is held up to the cheers of onlookers and then placed on the body.

“How delightful it is that the Obama Administration has decided to aid these Syrian Jihadists,” reports my friend Robert Spencer/Jihad Watch that Sunday, they murdered a Catholic Priest during an attack on the Monastery of St Anthony in al-Ghassaniyah, a predominately Christian village in Jisr al-Shughar District, Iblib Province.

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U.S. Spending on Education Tops Global List However Students Still Trail on International Tests

Brain Drain

(EAG News) The U.S. spends more than other developed nations on its students education each year–despite spending about $11,000 per elementary student and $12,000 for high school students in 2010 factoring in the cost of programs–the U.S. spent on average $15,171 annually per student, more than any other nation covered in the study the Associated Press reports.

What do we get for all of this spending? Continued mediocrity.

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Welcome Home Mr President: Obama Besieged by Birthers on Africa Trip

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John Stossel: 100 Things I Hate About Government

100 Things I Hate About The Govt --John Stossel

(FOX Business/John Stossel) “People call me a ‘Traitor to Libertarian Ideals’ and  disgusting because I’m not that worked up by the NSA spying. Maybe I’m naive but I don’t totally dismiss government’s claims that data mining is constitutional and catches terrorists…Media focus on new threats but the old ones are nasty too.”

“Here are 100 other things government does that make me mad, or madder.”

Obama’s Radical Climate Change Agenda

Union Coal Miners For Obama --870AMMeet Union coal miners who supported Obama who are about to get regulated out of a job per ‘Hoax-n-Chains’ announcement the EPA will now go after the 38% of the power plants in America that are coal fired. –Image: KRLA 870AM

(National Review) Its is remarkable that when the scientific consensus on global warming is at its weakest state in years, President Obama has decided to make the issue a new focus on his troubled presidency and indeed, that he intends to use the issue as the launching pad for a radical extension of federal power even more significant than his health care takeover.

President Obama campaigned as a man of science, though he himself has no scientific training. Obama lambasted his critics as being anti-science ‘Luddities’ and even enjoyed an endorsement from from Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ who has condemned efforts by Christians to cast doubts on the theory of evolution and allowed his name to be associated with dishonest and unfair attacks on Republicans.

Barack Obama of course is not a science guy, for example, he has flattered far-left conspiracy theories about vaccinations saying, “The science right now is inconclusive,” which is a position about as scientifically defensible  as claiming that the dinosaurs went extinct because Fred Flinstone ordered too many brontosaurus burgers.

Global warming, contrary to the predictions of the best climate models is not accelerating–it is slowing and some estimates show it having been reversed. The warmest year on record was 1998 and there has been significantly less warming in the last 15 years than there was in the 20 years before that.

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Obama’s Watch: Another Day, Yet Another IRS Scandal

Obama ScandalsObama Scandals –Cartoon: A.F. Branco/Legal Insurrection

(NY Daily News) Another day, yet another IRS scandal is brewing during Obama’s Watch.

Employees of the IRS misused govt credit cards to purchase pornography, expensive wine, pricey luncheons, steaks, a smart phone, baby items, bottled games and toys, romance novels to water pills according to the latest Inspector General’s report.

Flashback: Remember when Barack Obama claimed–We’re the most transparent and ethical administration in U.S. history.


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