Happy Easter From Barack Obama

California Gov Jerry Brown Pardons 65 More Convicted Criminals

Gov Jerry Brown Paroles 377 --Soda HeadCalifornia Gov Jerry Brown Paroled 377 Convicted Murderers Serving Life Sentences –Soda Head

(KFI 640AM) Gov Jerry Brown has used misused his authority to grant pardons to 65 people–one of which Robert Phillip Brown a convicted murderer.

In February, the Los Angeles Times reported that Gov Brown signed off on paroling 377 convicted murderers that had been serving life sentences.

During Gov Brown’s previous two terms office between 1975 to 1983 California Watch documented that Brown, pardoned more than 400 convicted criminals–some of which were found guilty of murder and rape.

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Google Celebrates Easter Sunday With Cesar Chavez Birthday Tribute

Google Celebrates Cesar Chavez But Not Easter

(Twitchy) Yup, 2 Billion Christians around the world are celebrating Easter Sunday while Google search pays tribute to the birth of left wing labor leader Cesar Chavez.

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Easter Vigil Mass, Pope Francis: Let the Risen Jesus Enter Your Life, Welcome Him as a Friend

Easter Vigil St Peter's Basillica Vatican City --TwitterEaster Vigil from St Peter’s Basilica Vatican City –Ustream/Twitter

(CNA) Pope Francis called on Christians to allow the risen Jesus to enter their lives and to welcome Him with trust as a friend during the most holy night of the year.

“If up until now you have kept Him at a distance step forward…He will receive you with open arms–If you have been indifferent, take a risk, you won’t be disappointed,” Pope Francis said at St Peter’s Basilica, during the Easter Vigil Mass.

“Trust Him, be confident that He is close to you, He is with you and He will give you the peace you are looking for and the strength to live as He would have you do.”

Pope Francis observed that “newness often makes us fearful, including the newness which God brings us, the newness which God asks of us…Jesus no longer belongs to the past but lives in the present and is projected towards the future, He is the everlasting today of God,” he emphasized. “Let the risen Jesus enter your life, welcome Him as a friend with trust–He is life.”

Full article here from Catholic News Agency

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Blessed Good Friday 2013

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Obama’s Watch: Economic Growth .04% During 4th Qtr; Jobless Claims Rise More Than Forecast

Obama Govt Will Fix Everything

(AP) The U.S. economy grew at an anemic annually rate of .04% during the last quarter of 2012 well below average based on historical standards and the weakest quarterly performance in almost two years.

In related economic news jobless claims rose more than forecast last week–first time jobless claims increased 16,000 to 357,000 the highest level in more than a month.

On the 10 January, I wrote here that the economy must add between 100,000 to 125,000 jobs per month just to keep up with normal population growth.

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Still No White House Tours–Feds Waste $1,188,382 on Puppets and $876,752 to Study Snail Sex

White House Tours Cancelled --Frugal CafeObama: No White House Tours For You –Cartoon: Frugal Cafe

(Breitbart) The recent cancelling of White House tours as a consequence of the 2.4% cut  in the increase of future spending–otherwise known as Sequester, is said to be saving taxpayers an estimated $18,000 a week or $936,000 a year.

Putting that figure into perspective, the Fed’s have spent wasted $1,188,382.00 on puppets and puppetry  related expenses–more than enough to fund an entire year’s worth of White House Tours.

Taxpayers have likewise funded according to CNS News a $876,752 study in 2011 continuing to 2015 by the University of Iowa, to study whether there is any benefit to sex among New Zealand Mud Snails and whether that explains why any organism has sex.

On Tuesday, I wrote here that the Obama daughters are currently vacationing in the Bahamas for Spring Break, how much is that trip costing the taxpayers?

H/T: Weasel Zippers

Actuaries Offer Sobering Look at the Rising Costs for Individual Mandated Insurance Coverage

Rising Health Care Premiums

(Washington Guardian) In a new report that could become a political headache for Democrats that saddled us with ObamaCare,  The Society of Actuaries estimated on Tuesday, that insurers will have to pay out an average of 32% more for claims for individuals because of ObamaCare, a cost likely to be passed on to consumers.

Yesterday I wrote here that Health & Human Service Secy Kathleen Sebelius finally admits what many of us knew health care premiums are rising because of President Obama’s chief legislative achievement–ObamaCare.

HHS Secy Sebelius: Yep, ObamaCare Is Raising Insurance Costs

ObamaCare New Spending Estimates Keep RisingObamaCare Increasing Cost Estimates –Heritage Foundation

(Human Events) A watershed moment in the ongoing disaster of ObamaCare as Health & Human Services Secy Kathleen Sebelius finally admits something that many Americans already knew premiums are rising because of President Obama’s health insurance takeover.

More here from The Wall Street Journal

Cypriots Facing Draconian Banking Controls as Crisis in Confidence Spreads to Germany

Socialism ---Political Follies

(The Telegraph) Cyprus citizens face draconian controls over how they may spend their own money, use debit cards or even access their savings beyond May–some 13,000 British based customers of the Cypriot Popular Bank could lose all of their savings above 100,000 Euros.

Cypriot capital controls that are unprecedented in modern banking will include tight weekly personal allowances for cash withdrawals, restrictions on moving Euros outside Cyprus, new lower limits on credit and debit cards and a ban on checks.

Fear that Cyprus growing financial crisis may spread, Germans are expressing concerns about their bank accounts according to Merco Press 54% of Germans are now worried about their savings and investments, while only 41% have confidence in Chancellor Merkel’s guarantee that their holdings are safe.

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