California Gasoline Taxes Will Be Highest in the Nation on July 01

California Taxes --Net Right DailyCalifornia Being Taxed Into the Poor House –Net Right Daily

(UT San Diego) Its now official, come July 01, California motorists will pay an additional 3.5 cents in taxes on gasoline thanks to a vote of 3-2 today by the state Board of Equalization, to increase the excise tax by about 10% from .36 cents a gallon to 39.5 cents a gallon.

On Tuesday I wrote here that a hike in the gas tax of 3.5 cents a gallon will mean that California motorists will be paying the highest gasoline taxes in the nation.

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Just 6% Rate Dinosaur Media as “Very Trustworthy”

Dinosaur Media --Liberal LunacyMain Street Media –Liberal Lunacy

(Roger Hedgecock Show) While still 56% of credulous voters regard the Dinosaur Media at least somewhat trustworthy–that includes 6% that actually believe that the MSM is “very trustworthy” according to a Rasmussen Reports survey released today.

Obama Administration Threatens to Veto Senate Republican Plan to Avoid Sequestration

Finger in the Dike --Legal InsurrectionA Finger in the Dike –Legal Insurrection

(AP) The Obama Administration threatened to veto a Senate Republican plan that would give President Obama more authority and flexibility to find $85 Billion in spending cuts this year–the measure was intended to replace the automatic spending cuts otherwise known as “Sequestration” that is scheduled to kick-in tomorrow.

The Obama Administration says it instead backs a Democratic measure to replace the cuts with more taxes on job creators.

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Watergate Reporter Bob Woodward Blasts Obama on Sequestration

Map of China Regime “Cancer Villages”

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CATO: Sequestration Will Not Make U.S. Less Safe

China Guards Pollution Data as State Secrets; Why’s the Obama Admin Collecting Parallel Info?

Deng Fei Wants You To Show Him Dirty River --ShanghaiistDeng Fei Wants China Netizens to Show Him a Dirty River –Shanghaiist

(Bloomberg/Businessweek) Public agitation within Beijing’s smogosphere–including campaigns by China Netizens and the Obama Administration which  in their infinite wisdom has decided that the American people believe, that its a good expenditure of taxpayers money to monitor China’s air quality during a period of apocalyptic scare mongering by ‘Hoax-n-Chains’ across the nation–I digress.

While the China regime has gradually released more data about pollution and for the first time acknowledged the existence of “Cancer Villages” (locations where the exposure to industrial chemicals has led to the elevated levels of cancer) during Chinese New Year, environmental journalist Deng Fei, who in 2009 posted a map online identifying the “Cancer Villages” launched the “Show Me a Dirty River Campaign” encouraging Netizens visiting their hometowns during the holiday, to  send in digital photos of polluted rivers, lakes and streams.

Such information is a closely guarded “state secret” in China pursuant of Article 14 which Beijing Attorney Dong Zhengwei recently found out when he recently requested the data from a government survey conducted in 2006 by the ‘Environmental Ministry’ by the China Regime which Dong has filed an appeal arguing its a “clear denial of the public’s right to know and right to monitor,” citing China’s dubious freedom of information regulations.

The Obama Administration like the China Regime, have remained silent on the full investigative report(s) but according to the Epoch Times parts of the Chinese report had been leaked to the public which appeared online recently, leading to the present inquiries of poisoned chemicals in the soil.

On the 28 August, 2011 I wrote here that U.S. clothing manufacturers have been accused of distributing products containing toxic chemicals made in China to suppliers in the United States.

More here in Chinese by Legal Daily

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China Dirty Secret: Soil Pollution –Shanghaiist

Calif May Soon Have Highest Gas Taxes in U.S.

Gas Prices --Barracuda BrigadeRising Gas Prices –Barracuda Brigade

(Breitbart) In California, the solution to all ills is further taxation even though gasoline prices have skyrocketed a full .12 cents last week and past $5.00 in L.A.County now, State Sen Noreen Evans, (D-Santa Rosa) wants to tax oil.

“California is the only oil producing state in the nation that does not have an oil extraction tax. States such as Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska have such a tax and it just makes common sense,” Evans said.

Evans wants a 9.9% tax on all barrels drilled in the state, which runs up to $9.60 per barrel at current prices–the effect, will be to drive oil companies out of California and raise prices at the pump even more than what may soon be on their way for motorists. 

On top of the recent spike in gasoline prices, the California State Board of Equalization was expected to approve a 3.5 cent increase in the gas tax during their meeting in Culver City today.

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California Economic Recovery? Honda Relocating 50 Jobs from Torrance to Marysville, Ohio

Obama State of the Union(California Political News) Everyday, Obama and Gov Jerry Brown claim the economy is improving and is on the right track but what they fail to mention are the 4,000 people that JPMorgan will be letting go this year and the 15,000 in 2014

In related grim economic news for California, Honda announced last week that they will be moving 50 jobs from Torrance to Marysville, Ohio starting 01 April, to improve the speed of decision making and overall efficiency.

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Obama’s 2013 Tax Hikes, Twice as Large as Looming Sequestration

Central California Restaurant Closes, ObamaCare Faulted for Killing 50 More Jobs

ObamaCare Job LossesObamaCare Layoff Bomb Detonates, Corporations Announce Mass Job Casualties –Asian Conservatives

(KSBW/ABC) Chevy’s Fresh Mex Restaurant in Salinas closed abruptly today putting about 50 people out of work.

Chevys Fresh Mex restaurant owner Gary Loesch told KSBW News that he had no choice, blaming the economy together with ObamaCare new health regulations coming in 2014 for the decision to close his business of 11 years saying, “We hope that Salinas and all of California can turn around but with ObamaCare kicking in next year, we could not have made it even one month.”

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