Senate RINO’s Cave On Real Fiscal Cliff Deal

Fiscal Cliff New Year --The Veritas ReportHappy New Year 2013 Fiscal Cliff –The Veritas Report

(Washington Times) Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, (R-KY) and VP Joe Biden appear to have worked out some kind of deal to avert the so called fiscal cliff by agreeing to raise taxes on job creators (individuals earning more than $400,000 and families with incomes over $450,000) extending a number of programs from Obamas 2009 failed stimulus law to continuing Obama’s green energy fiasco, without tackling our out of control $16.4 Trillion+ debt crisis with any real spending cuts.

How does kicking the proverbial can down the road again for yet another day and another time avert a looming economic national disaster?

Where is the leadership?

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Red Cross Forgets About Sichuan Earthquake Donations for 4.5 Yrs, Money Grows Moldy

China Sichuan Earthquake DonationsRed Cross Forgot China Sichuan Earthquake Donations –Shanghaiist

(Shanghai Daily) The Red Cross Society of China says its investigating its branch in southwest China after it was accused of leaving hundreds of donation boxes uncollected with the money inside growing moldy.

In March, I wrote here nearly 4 years after the devastating 8.0 Sichuan Earthquake, disaster relief supplies remained in storage.

On the 05 February, 2010 I archived here of my posts subsequent to the catastrophic earthquake which claimed the lives of more than 19,000 children–May God have mercy.

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MSNBC President: Chris Matthews ‘A Statesman’

Chris Matthews -AIMChris Matthews Admits Son’s Political Views Left of Obama’s –AIM

(Politico) MSNBC President Phil Griffin, says that MSNBC’s Hard Ball host Chris Matthews is a “statesman” and the model figure for who we are.

This may explain why MSNBC’s comes in behind FOX News in the latest ratings in all categories.

Flashback: Remember when Chris Matthews said: I’m really glad Hurricane Sandy happened.

Some Statesman.

Obama Opposed FISA Before Supporting It

Obama Flip-FlopsObama The Flip-Flopper –The Crawdad Hole

(Veritas/NPR) The “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act” (FISA) was quietly approved on Friday for another 5 years as the Democrat controlled Senate voted to renew the law that grants the government wide surveillance authority–President Obama has said that he intends to sign the legislation.

Flashback: Remember when Obama was against FISA before he supported it.

Obama Plans to Make Gun Control Priority in Second Term Not the Economy or Jobs

If Guns Kill People All of Mine Must be Defective --Common Sense ClubIf Guns Kill People All of Mine Must be Defective –Common Sense Club

(The Hill)

President Obama said today on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he plans on making gun control (not the economy or jobs) a priority in his second term, pledging to put the “full weight” of his office behind passing new restrictions on weapons in 2013 

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Narcissist Barack Obama Picks His 12 Favorite Pictures of 2012, 11 Feature Himself

Obama Honors Rosa Parks With Picture Of HimselfBarack Obama Picks his Favorite Photos of Himself for 2012 –Daily Mail

(Weasel Zippers) Narcissist Barack Hussein Obama picks his 12 favorite photos of 2012–11 feature himself.

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Piers Morgan Says He May Leave the USA, Don’t Let the Door Hit You on Your Way Out

Piers MorganCNN’s Piers Morgan –Contact Music

(Daily Mail) CNN’s Piers Morgan, the former Editor of the Daily Mirror until he was fired in 2004 for fabricating news stories now “claims” to be so outraged by the 2nd Amendment that unless it is amended, he may leave the United States for greener pastures elsewhere.

Piers: Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

Obama Describes Himself As A Workaholic–Hasn’t Been On Vacation

Obama Golfing In Hawaii --TwitterObama Golf Outing in Hawaii –Twitter

(Reagan Coalition) President Obama becomes defensive when ABC News Jake Tapper asks where he’s been during his presidency? Obama claims that he hasn’t been on vacation.


On Wednesday, Obama played his 111th round of golf of his presidency (19th golf outing in 2012) during his 5 day respite in Hawaii costing the taxpayers some $4 Million Dollars as the nation teeters falling off the fiscal cliff.

The American Form of Good Government

Benjamin Franklin --FreedomBenjamin Franklin on Freedom –The Federalist Papers

(Patriotic Moms) As Benjamin Franklin left the Constitutional Convention a Woman asked him, “Sir, what have you given us?”

Franklin immediately replied, “A Republic Ma’am if you can keep it.”

Yet many Americans today have come to believe America’s governmental system is a Democracy and not a Republic.

The difference between these two is essential in understanding the values of the United States.

Full post here from Patriotic Moms

Bishop’s Urge Christians to Imitate St Thomas More in ObamaCare Mandate Fight

Saint Thomas MooreSt. Thomas More, The Heavenly Patron -KCYM

(CNA) Archbishop Charles J Chaput of Philadelphia has held up the 16th Century Saint Thomas More as a model of courage for Christians in the face of ObamaCare’s federal contraception mandate.

There are multiple ways that the Bishops (and Christians) to respond to ObamaCare’s mandate, refusing to comply with the law, closing of religious institutions to finding a compromise or “they can simply give in and comply with the government coercion under protest,” writes Archbishop Chaput but to choose the last option, would be “heavily damaging to the witness of the Church in the United States.”

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