Obama Rejects New Round of Sanctions Approved by Senate “Unanimously” on Islamic Fascist Iran

(Foreign Policy) President Barack Hussein Obama has announced his opposition  to a new round of sanctions on Islamic Fascist Iran that the Senate “unanimously” approved today, on the grounds that Congress is pushing for more aggressive punitive measures than his naive administration deems prudent.

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Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson: Amend Constitution to Allow Govt to Control Speech

Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA) Worries Guam May Tip Over –Chicago News Bench–

(CBS News) Rep Hank Johnson who expressed concerns to a Navy Admiral Robert F.Willard in 2010 that Guam may become so overly populated that it may just tip over, now is calling for an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States that would allow the legislature to control free speech of corporations because he seems to believe, “…corporations control patterns of thinking…they control the media.”


How is it that Rep Johnson was even elected to Congress in 2006 with such whacky, peculiar ideas and says them publicly?

Obama Opens Fiscal Cliff Proposal With New Taxes, As ObamaCare Tax Hikes Go Into Effect Jan 01

Suckers Leap–Fiscal Cliff –Cartoon: Legal Insurrection

(Heritage Foundation) President Obama sent his proposal of $1.6 Trillion in new taxes (besides the already numerous ObamaCare tax hikes set to go into effect early next year) together with $50 Billion of new stimulus spending and plan to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling to Congressional Republicans yesterday, as his “balanced” approach to avoid the upcoming fiscal cliff and ability to continue spending borrowed money that we don’t have, with “promises” of spending cuts later–the problem with later, it never arrives.

Sen Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) couldn’t contain his laughter at the Obama Administration’s proposal offered by Treasury Secy Timmy Geithnerwhen will President Obama and Democrat/Socialist Progressives, begin to take the nations economic woes seriously?

When the cow finally jumps over the moon.

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United Nations Vote Today Turns Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thugs into Freedom Fighters

United Nations Intentions–No Israel –Image: Stand With Us

(PMW) Palestinian Authority turns Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thugs into “Freedom Fighters” and disputed land into “Occupied Territory” in the vote today at the United Nations, creating an ex nihilo of a foreign country that never existed and Palestinian people that were unknown to the world, until Muslims concocted a scheme to destroy Israel that made the naive of world history, feel good about helping Arab’s confiscate Jewish land for the “promises” of peace.

Obama’s Plan $4 Million Hawaiian Vacation as the Nation Plunges Off the Fiscal Cliff

Obama Wasting Taxpayers Money Phantom Golfing –The Kitchen Cabinet

(Twitchy) President Obama reportedly is scheduled to spend 3 weeks and some $4 Million of the taxpayers money to take his family on vacation in Hawaii again this year.

All this comes at a time as Americans are further tightening their belts, expecting little to nothing to happen in Washington to resolve the fiscal cliff doldrums that will hit every household with $3,446 in new taxes just after the first of next year.

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Obama’s Watch: Is Egypt About to Become the Next Islamic Fascist Iran?

Islamic Fascist Mahmoud Morsi –Twitter

(The Telegraph) It wasn’t very long ago that Democrat/Socialist Progressives were repeating the same lame Obama Administration talking points about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, claiming they were “reformers” to “Democratic moderates that one can somehow work with.” One doesn’t hear this much (if at all) anymore by those same loony liberal lefties that have been taking one to many drinks from the Obama cistern.

Since Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi’s power grab last week, Morsi has been trying to reassure a skeptical Egyptian population that he is pretty much like them and he has no ambition to become a new Pharaoh but Egyptians are not buying the snake oil that Morsi is attempting to sell–violent demonstrations have erupted in Tahrir Square reminiscent of the Arab Spring, which naive Obama Democrats and their dinosaur media allies wanted Americans to believe would result in ‘peace, hope, love and joy’ throughout the middle east, were they ever wrong–again.

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Sacrilege: Painting Depicts Obama as Crucified Jesus Christ

(FOX News) Sacrilege: A painting that features Barack Hussein Obama, posed as Jesus Christ crucified, went on display at Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery in Boston.

On the Monday I wrote here that actor Jamie Foxx at the Soul Train Music Awards made outrageous comments about President Obama during an on-stage performance, referring to Obama as “our lord and savior.”

President Obama has perpetuated this mockery of Christianity remember in 2009 when Georgetown University at the request of the White House covered up the IHS monogram representing Jesus’ name ahead of Obama’s speech, drawing fire from the Cardinal Newman Society calling it as yet another example of a Catholic university sacrificing principle for prestige.

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Thousand in Egypt Protest Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi Autocratic Decree

How Seriously Does Obama & Congressional Liberals Take the Federal Debt Crisis?

Obama Forward: National Debt –Cartoon: Cagle Cartoons

(CNS News) The Obama Administration Treasury Dept of Limitless Public Debt, increased the federal deficit $24,327,048,384.38 (or $211.69) the day after Thanksgiving–during Obama’s Watch the federal budget deficit has soared  $49,432.73 per household.

To make matters worse, the economic woes of the United States appears to be nothing but a game to the Obama Administration to toy with.

White House Press Secy Jay Carney answering a reporter’s question about “fiscal cliff” negotiations with Congress said that he didn’t want to ruin the fun for the Obama Administration, which appears isn’t taking budgetary matters very seriously.

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Taxing the Rich–Would Take 514 Yrs to Pay Off Obama’s FY 2011 Deficit