Chinese-American Recalls WW II POW Past

Every Day is a Holiday Documentary

(VOA) Looking at him today, few would guess that Paul Loong at age 88 has a larger than life story, even his daughter Theresa Loong a filmmaker was taken by surprise when she discovered her father’s diary from his time in a Japanese Prisoner of War camp during WW II

Theresa Loong chronicles her father’s story in the documentary Every Day Is a Holiday which was released to coincide with Memorial Day, a time when Americans Honor those who have served in the military.

Japan entered WW II in December, 1941 attacking British controlled Malaya and Singapore almost at the same time as Pearl Harbor.

Paul Loong a young Malaysian was fighting with the British when they surrendered the Malaya Peninsula–Loong and thousands of others were shipped off to Japan, where they did hard labor as prisoners of war.

Life was brutal in the 3 years Loong spent as a POW–one out of every five prisoners died in the first year.

“I think they thought they were going to win the war…that they were not going to answer for war crimes,” said Loong adding, “the POW’s did hard labor from dawn to dusk and were beaten daily–with a stick, with rifle butts with whatever they had handy.”

Loong began to keep the diary his daughter would discover decades later, in it he wrote that id he made it out alive, “Everyday will be a holiday.”

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CCTV Yang Rui Goes On Anti-Foreigner Trash Rant

(Sky News) CCTV propaganda spokesman Yang Rui has defended himself on charges of racism after launching into a rant on “foreign trash” on his Sina Weibo site according to China Smack Yang stated,

“The Ministry of Public Security must clean out foreign garbage, arresting foreign thugs and protect ignorant/innocent Chinese girls…behead the snack heads, the unemployed Americans and Europeans who come to China to make money, trafficking in people, misleading the public and encouraging them to emigrate. Identify the foreign spies, who find Chinese Women to cohabitate with, while their job is to collect Intelligence drawing maps and perfecting GPS for Japan, Korea, Europe and America under the guise of being tourists. Drive our foreign shrew, shut down Al-Jazeera’s Beijing office, let those who demonize China, shut their mouths and f— off.”

During the last two years, Yang Rui posted on his Sina-Weibo account according to Shanghaiist

“The media and the republic go up and down together. The U.S. has done this to the extreme but Wall Street’s greed was not exposed because Jews control both the financial and media worlds. Why do the U.S. media not dare to support the call for the establishment of a Palestinian State? Its because they’re afraid of getting fired by their Jewish bosses. When I interviewed the Chairman of the US Jewish Association, I questioned him on this. He snarled at me ferociously  and said that in America, no one would dare to speak to him this way. He was like a Mafia Chief. So please stop saying how beautiful America press freedom is.”

“No matter how big the lie, repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as truth.” –President John F Kennedy

Picture of the Day: One Chinese Woman Protest

(Shanghaiist) One Woman Protest take at a demolition site in downtown Huangpy District, Guangzhou Province, holding a poster accusing fifty thugs from a demolition company of beating up 3 Journalists from Xinmin Evening Press.

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How the China Regime is an Evil Cult, Why Do Obama’s Czars Admire It?

 (Epoch Times) The collapse of the Communist bloc headed by the Soviet Union in the early 1990s marked the failure of communism after almost a century however the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) unexpectedly survived and still controls China, a nation 1/5 of the worlds population.

An unavoidable question arises: Is the CCP today still truly Communist?

No one in today’s China including Party members allegedly believes in Communism–after 50 years of Socialism, the CCP has now adopted private ownership and even has a stock market.

It seeks foreign investment to establish new ventures while exploiting workers and peasants as much as it can. This completely opposes the ideals of genuine Communism–everyone working together for the benefit of the collective.

Despite compromising with Capitalism, the CCP maintain autocratic control of the people in China–the Constitution as revised in 2004 still rigidly states: “Chinese people of various ethnicities will continue adhering to the People’s Democratic Dictatorship and Socialist path under the leader of the Chinese Communist Party and the guidance of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Tse-Tung ideology,

admired by Obama Administration Senior Policy Adviser Manufacturing Czar Ron Bloom together with other Obama Czar’s who seem to have more of an affinity to Chinese Communism than for American God fearing principles;

Deng Xiaoping’s theory and the important thought the three represent.

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