Not One Less–Protecting Children From Abduction

Rumors of Children Abduction by Mainland Chinese in Hong Kong

On the 13 June, 2011 I wrote here about tragic news reports of the China Regime, returning abducted children to their captors.

Caixin: Special Investigation–Chinese Babies Abducted

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

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China Blind Attorney/Human Rights Activist Chen Guangcheng Escapes from Home Detention

China Human Rights Activist Chen Guangcheng holds a petition while he was still being held captive by the corrupt regime.

(Epoch Times) Blind China Human Rights Activist/Atty Chen Guangcheng escaped from house arrest to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing has been called a miracle by Netizens and may end the career of a high ranking Communist Party official.

Hong Kong Apple Daily has reported that Chen has been planning his escape from detention for two months–finally escaping on the 22 April at the surprise of his captors who didn’t realize that he was even missing for four days.

More here in Chinese/English subtitles –New Tang Dynasty

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News China Regime Would Rather You Not Read

“Overthrow Communist China” Hackers Deface Chinese Communist Party School Website –Image Epoch Times

(China Media Project) Your Post has Been Secreted–David Bandurski post was deleted by China Regime Internet Police subsequent to Beijing’s crackdown on Internet Freedom.

On the 10 April, I wrote here that Anonymous China Hackers have targeted nearly 500 China websites following the illegitimate China Regime censorship of Internet postings by Netizens.

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8 Ways that Sina-Weibo Will Shut You Up… –Tech in Asia

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Museum of Chinese in America New Exhibition “America Through a Chinese Lens”

Cadillac’s For Sale West Hollywood

Matrimonio Civil –Manchester & LaCienega –Los Angeles

 An Xiao –Images Courtesy of Museum of Chinese in America

Museum of Chinese in America is pleased to announce their upcoming exhibition America Through a Chinese Lens April 26–September 10 featuring photographs and projects by contemporary Chinese and Chinese-American artists, documentary photographers and non-professionals, each portraying  ways Chinese have used a camera to see this country, its beauty, contradictions and reality.

For more information: Museum of Chinese in America

Cartoon Critical of Chinese Communist Party Deleted

This cartoon critical of the Chinese Communist Party was deleted from Sina-Weibo by the Internet Police following the China Regime crackdown on free speech.

Earlier today I wrote here that Chinese Internet Police quickly censored Economist Mao Yushi, winner of the prestigious 2012 CATO Institute Milton Friedman Liberty Award blog post, widely read by his hundred of thousands of followers, in their futile effort to protect the “harmonious society” from harmful information.

H/T: China Media Project

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China Censors Disingenuois Apology to Netizens

Propaganda: Chinese Scatter in Face of Terrifying Internet Rumors

(China Media Project)

China Censors Disingenuous Apology to Netizens Using Sina Weibo & QQ

“Users and Friends…

Recently rumors and other illegal and harmful information spread through microblogs have had a negative social impact and harmful information has been relatively predominate  in comment sections, requiring concentrated cleansing…”

On April 02 I wrote here China Coup d’etat Watch: Crackdown Hits Internet–Censors have blocked dozens of websites amidst of political uncertainty.

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Sina-Weibo Deletes English Post by Chinese Historian Lei Yi –CMP

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