Welcome the Dragon to Downtown Los Angeles



(L.A. Downtown News)

Chinese New Year has arrived and today The Year of the Dragon will be welcomed at the 113th Annual Dragon Parade & Chinese New Year Festival.

This weekend will be full of activities for all ages beginning with the “Golden Dragon Parade” at 1:00 pm featuring “Disney’s Mulan & Mushu” the Grand Marshall’s for this years parade, together with hundreds of spectacular floats, decked out cars, dancers and bands as they parade down the heart of Chinatown.

More here Chinatown Los Angeles

China Picture of the Day

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Millions Traveling Home For Chinese New Years

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China Human Rights Activist/Author Yu Jie and Family Flee to United States

China Activist Yu Jie Flees to USA with Family –Image SCMP

China Best Actor: Wen Jiabao –Yu Jie

(WSJ) China Human Rights Activist & Christian/Author who published the controversial book China Best Actor: Wen Jiabao has emigrated to the United States this week, citing fear for his welfare.

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Writer Vows to Continue Struggle –Radio Free Asia

Christian Activist & Writer Yu Jie Flees to USA –Asia News

Canada Post Office 2012 Chinese New Year Stamps

Canada Post Office Display Featuring 2012 Chinese New Year Stamps

Canadian Post Office Employee Holds 2012 Chinese New Year Stamps

More here Xinhua News Agency

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Rise of Political Humor in China Spreading Online

Tunneling Out of China –Image Courtesy CMP/QQ.com

(The World) “When the situation is getting tougher the humor is getting stronger, that has always been the case,” said Xiao Qiang of China Digital Times noting that in the past year, as Chinese authorities have tried to step up control in the wake of revolutions in Egypt and Libya together with the pro-democracy Jasmine Revolution in China, online humor has, if anything got sharper.

“…Especially when it comes to political and social matters, where there is always a sense of repression there, speaking truth to power requires lots of courage and there is risk involved,” said Xiao but humor can smooth that out.”

Full post here by Xiao Qiang –China Digital Times

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In The Middle Of A Rainforest

Camping out under a starry sky, in the middle of a tropical lowland rainforest is a great way to enjoy the nature. It is a unique opportunity to experience the mystery, comradeship, and adventure of an expedition into a primeval tropical environment. It is an invitation to the unexpected, a chance to accomplish something very exciting, and explore strengths you never knew you had. The appeal of going through those great experiences took me to the Amazon rainforest of Brazil’s most northeastern state. First, let’s learn some facts about Amazon rainforest.

  • The Amazon rainforest or the Amazon Jungle, is a moist broadleaf forest that covers most of the Amazon basin of South America
  • The name Amazon is said to arise from a war Francisco de Orellana fought with the Tapuyas and other tribes
  • The women of the tribe fought alongside the men, as was their custom
  • Orellana derived the name Amazonas
  • One in ten known species in the world lives in the Amazon rainforest
  • This constitutes the largest collection of living plants and animal species in the world
  • The Amazons of Greek mythology, described by Herodotus and Diodorus
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