China Regime Sends Citizens to Psychiatric Hospitals to Silence Dissent

(USA Today) Wu Chunxia reviews documents that she says evidences that she was wrongfully imprisoned in a China Henan Provincial Psychiatric Hospital for 132 days as punishment for protesting about local injustice to authorities.

The electric acupuncture needles stung her scalp and the drugs bloated her weight, giving her heart palpitations and brought on premature menopause.

On the 26 December, I wrote here that China Sentenced Blogger/Pro Democracy Activist Chen Xi to 10 years in prison for his writing 36 essays and posting them online.

More here from Truth About China

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Wealthy Guangzhou Couple & 8 Babies Make 10

(QQ –Chinese) Wealthy Guangzhou couple had been married for a long time but childless, never expecting  that 8 embryos from in vitro fertilization they used to become pregnant last year would all be successful.

More here from China Smack (English)

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Escape the End of the World–Noah’s Ark 2012 Tickets Sold on Taobao

(Information Times –Chinese) In the film 2012 the 21st December is the ‘end of the world’ as we know it–mountains fall, earth cracks, landslides and tsunami’s are everywhere.

In the 2012 movie, Chinese people make a Noah’s Ark in Tibet and only government officials and the very wealthy can afford tickets but at a Chinese online shopping website, you too can purchase a Noah’s Ark 2012 ticket of 1 Billion Euros for only 3 RMB (.47 cents USD) becoming a popular and creative New Years gift.

Rest here from China Hush (English)

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China Sentences Blogger/Pro Democracy Activist Chen Xi to Ten Years in Prison

(Washington Times) A Chinese Court in Guiyang, Guizhou Province sentenced Blogger/Pro Democracy Activist Chen Xi to 10 years imprisonment for subverting state authority–writing 36 essays and posting them online.

The harsh sentence comes near to the end of the year in which the China Regime has used various means to silence human rights activists.

On the 04 October, I wrote here that the China Regime has completely cut off Liu XiaoBo from the outside world leading to a “lonely and oppressed life” according to Chinese Blogger and Human Rights Activist Hu Jia spouse Zeng Jinyan another well known Chinese Blogger arrested three years ago for the superfluous crime of subverting state authority.

Full article here from The Washington Times

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American Freedom: Made in China

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China’s Abandoned Fake Disneyland In Pictures

China’s Abandoned Pirated Fake Disneyland

China’s Deserted Fake Disneyland Project

China Farmers Digging Water Well Near Abandoned Wonderland Castle

More here from David Gray –Reuters

H/T: Ministry of Tofu

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China Liaoning College Student Offers Herself For-Sale to Save her Father from Imprisonment

After her father was given a life sentence for no proven wrongdoing Wang Ting advertised herself as a ‘Mistress’ to any government official that is willing to uphold justice and set her father free.

Very quickly the desperate appeal received 142,000 hits and over 2,000 comments from Netizens on China’s second largest social media site,

The 25 November post said, “My name is Wang Ting, college student in Liaoning, Anshan City. My father has been illegally sentenced for a crime he never committed. We have expended all our resources in vain to restore justice. Finally I make an appeal: If any high ranking official can come forward to uphold justice for my father, I’m willing to become his mistress.”

To evidence her father’s innocence Wang Ting uploaded 17 pages of documents and left her cell phone number adding, “Is this society really dark? State officials seem to care only about making money and use their power indiscriminately on innocent persons.”

Rest here from Epoch Times

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China HIV+Toddler Abandoned by Parents, Imprisoned Zhongshan Orphange

Xiao Ling Imprisoned in Orphanage

Xiao Ling Abandoned by Parents sent to Zhongshan Welfare Home

( –Chinese)

Xiao-Ling abandoned by his family when he was only 1.50 years old after they discovered that he was an HIV carrier–for the past three years, Xiao Ling has been imprisoned, living an isolated life at an orphanage in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province.

More here from Ministry of Tofu

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Poisoned Coca-Cola Dairy Beverage Kills 10 Year Old Chinese Boy in Changchun

 Guoli Naiyou Dairy Product Marketed by Minute Maid/Coca-Cola

(China Daily) A 10 year old boy in north-eastern China has died following consumption of a beverage manufactured by Coca-Cola–Authorities subsequently confirmed that organic phosphorus, a toxic pesticide was found in the strawberry milk and juice drink Guoli Naiyou.

The health scare came after Chu Shiwei said that his wife and 10 year old son, became violently ill from sharing a bottle of the Minute Maid strawberry flavored beverage.

Chu recalls that his wife returned home in Changchun, Jilin Province at about 8:30 pm drank less than 1/2 a bottle of the strawberry beverage before handing the remainder to their 10 year old son to finish–about 5 minutes later, Chu said that his wife was on the floor convulsing and foaming at the mouth, it was not until after an ambulance had arrived that his son began crying in pain.

Both victims were rushed to a nearby hospital where Chu’s son died about 5 hours subsequent to the food poisoning.

More here China Digital Times

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China Nursing Home In Desolation

Residents of a Chinese Nursing Home

Deplorable Living Conditions Inside China Nursing Home

More photos here from Tianya (Chinese)

H/T: Ministry of Tofu

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