China Huaxi Village Replica Famous Structures

U.S. Capital Hill –China, Jiangsu Province

The Great Wall of 10,000 Meters

More photos here from Caixin

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China “Little Brother Needs Sleep”

“Little Brother Needs to Sleep”

On the 29 July, a photo was taken at a rural primary school in Fenghuang County, posted by a Blogger on the 22 October, which soon was retweeted 1,000 times–6,962 within 24 hours, many Netizens were so moved by the little girls love for her brother, offering to donate money.

While the little girl in 2nd grade was listening to her Teacher, her little brother was crying for sleep–she immediately hugged and rocked him to sleep at the same time tired and sleepy too.

According to photographer Lu Qixing, the girls parents were working in a city far away while her grandparents were too busy farming so she had to take care of her little brother herself–his head is larger than normal due to malnutrition.

More here from China Hush

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China Celebrity Model Cheng Yuting Becomes Independent Candidate for Peoples Congress

Well known professional model Cheng Yuting and now Independent Candidate for Peoples Congress holding a book (Interpretation of China’s Election Law of National and Local Level Peoples Congress) which has become a popular reference book for Independent Candidates.

Independent Candidates in China have suffered setbacks in their attempt to bring about change from within–On the 06 October, Want China Times reported that two Independent Candidates in the City of Foshan, Guangdong Province were arrested after being elected as Township Representatives of the National Peoples Congress in September for allegedly ‘sabotaging’ the elections.

Cheng Yuting Obstructed Running as Independent Candidate (Chinese)

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Obama Fried Chicken Opening Soon In Beijing

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Liu XiaoBo Leaves Jail Following Father’s Death, Spouse Liu Xia House Arrest Continues

Human Rights Activists Demonstration for Liu Xiaobo in January

The China Regime has completely cut off Liu XiaoBo from the outside world leading to a ‘lonely and oppressed life” said Chinese Blogger and Human Rights Activist Zeng Jinyan wife of another well known Chinese Blogger Hu Jia, arrested three years ago for the superfluous crime of subverting state authority.

China has a long history of punishing family members of government critics but the Liu case is different, he is the first to win the noble peace prize and by isolating Liu, Beijing seems intent on preventing him from becoming a rallying point for political activists.

More here from China Digital Times

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