Gao Zhisheng Wife Geng He Seeks Help To Free Husband From China Regime Persecutors

Human Rights Activists Protest Unlawful Detention of Gao Zhisheng

My husband Gao Zhisheng is a renowned lawyer in China, he has always fought for the rights of his clients, and he has always tried his best to provide free service to the poor.

Money and power can never seduce him, the evil and dark forces can never coerce him to give in, he has been promoting justice, righteousness and human rights to Chinese people, making use of his role as a lawyer. Gao’s sense of justice and his outstanding eloquence have even moved the hearts of judges in the Chinese Communist system.

However such a great lawyer who wholeheartedly served the people is (being) oppressed and brutally persecuted by the Chinese Communist authorities.

Rest here by Geng He –Please Help Free My Husband Gao Zhisheng

300,000 Children Dying Annually in China

Sun Ling (Right) Cares for her Daughter Diagnosed with Lead Poisoning

Almost 300,000 children under 5 years old die every year in China with more than 36% dying at home with poor access to health care.

According to a report on Women & Children Health Development that was released on Wednesday by the Ministry of Health, listing five main causes of child mortality, including premature birth, congenital heart disease and accidental asphyxia.

China still faces daunting challenges to reduce the sheer number of child deaths and to better address health quality said, Qin Huaijin, Director of Maternal and Child Health Care for the Ministry of Health.

Twenty Five children in Pudong Kangqiao Industrial Zone in Shanghai were diagnosed with excessive levels of lead in their blood earlier this month.

Out of the total, 12 have been hospitalized and 13 others have received clinical treatment. Shanghai Johnson Control Intl Battery Co has been identified as the major lead emitter in the zone in a checkup following the lead poisoning and ordered to suspend production.

Nutritious Lunches for Children in China are a Rarity–You Can Help

Grace Charity Foundation

China Adoption Scandal Sending Chills Through American Families–Questions Without Answers

Reunited abducted Chinese child (center left) who had been missing for three years is surrounded by family members in Shenzhen in February

The latest in a slow trickle of reports describing child abductions and trafficking in China, swept through the tight community of families–many of them in the New York area who have adopted children from China. For some families, it raised a nightmarish question, ‘What if my child had been taken forcibly from her parents?

On the 13 May, I wrote here that family planning officials in Central China, were under investigation for abducting and trafficking in babies born in violation of China’s outrageous ‘One China Policy’ China Regime official state media reported.

From that question, others come tumbling out. What can or should adoptive parents do? Attempt to locate the birth Mother and if they could, what then?

More here from The NY Times

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H/T: Hao Hao Report

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2011

Moon Seen Behind Decorative Lights in Hong Kong

Little Boy and his Mother Look at Cartoon Lanterns in Beijing

Moon Cakes For Sale at a Store in Shandong Province

China citizens anticipating the baked sweet treat during Mid-Autumn Festival (traditionally known as the Moon Festival) may be left with a nasty aftertaste from eating mooncakes–China authorities have warned that they would tax those receiving the baked delicacies as a gift from their employers–a typical corporate gift of mooncakes valued at 300 Yuan ($47 USD) is likely to generate a tax bill of 60 Yuan from the China Regime.

More here from Radio Free Asia

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Mid-Autumn Festival Finds Homes and Chairs Empty –Shanghaiist

Mooncake Recipes for Every Skill Level –CNN Intl

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China Wuhan Elderly Walk at Their Own Risk

Wuhan 88 Year Old Man Falls, Dies Before Help Arrives –Kan Zhong Guo

On the morning of 04 September in Wuhan City, Hubei Province 88 year old Mr. Li, fell and injured his nose—people are seen passing him by for more than one hour, while no one lifts a hand to help him as he laid and drowned in his own blood just 100 meters from his home.

While China Netizens have expressed sympathy for the elderly that fall, priding themselves on the traditional honor and reverence for the elderly, why then are older people that have fallen on city sidewalks being all too often being ignored?

In the wake of the Wuhan tragedy, Peoples Daily ran an online poll asking if people would stop to help an elderly person on the street that had fallen?

The results are disturbing–More than 80% of the respondents said that they too would not help for fear of extortion in a related poll at Sina, 43% said that they wouldn’t help and 38% said they were unsure.

More here from China Digital Times

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China Brick Kilns Force Disabled Men Into Slavery

Hu Xiaojao, shows a photo of her Son whom she says was forced into Slavery  at a brick kiln in China, Henan Province.

Four years after China’s last major slavery scandal a group of disabled men were freed after an investigation by an undercover television reporter.

On the 03 September, I wrote here that Ai Weiwei published a recent article regarding the situation of Migrants in Beijing, living in makeshift tent homes where they have no rights and are treated like slaves.

Some of the freed disabled men had been forced to work for years without pay, enduring beatings, poor food and living conditions.

More here from

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H/T: China Digital Times

China: Internet Can Destroy Communist Control

Fearing their loss of power and control over peoples lives, China Communist thinkers are warning Beijing to nail down the runaway growth of the Internet otherwise it could destroy the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) control over the great nation.

These sentiments reflect CCP fears about the possible impact of peoples rebellion seen in Arab countries where Twitter & Facebook played key rolls.

More here from China View

Ai Weiwei: Migrant Workers Treated Like Slaves

China Migrant Workers at their makeshift tent homes near a construction site in Hefei, Anhui Province

While under house arrest, Ai Weiwei the well known activist published an article on the situation of Migrants in Beijing, where they have no rights and are treated like slaves. In his post, Ai Weiwei criticizes China’s justice system, mentioning attempts by authorities to force him to emigrate.

On the 17 August, I wrote here that China doesn’t treat Migrant Workers children any better, closing and demolishing their schools, Beijing has abandoned thousands of innocent children.

Rest here from Asia News

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