China Netizens Express Anger Over Inequalities Facing Migrant Parents & Children

Nests of Cruelty –China Media Project

After news spread in China last week that Beijing would be closing and demolishing a number of Migrant Schools, many Chinese expressed anger at the inequalities  facing migrant families.

On the 17 August, I wrote here China abandons more than 5,000 migrant school children providing them with no place to go.

That same day, hosted an online chat (Chinese) with well known Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Professor Yu Jianrong, providing China Netizens and opportunity to express their views and ask Yu, about his views on education, property demolition and migrant’s rights.

The interview here in English, presents an interesting illustration of how Internet portals, which are prevented under China Regime Regulations from news reporting, employ other means topics of interest to their audience.

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Migrant Workers Children Spend Childhood Scavenging Landfills

Ten Year Old “Helpless Yuan Yuan” Heartbreaking Tears For Justice Muted By China Censors

China, Henan Province Petitioner Savagely Beaten –Getty Images

A 10 year old girl calling herself “Helpless Yuan Yuan” pleading for justice subsequent to her father’s suspicious death while in Police custody, reverberated among China Netizens earlier this month, drawing tens of thousands of sympathetic responses.

The young girl posted an online message Sunday afternoon 14 August,  asking readers to forward her message chronicling  her father’s journey from a wildlife reserve to the morgue and to pressure authorities into revealing the details surrounding his death.

On the 05 May, I wrote here that China Police detained female petitioner Xu Jincui, ripping off her clothes in front of her children, leaving her naked during her visit to the State Bureau of Letters and Calls.

“On the morning of the 12 August, Huang Guohui accidentally trespassed  onto the Datian Nature Reserve in Hainan Province,” Helpless Yuan Yuan wrote, “After a quarrel , he was taken to a police station, two hours later he died in the interrogation room, covered with wounds.”

Helpless Yuan Yuan post immediately stirred strong concern from other Netizens and her message was reposted by more than 200,000 users but just a few hours later, her blog account and its messages were deleted  in a likely act of censorship to quell discourse over ‘alleged’ police brutality.

More here from The Epoch Times

China Detains Humans Rights Atty Liu Shihui

China Lawyer Liu Shihui (Bottom Middle Photo) was one of the first casualties of the crackdown on human rights activists and rights defenders that began intensifying in February, brutally beaten by unidentified assailants, as he attempted to take photographs of planned street protests in Guangzhou during the Jasmine Revolution protests.

Liu subsequently has joined the ranks of the ‘disappeared’ spirited off by Police for 108 days of incommunicado  detention, for inciting subversion.

More here from Siweiluozi’s Blog

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China Digital Times

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VP Joe Biden Departs China Following Orchestrated, Censored Trip

Biden signs a Basketball for Students at Qingchengshan H.S.

People Mourn Sichuan Province Earthquake Victims on 3rd Anniversary

China VP Xi Jinping and VP Joe Biden Sunday afternoon visited Qingchenshan H.S. in Dujiangyan City rebuilt subsequent to the catastrophic Sichuan-Wenchuan 8.0 Earthquake which claimed the lives of more than 19,000 children.

Biden has ended his six day trip to China, departing Chengdu for Mongolia

Yesterday I wrote here that Biden addressed students at Sichuan University comparing himself to King George VI

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China Regime Lucrative Use Of Dead Babies To Manufacturer Stamina Cannibalism Boosting Pills

China New Stamina (Cannibalism) Boosting Pills

Hao Hao Report Chinese Regime has discovered a lucrative new enterprise, using dead babies forcibly aborted manufacturers turn them into capsules for use as a dietary supplement.

The Ministry of Health claims that they are greatly concerned (they got caught) about South Korean media reports indicating that Seoul customs seized a batch of medicine from China that used the dried up remains of dead infants as its main ingredient.

In an attempt to verify the truthfulness of this story, I have contacted a trusted Chinese-American news agency and they have advised that a reliable Korean media source has confirmed the accuracy of this ghastly news account.

More here from The Epoch Times

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China Censorship: Dalian Protests Erased From Social Networking Media

Blog posts began appearing on Sunday on Chinese social media sites most notably Sina Microblog Weibo saying that a mass demonstration was happening in the northern city of Dalian, Liaoning Province to oppose a chemical plant that has been placed near residential areas.

Blog posts were quickly controlled and now all related material is being scrubbed  from the Internet. While censorship of overt of references and images of the protests themselves is plainly dampening the social media impact, anger over the chemical project is still quite visible with many users posting Get Out Fujia PX messages.

More here from China Media Project

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This System Cannot Last Forever–China’s Coming Change

China Abandons Thousands Of Migrant Children

Zhang Zhiqiang, Founder of Migrant Workers Friend, is accusing the Chinese regime of discrimination, following the closure of dozens of schools, disrupting the lives of more than 5,000 children since June with no place to go.

Children of Migrant Workers at Play–Compassion for Migrant Children

Migrant schools primarily cater to children of the hundreds of millions of people who move to cities in China in search for work and a better life, leaving their children behind.

More here from The Gulf Today –UAE

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China Yuan Hits 17 Year High Against Dollar

China Yuan strengthened beyond 6.40 dollar for the first time since 1993–the currency rose 0.37% to close at 6.3945 in Shanghai, its largest gain in 9 months. The Yuan touched 6.3895 the strongest level since the country unified official and market exchange rates at the end of 1993 The Central Bank’s reference rate was boosted 0.27% to 6.3991

Yesterday I wrote here that gold prices are skyrocketing, evidencing long term inflation fears resulting in an erosion of the purchasing power of the dollar which have ruined societies from the Roman Empire to modern day Zimbabwe.

If there was any lingering doubts that the Obama Regime’s mismanagement of the economy is destroying American opportunity, this most disturbing news should put any remaining confidence in Progressive/Dem-Socialists grandiose schemes to final rest.

More here from China Digital Times

China Denies Nuclear Sub Accident, Netizens Accuse Beijing of Another Cover-Up

Chinese Navy Submarine Attends Intl Fleet Review 2009 near Qingdao

Reports of a radiation leak on a Chinese nuclear powered submarine have led Beijing to impose tight censorship on more than 1,000 Chinese language websites in a further sign, that hardliners still hold the upper hand.

The Defense Ministry issued a curt denial that any accident had occurred but the Chinese public have lost faith in official pronouncements after attempts to stop ‘negative’ reporting of a recent rail disaster in Wenzhou. Many citizens hide behind online anonymity, have accused the Chinese regime of another cover-up.

More here from China View

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Target Store Suppliers In China Using Child Labor

Target Store Emeryville –San Francisco Chronicle Photo

Children as young as 15 years old are reportedly making toys and clothing for retail giant Target according to a report released today by China Labor Watch.

Three manufacturing plants Ningbo Lucky Craft Co; Hangzhou Ownseas Pen Co and Dongguan B&N Industrial Co were found to employ child workers between the ages of 15 and 17 years old for an average of 11 to 13 hours a day receiving little compensation.

Target Store suppliers in China require children to work under dangerous conditions and operate industrial assembly machinery with little to no safety equipment or training.

Child labor continues to be a serious and widespread problem in China’s manufacturing industry—solving this trend begins with multinational companies such as Target. Only through public awareness and a demand that U.S. retailers refrain from purchasing inventory made by Chinese child labor, will reform ensue that will end the abuse of children in China’s factories.

Full post here from China Labor Watch

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