Morgan Stanley Stephen Roach Disinformation Campaign for Obama and the Loony Liberal Left

Stephen Roach non-executive Chairman Morgan Stanley Asia Ltd tells Bloomberg Via San Francisco Chronicle that senior Chinese officials are “appalled” by the impasse among U.S. politicians on raising the nations debt ceiling to avoid default…coming so shortly on the heels of the sub-prime crisis the debate over the debt ceiling and the budget deficit is the last straw.

Not so fast.

CCTV in an interview with Liu Baocheng, PhD from the University of Intl Business and Economics, Beijing says that China being the largest (nation) U.S. Creditor has taken the long term approach and will not really suffer a good deal substantially, eventually the budget limit will be compromised.”

Likewise according to Xu Hongcai an Economist at the China Center for Intl Economic Exchanges in Beijing said, “I don’t believe a debt crisis will happen in the United States but its high deficits may force the U.S. Govt to cut fiscal expenditure…”

What may motivate Morgan Stanley Stephen Roach in sounding more like a spokesman for the Loony Liberal Lefties than an impartial economic analyst?

It may be Stephen Roach has a leftist political agenda, having only made contributions to Progressive Democrat/Socialist candidates according to the Federal Elections Commission.

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China Shanxi Province Detention Camp Using Torture & Starvation on Local Petitioners

Chinese Communist Party 90th Anniversary Tiananmen Square

Media reports by Caixin Online uncovered disturbing evidence of the use of torture and starvation of China Petitioners in a detention camp, operated by the Chenggu County government in Shanxi Province.

More here from China Digital Times

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China Websites Fell 41% By End Of 2010

CCP Officials Fear Netizens & Internet –Qzone

Chinese websites have fallen 41% during the past year, according to a new report from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences there were 1.91 Million websites operating in China at the end of 2010–41% fewer than a year earlier attributing the change to stronger censorship regulations.

On the 21 December, 2008 I wrote here that Chinese authorities have blocked access to the NY Times–Free Speech is essential in the pursuit of learning, every idea or thought is not an avenue of incitement, censorship only results in the pursuit of finding cracks in the Great Firewall of China.

More here from China Digital Times

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Jiaozhou Bay Bridge Construction Rushed Ahead Of Chinese Communist Party 90th Anniversary

There are accusations that the  Jiaozhou Bay Bridge opened ahead of CCP 90th Anniversary, linking Qingdao to Huangdao, spanning 42 Kilometers (26 miles) in Southern China may be unsafe.

Shao Xinpeng Chief Engineer for the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge construction project claimed that work had just been started installing safety barriers and bolts before the bridge was opened—safety wouldn’t be an issue.


More here from Sina (Chinese)

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Guoliang Tunnel, Hunan Province –Dangerous Roads

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Cisco Systems May Help China, Chongqing Monitor Its Citizens

Cisco Systems, Inc Technology Campus in San Jose, CA

Cisco Systems, the worlds largest maker of network equipment, may be helping the Chinese regime, keep an eye on its citizens–including monitoring political dissidents.

Over the next 2 to 3 years, the City of Chongqing will install a complex network of surveillance equipment, including a half a million security cameras. The project is dubbed “Peaceful Chongqing.” According to the Wall Street Journal Cisco is likely to provide key pieces of equipment.

Following Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal article which, Cisco’s General Counsel Mark Chandler has denied the allegations emphasizing the company’s support for freedom of expression and human rights.

Despite the denials of Cisco General Counsel, the company has been singled out in the past by U.S. lawmakers for sales of network equipment to China and defended their activities at Congressional Hearings in 2006 and 2008 that focused on the role its network gear may have played in Golden Shield commonly referred to as ‘The Great Firewall of China’ a system that has enabled Chinese authorities to filter Internet content and track dissenters.

Human Rights Groups are concerned the camera network will be used to further stifle human rights and political expression. Amnesty Intl Researcher Corinna-Barbara Francis said, that there is evidence, Chinese authorities use video surveillance to “crack-down and then criminalize activity which should not be criminalized.”

Rest here from New Tang Dynasty

Jiang Zemin Rumord Dead Following Absence Chinese Communist Party 90th Anniversary

CCP Youth League Parade Past Billboard of China Regime Dictators

On the 01 July, the 90th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party founding former China Regime Dictators were all present except for Jiang Zenin–Hong Kong media reports news of Jiang’s dying and that his personal influence has declined in recent years.

On the 17 May, I wrote here that Comrade Obama’s Govt Motors sponsored a film celebrating 90th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party

More here from China View

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Obama Fairy Tales: China Education Provides United States ‘Stiff Competition’

Migrant school child in China Hefei, Anhui Province eating her lunch, there are approximately 240 million migrant school children in China which Wen Jiabao has said are the ‘weakest part’ of the education system.

President Obama continues to make up stories to fit the narrative of whatever he wants to say at any given moment—citing facts not in evidence, President Obama claims that stiff competition from China together with India and Brazil, doesn’t permit him from even considering any cuts in the Dept of Education Budget.

Obama Dept of Edu–Raids California Home for Unpaid Student Loans

On the 07 June, I wrote here that President Obama either doesn’t know or just doesn’t care what the facts are about education in China before making rambling broad comparisons between China and the United States.

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