China Fake Photo Officials Levitating Above Road

Local Officials in China Huili, Sichuan Province have become the target of mockery and satire after a clearly doctored photo of their inspection  of a highway was posted on a government website.

On the evening of the 26 June, an Internet User made a post entitled: “Too Fake: The Propaganda Photo of our Country” at the Tianya Form

The headline story was about the upgrade  for the road to the country side–I looked at the photo…Even a rank Amateur like myself can tell that this was a Photo Shop job and they had the nerve to put it on the home page. The post included a screen capture of a photo in which three men were “floating” over a road—there were clear indications that this was a composite job…”

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Chinese Netizens Respond with Some of their Own Creative Work –MOP

H/T: China Digital Times

Comrade Obama Renews Commitment Of ‘One China Policy’ Marxist Totalitarianism Of Taiwan

Committed to his support for Marxist Totalitarianism for Taiwan by the Chinese Communist Party, Comrade Obama, blocks the sale (again) of new F-16 aircraft for American ally Taiwan.

More here from Defense News

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Taiwan Air Force to Take Delivery of Refitted Ching Kuo Jet Fighters

Wen Jiabao: China To Reinforce Global Recovery

John Holdren the Obama Administration Science Czar last year while addressing students at the American Assn for the Advancement of Science  said, that the  United States cannot expect to be “number one” forever. In previous statements the Progressive/Democrat-Socialist Holdren who must feel guilty and ashamed about American prosperity, has argued for the redistribution of wealth from the United States to other nations in order to be more fair and equitable.

China Premier Wen Jiabao is much more upbeat about the future economic good fortunes of China, than unfortunately the Obama Administration is about our own historical achievements, strength of accomplishment, productivity and future opportunities.

Attending a three day United Kingdom-China Summit, Wen wrote in an article published yesterday in the Financial Times how China intends to reinforce the global recovery adding, “the thrust of China’s response to the crisis is to expand domestic demand and stimulate the real economy, strengthen the basis for long-term development and make growth domestically driven.”

More here from Shanghai Daily

Beijing Storm Causes Massive Flash Flooding

For 4 hours it lashed Beijing with its heaviest rain this year, the city received 35 millimeters (1.37″) of rain by 5:30 pm some major roads were submerged in up to 20 centimeters (7.9″) of water, wreaking havoc for motorists and pedestrians alike.

Sun Jisong, Chief Engineer  of Beijing Meteorological Bureau said, “Powerful winds, hail and up to 50 millimeters (1.96”) of rain hit some areas, earlier we advised people to prepare for the storm.

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China Dairy Assn Experts Blame Low Milk Standards On Dairy Giants & Government

Scared Silly by Chinese Poisoned Milk –China Media Project

Dairy Experts in China say the quality of domestic milk is the lowest in the world. Compared to the rest of the world,  Chinese milk is lower in protein and contains more bacteria (among other contaminates) Officials at China’s Dairy Assn blame the low quality on dairy giants and the government saying, the new lower  standards set last year went against academic advice.

On the 19 April, I wrote here that China food safety concerns grow after contaminated milk sold.

More here from New Tang Dynasty

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China Seizes 26 Tons of Melamine Toxic Milk in Chongqing –China Daily

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China Or The USA Who Has The Best PSA?

Recent Propaganda From China, Tianjin –China Hope Live

China or the United States Public Service Announcements (PSA) whose are the best? At least China’s PSA are peculiarly interesting, if not amusing?

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Smuggled Letter From China: Chen Guangcheng And Wife Severely Beaten By Authorities

Blind Human Rights Atty Cheng Guangcheng, Yuan Weijing & Child

Smuggled Letter out of China, describes the abuses suffered by Blind Human Rights Atty Chen Guangcheng and his wife at the hands of local authorities during their long and ongoing house arrest.

On the 11 February, I posted a video here about Chen Guangcheng and a related article about the senseless beatings suffered by him and his wife Yuan by China Authorities.

One week later, a group of 70-80 men, led by a local Chinese Communist Party official according to the smuggled letter, stormed the couples home in Shandong Province on the 18 February and severely beat the couple for two hours, according to Yuan wrote in the letter posted this week on China Aid website.

The smuggled letter for the first time revealed details of the beating and torture of both Chen and his spouse Yuan by Chinese authorities—Yuan has revealed that authorities have since put metal sheets over the windows of their home, confiscated their computers, DVD players, cameras, flashlights, books, papers and other belongings and have installed two surveillance cameras outside their now prison home.

More here from China Digital Times

Petition to Free Chen Guangcheng –Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

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China Abducted Children Returned To Their Buyers

China, Guiyang Abducted Children Forced to Beg Rescued

China, Guiyang Abducted Child Eats at Rescue Station

Chinese Authorities have returned 29 abducted children they rescued from Yunnan, Sichuan and Shandong Provinces to the persons who ‘purchased’ them because the children’s biological parents could not be located.

In a recent crackdown on child trafficking, Police in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, smashed two gangs, rescuing 29 children–a total of 45 thugs were brought to trial, their sentences range from 18 months to life in prison.

According to Chinese authorities, some Women in Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces have sold their children to make money–the price of a baby ranges between 5,000 Yuan ($771 USD) to 6,000 Yuan ($925 USD) when brokers sell the children to buyers the price will jump to 40,000 Yuan ($6170 USD) for a Boy and 20,000 Yuan ($3085 USD) for a Girl

On the 13 May, I wrote here that Chinese Family Planning Officials were being investigated for trafficking babies; On the 15 May, I wrote here that Caixin Magazine, launched an online special investigation of Chinese babies abducted.

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Suicide On First Day Of Gaokao

How tragic, after years of intense studying, 18 year old Lv Pin, arriving just 15 minutes late for the 07 June Gaokao (China’s College Entrance Exam) was denied entry–Lv then committed suicide by jumping off a six story dormitory building.

Rest here from The Epoch Times

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Wang Xia Age 82 Hopes to Get Into College –New Tang Dynasty


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What Obama Doesn’t Know or Isn’t Saying about Education of the ‘Damaged Generation in China

Finally a Break –Yan Peng

President Obama recently described China as a “strong prosperous, successful member of the community of nations,” educators will not forget that Secy of Education Arne Duncan, referred to Shanghai number 1 on ‘Program for Intl Student Assessment’ (PISA) testing as a “wake up call” for education reform in America, writes CM Rubin–The Global Search for Education but China style?

What Obama (naively) doesn’t know, doesn’t tell you or just doesn’t care about Education in China.

Fifteen year old Sun Jia Lu, wakes up each morning at 6:00 am eats breakfast on the bus to school, sits through 8 classes and then returns home where she studies until 1:00 am the following day, wakes up 5 hours later and repeats process.

Weekends are not for resting but tutoring sessions, she has done this for 9 years–all of this for Gaokao she says outside her Beijing high school.

The “Gaokao” will be administered over 3 days this week which is the ultimate tool for social advancement in China–Sun Jia Lu, says its behind the nickname teenagers in China, have given to themselves the Damaged Generation is Obama smarter than a 15 year old?

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High School Boy Sells Kidney for iPad2 –China Hush

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