Thousands March In Hong Kong To Demand Justice For 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre

Pro-Democracy Activists Demonstration in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Democracy Activists Sunday 29 May, 2011

Thousands of Activists took to the street in Hong Kong on Sunday to commemorate the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre where hundreds of pro-Democracy Student Activists were murdered.

Chinese Regime has raised the possibility of compensation for students murdered in Tiananmen Square Massacre but no formal apology has been offered.

More here from New Tang Dynasty

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What is the Meaning Behind the “Shoe & Egg” Throwing Incident at Wuhan University?

An Empty Lectern Buried in Shoes –Kuang Biao

China Netizens are hailing a student who claims to have thrown the first shoe at the Architect of the Great Firewall of China Dr. Fang Binxing subsequently also being pelted with eggs.

Police in Central China, have refused to comment on the alleged attack on Fang Binxing at Wuhan University by the student identifying himself as ‘Hanunyi 1’ whose Internet posts have been deleted by censors designed to sniff out news and information that the central government determines to undermine a harmonious society.

The real meaning of this “shoe incident” is that Chinese people like all other people in the world regard freedom as a basic human right and everybody wants it.

On the 21 December, 2008 I wrote here that free speech is essential in the pursuit of learning, every idea or thought is not an avenue of incitement, censorship only results in finding cracks in the Great Firewall of China.

More here from New Tang Dynasty–China Blog

China Finally Discloses Charges Against Ai Weiwei

China Official List of People to Beat Up –Wo Shi Laowai

Beijing finally disclosed charges against Ai Weiwei last week, accusing him of tax evasion, over a month after his abduction from the Beijing Intl Airport.

Ai’s arrest has drawn international attention, while art and cultural groups around the world, have held exhibitions to draw attention to his case.

More here from Epoch Times

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Guilty by Association –China Digital Times

Amnesty Annual Report 2011–China –Status of Chinese People

Why Didn’t Obama Throw a Lavish State Dinner For Israel PM Netanyahu as China President Hu Jintao?

Michelle O’ Greets China President Hu Jintao at White House State Dinner

Menu for State Dinner Honoring China President Hu Jintao

Obama Lecturing Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The cold temperature between B. Hussein Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu, noted a new low according to the NY Times, tensions between Washington and Jerusalem are at an all time high.

Why did the Obama’s throw a lavish State Dinner for China Communist Party President Hu Jintao and not for American ally Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who shares our values of freedom, democracy and human rights?

Obama has reportedly told senior aides and his personal allies, that he doesn’t believe that Netanyahu, will ever be willing to make the kind of big concessions that will lead to a ‘peace deal’ between Israel and Islamic Jihadist Hamas/Palestinian Authority.

This morning I wrote here that Hamas/Palestinian Authority has rejected Israels’ right to exist.

More here from Ynet News

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Falun Gong Day Celebrations Chicago

Falun Gong Demonstrators Outside White House

Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) practitioners gathered last week at Daley Plaza in Chicago, hosting a picture exhibition about the history of the Falun Gong in China.

Members of Congress Applaud Courage of Falun Gong Standing Up To CCP

More here from the Epoch Times

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McDonald’s China Discrimination ‘Man Day’ Half Off Second Cholesterol Boosting Burgers

McDonald’s China Discrimination–1/2 Off Cholesterol Boosting Burgers

In order to celebrate the 100% pure beef in their hamburgers (does that mean  the Greasy Spoon had been serving less before) McDonald’s Corp in China is offering ‘Men Only’ half off their second burger on Wednesday’s between 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm through the 01 June

More here from Shanghaiist

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China Pictures Of The Day

Xiao Xin Peng Tou

No Hawking

Private Parts  –Land of No Cheese

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Comrade Obama’s GM Sponsors Film Celebrating 90th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party

Govt Motors Sponsors Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Film

In association with Comrade Obama–the upcoming all star Chinese film “The Founding of a Party” has released two trailers, one of the trailers outlines the films portrayal of the early history of the CCP, the second trailer contains behind the scenes footage.

The all star CCP Propaganda film sponsored by Govt Motors (the American Taxpayers) is scheduled to be released on the 15 June in time for the 01 July ceremonies of the 90th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China.

More here from Xinhua News Agency

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For Former Propagandist, Communism in China is not Dead..Yet

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Caixin Magazine Online Special Investigation Chinese Babies Abducted

Caixin Magazine Special Investigation–Babies Lost

Part of Caixin Special Investigative Report details how one China Family Planning Agency coordinated a trail of fake evidence and demonstrating cooperation from a number of government agencies.

Yang Ling was the first born child to Yang Libing and his spouse Cao Zhimei, in the mountainous and impoverished Gaoping County, Hunan Province on 29 July, 2004

Like many other peasant’s in Yang’s village, Yang and Cao, were forced to join the ranks of migrant workers to earn a living. They left their home for Shenzhen when their daughter was only only 6 months old, entrusting her to the care of Yang Ling parents, with no thought that their daughter would be taken away by family planning agencies one year later.

Before Yang and Cao departed, the family visited a photo studio to take a portrait  of their happy new family–this photo became the last picture the couple has of their daughter Yang Ling

Rest here in English –Caixin

H/T:  China Media Project

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Obama to Spend $30 Million to Fight Censorship in China, While Stifling Free Speech at Home

How the Chinese Authorities View the Internet –Human Rights in China

The Obama Administration plans to spend $30 Million for developing technologies to help fight internet censorship abroad—while stifling free speech at home.

More here from China Digital Times

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The FCC  Today Via “Data Roaming” Illegally Power Grabs the Internet

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