Anti-Chinese Westboro Baptist Church Invited to Speak at Worthington, Ohio High School

Anti-Chinese Westboro Baptist Church

Where is the moral outrage in Worthington, (Columbus) Ohio that Anti-Chinese wackos, of Westboro Baptist Church were invited to speak at Worthington Kilbourne High School on Tuesday, the 10 May?

On the  14 May, 2008 I wrote here that these Westboro Baptist Church Monsters, were running an ad thanking their god for the catastrophic Sichuan Earthquake which claimed the lives of more than 19,000 children.

Obama: China Drill There, Baby Drill There

On the 24 March, I wrote here that Our Great Leader Comrade Obama, offered to assist Brazil with “technology and support” in developing its oil reserves and then said, the United States wants to become one one of their best customers.

While Comrade Obama wants to block all domestic oil and gas exploration in West Texas (arguing that its to save a 3″ Lizard)  replacing the development of our natural resources with windmills in 2009, Obama signed a cooperation pact with China (which isn’t about to hold up energy production to save either a Lizard or even a Snail Darter) offering to provide American expertise so that China may exploit their shale gas reserves.

More here China Plans to Exploit its Shale Gas Resources –Canada Free Press

China Latest Cancer Causing Food Scare “Tainted Bean Sprouts”

China Tainted Bean Sprouts –Qzone—

In the latest food safety scandal in China, local officials from different government sectors in Shenyang, have refused to take responsibility for the illegal production of Tainted Bean Sprouts.

Chinese Authorities in Shenyang seized 40 tons of bean sprouts tainted with Enrolfoxacin 6-Benzylaminopurine, known cancer causing agent–Police arrested 12 people in connection with the seizure from six workshops and other areas.

More here from CRIENGLISH

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Chinese Fish Drowning in Antibiotics –Epoch Times

H/T: China Media Project

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Al Jazeera, “A Chicken Can’t See Its Own Back”

A Chicken Can’t See Its Own Back—Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Ezzat Shahrour, Chief Correspondent for Al Jazeera Arabic the propaganda mouthpiece of Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thugs, voiced frustration with Chinese State Media (propaganda arm of the Chinese Communist Party) calling it one-sided coverage of the Arab world.

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China Plans Tax Cuts—Obama’s Tax Hikes On All Americans

China’s New Tax Cut Good News for Consumers Amid Rising Inflation –Peoples Daily

In his latest–latest major address last week, President Obama called for tax hikes as a way of cutting the deficit, his plan supposedly will begin to cut the deficit (eventually) starts in 2016.

Aside from the fact this is woefully late, the plan centers on higher tax rates for upper income Americans (job creators) that will pass on their tax hikes and increased costs to consumers, because those tax hikes won’t nearly cover the deficit, Obama’s plan calls for vast increases in tax collections from the middle class.

More here from Heritage Action for America

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Gold Settles at Record High of $1503.80 –MarketWatch

Oil Settles Above $112 a Barrel–Natural Gas Rises -Barnett Shale

Obama’s Solution: New Task Force will Examine Gas Prices –BusinessWeek

China Food Safety Concerns Grow After Contaminated Bread Sold

China Milk Powder Prices Goes Into Stratosphere –Qzone–

Food safety has increasingly become a concern in China with a series of incidents exposed by media concerning contamination and the illegal use of prohibited ingredients and additives in food stuffs.

On the 12 April, I posted a video here that China Dairies had been shut down amid toxic milk scare, on the 07 January, I posted a video here Chinese children being affected by latest lead poisoning scare.

The list of unsafe foodstuffs in the country, seem to be growing non-stop. Recently Mantou (steamed white bread) is now on the list of contaminated foods after media in Shanghai exposed a brand of Mantou being sold in supermarket was found to be made in a dirty workshop with unexpected ingredients.

More here from China Hush

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Corporal Punishment Rampant In Chinese Sports

Every Chinese Athlete has been Punished Physically, No One Manages to Escape

More here from Ministry of Tofu

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Dow Drops 140 Pts as S&P Downgrades U.S. Debt Outlook

On the 10 November, I wrote here that China’s Dagong Global Credit Rating Company, downgraded their rating of U.S. Debt and warned of future cuts.

Given the fact that China is the largest holder of U.S. Debts (despite its selling off of U.S. Securities since the first of the year) this news compounded  by the fact that more rating agencies have downgraded U.S. Debt outlook should be setting off alarm bells all throughout Washington.

Who will finance Obama’s proposed $9.5 Trillion Dollars of New Debt over the next 10 years?

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Dollar General Accused of Exploiting China Labor

Dollar Stores Planned Expansion to Create 9,000 Jobs –FOX News

Discount Retailers Dollar General & Family Dollar plans to open some 900 new stores this year may be great news for those in the U.S. seeking employment opportunities and Consumers alike seeking values to stretch their family budgets however what corporate responsibility has Dollar General undertaken to prevent consumer discrimination and allegations of exploitation of its Suppliers workers in China?

Is it enough for a company to claim that they are committed to: Integrity in everything they do; Respecting the dignity and differences of others; Owning their actions and learning from their mistakes if they’re unwilling to acknowledge their shortcomings and take verifiable concrete action to prevent future occurrences of discrimination and insensitivity of their consumers?

What responsibility has Dollar General taken to address very serious allegations last year, of exploitation of their Suppliers Chinese Workers? Is is it enough for a company to simply deny that a problem may be present without taking any steps to make certain that a pattern of misconduct may exist?

More here Tell Dollar General to Stop Exploiting Workers –China Labor Watch

China Health Dept Official Loses Control During Talk Show

YouKu (Video–Chinese) Health Dept Official Loses Control During Talk Show

Nanchang: A Health Dept Official and Lawyer were invited to discuss people that go into hospitals in order to perpetrate a fraud in order to obtain prescription medications. Health Dept Official loses control of herself during the broadcast.

More here in English from China Hush

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