China Executes Three Filipinos For Drug Smuggling–Two Only Learn Of Death Sentences Hours Before

Lorie Bernardo cousin of Ramon Credo
, covers her mouth after learning the news of Ramon’s execution in China for drug smuggling. On Wednesday China executed Credo in Xiamen and two other Filipinos for drug trafficking despite a flurry of public appeals for clemency.

China Shenzhen Prison where Elizabeth Batain was executed for drug trafficking yesterday.

Sally Ordinariao and Ramon Credo were only told of their death sentences for drug smuggling yesterday, the day of their death sentences —Mail Online UK

China is thought to have executed thousands of people last year—the lack of an independent judiciary review contributes to the numbers killed.

More here from Radio Free Asia

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China Is This Anyway To Treat A Child?

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China Migrant School Children Education in Midst of Hardship

Typical Chinese Migrant School

Several little boys were lining up in front of the tap in the corner of a school playground in suburban Beijing waiting to clean their lunch boxes–in another classroom another boy about 6 or 7 years old was putting away his clean lunch box into a plastic bag and then in his school bag.

Washrooms are open with no private cubicles–no water was connected and the stench was strong. Zhenging School has no flush toilets, the playground is hazardous for children playing.

Full post here Migrant Children in Beijing–Dreams Amid Rubble –China Labour Bulletin

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Displaced People in Guangdong Still Living in Squalor After 12 year –Epoch Times

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Libyan Rebel Commander Admits Fighters Have Al-Qaeda Links

President’s Barack Hussein Obama in a gaze stance and Nicolas Sarkozy (France) rush into a ring where Qaddafi is mercilessly beating down one of his citizens. —Fan Jianping

Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi Libyan Rebel Commander says that Jihadist’s that fought against American Soldiers in Iraq are now on the front lines in the Libyan War against Qaddafi.

Why has B. Hussein Obama aligned himself with Al-Qaeda responsible for crashing airplanes into building on 9/11?

More here from Telegraph UK

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Gmail Now 45 Times Slower Than QQ

Many people in China (and some in the United States) have been reporting problems with Gmail these days. Google has accused China of interfering with Gmail accounts—Chinese authorities of course are denying the allegations.

According to testing performed by Great Firewall.Biz Google is 45 times slower than QQ (who could of have imagined) and 8 times slower than Yahoo.

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Don’t Encourage Children From Rural Areas To Attend College

Wang Ping, speaking at the 11th Peoples Congress and the Fourth Plenary Session of the 11th Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference commonly known as the “Two Sessions” (that was said to be harmonious) made an astonishing statement that children from rural areas should not be encouraged to attend college—because once children from rural areas attend college, they will be unable to return to their hometowns—there are severe employment pressures in the cities and there is no possible way that rural kids who are cramped into these cities can be happy.

More here from Sina in Chinese

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Groupon China Marketing Asian Brides

Groupon China

Good News for those in the market seeking to purchase a mail-order Asian Bride, a group in Zhejiang Province is selling Vietnamese Beauties for RMB 30,000 One wannabe Bride said that prospective Gentleman must have steady income minimum RMB 2000 month.

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H/T: Urbanatomy Media –China, Shanghai

Obama’s Indecisive New Foreign Policy Initiative

General Colin Powell’s enduring contribution to American Foreign Policy is the Powell Doctrine which states that the following questions must be answered before military action may be taken by the United States:

1.Is a vital national security interest threatened?

2. Do we have a clear attainable objective?

3.Have the risks and costs been fully analyzed?

4.Have all other non-violent means been fully exhausted?

5. Is there a plausible exit strategy?

6. Have the consequences of our actions been fully considered?

7. Is the action supported by the American people?

8. Do we have genuine broad international support?

The Powell Doctrine has three main precepts: (1) Avoid Mission Creep; (2) Clearly define our goals; (3) plan an exit strategy before engaging the enemy. Obama’s Libyan intervention flunks on all three counts.

Avoid Mission Creep: Its too late for that now, the mission has already crept, it was sold as a “No Fly Zone” over Libya to stop Qaddafi’s Air Force from pounding rebel positions—even the odds. Of course, there would be a need to neutralize Qaddafi’s air defenses to protect our planes as they patrolled the skies over Libya but already its clear, that we’re bombing everything in sight.

Defined War Goals: The only one stated is to protect innocent civilians from Qaddafi’s Military, how are we going to fully implement this strategy from the air remains unanswered. In any event, Obama seems to be fully confused between his stated goal of regime change saying that Qaddafi must leave Libya on the one hand and protecting civilians.

More here Obama’s Libya War Flunks Powell Doctrine Test –Dick Morris

If it is now the stated foreign policy of the United States to protect civilians from Islamic Terrorist Thugs such as Qaddafi, why hasn’t Obama inserted the U.S. Military into the skies over American ally Israel, protecting innocent civilians from the bombardment of Grad type rockets fired by Islamic Terrorist Thugs from Gaza into Ashkelon?

While Libyan Dictator Qaddafi is most certainly a legitimate target by the United States for his complicity in the murders of 269 innocent people and Andrea Rosenthal, who were murdered on Pan Am 103 when a bomb exploded aboard the aircraft on the 21 December, 1988 over Lockerbie, Scotland the stated purpose of Obama’s prosecution of the new front in Libya, wasn’t to bring Qaddafi to justice but to protect civilians.

Where does Obama’s new foreign policy initiative of protecting civilians by Islamic Terrorist Thugs take the United States Military to next? Why hasn’t Barack Obama protected innocent Christians from being slaughtered in Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Somalia and Nigeria?

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CNN Sends 400 News Readers to London to Cover Royal Wedding But Only 50 Sent to Cover Great Japanese Earthquake

No surprise that FOX News consistently remains the Number 1 primetime cable news network.

CNN will be sending 400 news readers, cameramen and crew assigned to cover the upcoming Royal Wedding, while they only have 50 people on the ground covering the Great 9.0 Japanese Earthquake.

More here from Daily Caller

H/T: Xiao-Mei –Xiexie

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House Votes 236-181 To Cut Off NPR

During the House of Representatives often times contentious debate whether or not to cut funding of National Public Radio (NPR) we’re reminded what (now former) NPR Exec Ron Schiller admitted, “it is very clear, that we would be better off in the long run without federal funding.”

Of course Democrat-Socialist in Congress and the President (once again) came out in their strong opposition to cutting off federal funds to NPR as it seems they do with any spending program nowadays.

The Obama Administration claims that the “…Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) serves an important public purpose in supporting public radio, television and related online and mobile services. The vast majority of CPB’s funding for public radio goes to more than 700 stations across the country…Undercutting federal funding for these stations…would result in communities losing valuable programming…”

Huh? When the CPB first was conceived, the United States had basically 3 network stations that monoplized the airways, today we have hundreds of cable television stations, broadcasting a variety of programming daily. In addition we have the Internet in which I wrote here on Monday is the most popular news platform throughout the industrialized world. Why is it the federal government responsibility to fund CPB/NPR in light of the fact that there are so many varieties of programming that one may choose from on both television and radio in the 21st Century which did not exist when CPB was created?

NY Times Carr Defends Need for NPR, Mocks Idea of “Journalistic Independence” –NewsBusters

Could it be that the firestorm of protests coming from Democrat-Socialists is because they fear losing an important money stream to their political coffers given the fact that since 2004 Members of the Boards of NPR and NPR Foundation contributed nearly $2.2 Million to federal candidates, parties and PAC’s of which $1.95 Million or 89% have gone to Democrats and Liberal Political Action Committees?

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