2010 Year of the Tea Party

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Taiwan Celebrates Centennial & New Years 2011

New Years Fireworks Display Taiwan & Celebrating 100th Anniversary of Freedom & Democracy

Fireworks Explode Over Taiwan, Taipei Welcoming 2011

Fireworks Display Celebrating 2011 & Taiwan 100th Anniversary of Independence & Freedom

Taiwan Performer Plays Drum During New Years Eve Ceremony in Taipei

Thousands of people in Taiwan flocked to Yongkang Railway Station in Tainan on New Years Eve to purchase centennial souvenir commemorative railway tickets from the Taiwan Railway Administration to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Freedom and Independence from China

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New Years Eve Celebrations Heat Up In Taiwan –Taiwan Today

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Obama Hawaiian Christmas Family Vacation Costs To Taxpayers

Obama Motorcade on Kalanianaole Hwy, Oahu, Hawaii

Kailua, Hawaii Police Stand-By near Obama’s Vacation Home

Remember when Obama Administration pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions and urged federal workers to follow by example of the President to cut gas emissions from indirect sources such as employee travel and waste disposal by 13% by 2020

Obama Hawaii Trip Costs Estimates –Hawaii Reporter

Michelle Obama & Children Early Flight to Hawaii—$63,000

President Obama’s Round Trip Flight———-$1 Million Dollars

Housing for Obama’s Security Detail———–$16,800

Costs for White House Staff accommodations—$134,400

Police Overtime—–$250,000


Obama Administration insists that these costs are in line to that of other President’s but considering the promises made to cut wasteful government spending and to “cut greenhouse gas emissions by federal employees” shouldn’t one expect a good Chief Executive to lead by example? Do what I say, not what I do.

H/T: Washington Examiner

Palestinian Authority History Revisionism: Deny Jewish Nationality of Jesus and Misrepresent Him as a Palestinian

Nun Lighting a Candle at the Nativity Scene Christmas Morning at the Latin Church of Vistation

Nun praying Christmas Eve at Church of the Nativity believed to be the birthplace of Jesus

Palestinian Authority attempts to rewrite history isn’t put on hold during Christmas–Islamists attempts to deny the Jewish nationality of Jesus and misrepresent him as a Palestinian.

Who are the Palestinians?

Although a distinct Palestinian Nationalism is taken for granted internationally today, the notion of a Palestinian people separate and distinct from neighboring Arabs is relatively recent. Indeed former PLO Executive Committee Member Zahir Mushein (1936-1979) admitted “There is no such thing as a Palestinian people, it is just an Arab tactic for the destruction of Israel.”

Mushein emphasized a point often made, The First Congress of Muslim-Christians Assn in Jerusalem in 1919 called to choose delegates to the Paris Peace Conference declared: We consider Palestine as part of Arab Syria, as it has never been separated  from it at any time. We are connected with it by national, religious, linguistic, natural, economic and geographic bonds.

Palestinian Media Watch has documented this ongoing Palestinian Authority historical revision, recently on Palestinian Authority TV Author Samih Ghanadreh from Nazareth  was interviewed about his book “Christianity and it’s Connection to Islam”

Following is the transcript of the discussion  describing Jesus as a Palestinian –PMW

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Egyptian Journalist Ata Abd Al Aal: “U.S. will be Transformed into Islamic Republic” –MEMRI

Obama Takes To The Links While Economy Tanks

PGA Producer John Kim, criticizes Obama’s numerous golf outings. Obama has played 50+ rounds of golf since becoming President.

More here from Politico

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Cloud Hangs Over U.S. Economy, 93% of Americans Took Big Financial Hit

From 2009 Obama Golfs While Economy and Afghanistan Burn

Are We Headed Into A Double Dip Recession?

Do Not Enter Sign Posted on Unfinished House in Subdivision Coolidge, Arizona

A study of 20 cities show that home prices fell in October–Atlanta was hit the hardest. Overall home prices fell 1.3% in October and 2% since June and are set to tumble even further according to data released by Standard & Poors yesterday.

More here from Christian Science Monitor

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Double Dip Recession Rears Ugle Head in U.S. Once Again –Mobile Tribune

Consumer Confidences Slips in December –Barrons

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Global Warming Theorists, Please Make Up Your Head

Former Shell Oil President Sees $5.00 Gas In 2012

Former President of Shell Oil Co John Hofmeister says Americans may be paying $5.00 a gallon for gasoline by 2012

Last week the average price for a gallon of gasoline spiked to more than $3.00 nationally—I’ve been paying much more than that for quite awhile, last week I paid about $3.30 a gallon. Gasoline prices are up 4% from a month ago and 16% from a year ago according to AAA

More here from CNN Money

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West Texas Intermediate Oil Price Trading Firm: $91 Presently–$147 Before Memorial Day?

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Big Sista DHS Chief Janet Napolitano Defends Indefensible Airport Screening

TSA Agent Gross Sexual Imposition Denver Intl Airport

TSA Agents preparing to grope elderly woman in wheelchair

TSA Agent Minneapolis/St Paul Airport groping elderly man

Big Sista Janet Napolitano Defends Airport Screening –Breitbart

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Rape Survivor Arrested at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport for Refusing to be Groped by TSA Agents