Future of the Tea Party is Leadership at the Local Level

At American Majority since the Tea Party movement began and in order for it to remain a potent force for real and lasting change, it must grow from the ground up.

The Tea Party movement always has been and always will be about the local leaders and organizing as close to the ground as possible.

Rest here The New Leaders Project by Erick Erickson –Red State

H/T: Conservative HQ

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North Korea: U.S. & South Korea Naval Exercises Provocation

Tough Talk from Kim Jong-il today, claiming that the joint U.S.Navy/South Korean military exercises poses a “fresh provocation to peace and stability.” —Xinhua News Agency

Huh? What “Peace and Stability” on the Korean Peninsula is the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea referring to? Easy for the Marxist North Korean Dictator to make threats, standing behind China.

Last week North Korea shelled Yeonpyeong Island murdering two Soldiers, in one of the heaviest attacks on its neighbor since the Korean War.

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Navy Reservist Returns Home as Christmas Gift to his Son

Really cute news photo from the LA Daily News Navy Reservist returns home to his 7 year old Son in Santa Clarita all wrapped up in a Christmas Gift

Taiwan’s China Friendly KMT Party Wins 3 of 5 Mayoral Races

Taiwan, Taipei council members show their support for Yang Shu-chun during a rally for Chinese Communist Party Friendly KMT Mayoral Candidate Hau Lung-bin

Millions of voters cast ballots today in Taiwan’s local elections closely being watched by  Beijing. Today’s municipality elections are seen by the China, as a referendum on their Communist Friendly KMT President Ma Ying jeou

Taiwan’s China Friendly KMT Party Wins 3 of 5 Mayoral Races –Deseret News

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Students Return from China to Vote in Saturday’s Municipality Elections–Taiwan News

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Obama’s China Policy Disaster

Does Freedom of Religion Still Exist in the United States?

Religious Freedoms most certainly exist in Israel but does government in the United States interfere in the practice of Religious Freedom, Traditions and Customs?

San Francisco’s Jewish Community is mobilizing against a proposal that may ban the 3,000 year old practice of circumcision within the city limits.

More here from ABC 7 San Francisco

Thanking God & Abraham Lincoln—Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Prayer–Norman Rockwell, Saturday Evening Post

Four Themes Flow Together At one of the most remarkable points in American history–the evening when Abraham Lincoln for the last time proclaimed a national holiday for Thanksgiving.

It was 11 April, 1865 two days after the Civil War ended with Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, four days before the President was murdered.

Our national Thanksgiving Day is a good time to remember the President who had more to do with the institution of Thanksgiving and the actual practice of thanking God than any other and to recall his last public speech.

Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving–Of Puritans, Prayer & The Capitol Dome

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Israel Scientists Warn of Stem Cell Cancer Link

Stem Cells—Yale Stem Cell Center

FDA Approves Second Round of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Trial

Using a patients own stem cells to replace diseased or damaged tissues might expose the patient to a risk of cancer according to the result of new research at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Discovery raises a cautionary red flag in the advancing field of stem cell therapy. For years, embryonic stem cells were the focus of this field because they are undifferentiated and therefore have the potential to develop into any cell type in an adult body.

More here from Israel 21c Newsletter

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China & Russia Dump Dollar

China & Russia have decided to renounce the Dollar and resort to their own currencies for bilateral trade.

What more is going on with the Dollar that the Obama Administration doesn’t want Americans to know about? Why has the Dinosaur Media been silent on this subject?

More here from China Daily

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Impact of China’s Switch on Foreign Investment Policy –Xinhua News Agency

Airport Security?

No country has better airport security than Israel and no country needs it more since Israel is the most hated target of Islamic extremists terrorists (which DHS Chief Big Sista, Janet Napolitano calls, “Man Caused Disasters”) yet somehow, Israeli airport security people don’t have to strip search passengers, naked electronically or have a stranger groping their private parts.

Does anyone really believe that we have better airport security than Israel? Is our security record better than theirs?

“Security” may be the excuse being offered for the outrageous things being done to American travelers but the heavy-handed arrogance  and contempt for ordinary people, that is the hallmark of this administration in other areas is all to painfully apparent in these new and invasive airport procedures.

Can you remember a time  when a Cabinet member in a free America boasted having “his foot on the neck” of some business or when a President of the United States threatened on television to put his foot on another part of some citizens anatomy?

Yet this and more has happened in the current administration which is not yet two years old. One Cabinet member warned there would be “zero tolerance” for misinformation, when an insurance  company said the obvious, that the mandates of ObamaCare would raise costs and therefore raise premiums. Zero Tolerance, for exercising the First Amendment Right of Free Speech.

More than two centuries ago, Edmund Burke warned about the dangers of new people with new power. This administration, only halfway through its term, has demonstrated that in many ways.

What other Administration has had an Attorney General call the American people “cowards” and refuse to call terrorists Islamic? What other Administration has had  a Secretary of Homeland Security warn law enforcement officials across the country of security threats from people who are anti-abortion, for federalism or our returning veterans?

Continue reading here Airport Security by Thomas Sowell, PhD –Creators.com

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