Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee Supported Subjection Of Women At Harvard Law School

Islamists who are seeking to spread Sharia Law have found an ally with Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court Elana Kagan.

While Dean at Harvard Law School, Ms. Kagan banned Military Recruiters from campus, while inviting Saudi Recruiters to promote Sharia Law which terrorizes Women.

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Obama’s Summer Of Recovery? Economic Growth Slows

Obama: African Americans “Sort of a Mongrel People”

Obama called African American’s a Mongrel People where is the moral outrage by Liberals in Congress and the Dinosaur Media?

Was Whoppi Stoned again during Obama’s visit?

On Monday it was being reported that Whoppi was high on the set to the shock of the audience and her co-hosts.

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Democrat Memo: We May Be Incompetent But They’re Crazy

Yesterday Democrat-Socialists summoned the Dinosaur Media to their Central Committee offices, to listen to ‘The Chairman’ describe how their collective plans to define Republicans, heading into the mid-term elections.

The 2010 Democrat-Socialist Strategy: The GOP are crazy, having embraced the fringe and the racist-isolationists, voting for the Republicans is even more loony than the voting for the party that can’t tie their shoes.

Democratic Message: We May Be Incompetent But They’re Crazy Via The Atlantic

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Obamamobile—$41,000 Boondoggle No One Will Buy

In April, Government Motors were running false and misleading ads, claiming to have paid the taxpayers back the Billions of Bailout Money “loaned” to them when in fact all they did was return $4.7 Billion Dollars to the Treasury by dipping into a separate pot of Bailout Money already owed to the taxpayers.

Are the taxpayers realizing a good return of their investment? Will GM actually manufacture affordable automobiles that the average American family will be interested in purchasing?

Sitting in the Obamamobile (Chevy Volt) with a $41,000 Dollar price tag less federal, state and local taxes, financing costs, insurance and maintenance–Service Stations may be unwilling to invest in the equipment necessary to repair electric vehicles, for there is no profit in it.

Are Electric Car manufacturing actually a good use of taxpayers money or just another government boondoggle?

Where will consumers go to recharge their electric vehicles? Much of the U.S. population do not live in large urban areas where recharging stations may one day exist, will the average American Consumer, actually be willing to wait 10 hours to fully recharge their electric vehicles from a standard outlet that only have a range of 40 miles?

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Obama’s Economic Catastrophe, Tax Hikes During A Recession

Forget the Campaign Pledge “Hoax & Chains” made to the American people about not raising taxes on anyone making less than $200,000 and families earning less than $250,000 Obama broke that promise when taxes increased on tobacco products and a 10% tax imposed on customers of tanning salons which affects those the most who can least afford them.

Having now already lied to the American People about Raising Taxes—the Obama Administration next step is to let the Bush Tax Cuts expire on the so called wealthiest Americans, the job creators in this country—poor people don’t create jobs.

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Eliminate the Corporate Income Tax–Corporation Pass On Taxes to the Consumer

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During Obama’s Watch Federal Debt Has Quadrupled Via NY Daily News

Federal Debt and the Risk of a Fiscal Crisis Via Congressional Budget Office

U.S. Consumer Confidence Falls, Lowest Since February Via CNBC

Oliver Stone Defends Iranian Fascist Ahmadinejad & Hitler

Fitting picture of Oliver Stone with his pal Hugo Chavez, both enjoy their alliances with Iranian Fascist Ahmadinejad.

Oliver stone blames the Holocaust as a product of “Jewish domination of the Media” rallying against the “powerful lobby” of Jews in America.

More here from Anti-Defamation League

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Suspected Nazi Death Camp Guard Charged With 430,000 Murders of Jews Via The Sun UK

Michelle & Sasha Obama Plan Private Vacation In Spain

Didn’t the Obama’s just recently return from vacationing in Maine, before President Obama announced the New Federal Greenhouse Gas Reduction Policy on unnecessary travel?

President Obama’s Personal Greenhouse Gas Reduction Exemption:

Michelle Obama and her daughter Sasha will now be taking yet another vacation at taxpayer expense this time to Spain, with unspecified family friends next week during President Obama’s Birthday–White House Press Corp unwelcome.

Elitist—Michelle Obama has reserved some 30 hotel rooms at a 5 Star Hotel for her guests and Security Detail.

More here from The Hill–Blog Briefing Room

BP Oil Spill Clean-Up Crews Can’t Find Oil In Gulf Of Mexico

BP Oil Spill Clean-up Crews claim that they can not find crude in the Gulf of Mexico they’re not looking too hard.

Day 98—BP Oil slick has been found and here it is…Oil sheen is seen near the Development Driller II, BP Oil Spill Relief Well, near the Deepwater Horizon platform that blew up on the 20th April

BP Oil Spill–President Obama’s Katrina which he has claimed to have taken responsibility for.

Riiight…Why then is Michelle Obama Chairing the Obama Administration Disaster Response Team, receiving an update from the Coast Guard on efforts to contain the BP Oil Spill? What exactly does Michelle O, know about oil spill clean-up?

Ground Zero Islamic Cultural Center & Mosque, Muslim Brotherhood Friends

Feisal Abdul Rauf the Imam behind the $100 Million Dollar Ground Zero Islamic Center, blames Christians and the West for harming Muslims believing that Jihad warfare was started by the West and can only be ended by the West.

The Ground Zero Mosque project is not about religious tolerance. We permit thousands of mosques in our country—Islam is not a religion, Islam is an ideology that has some spiritual elements but strives for authoritarian control of every aspect of human life, social, political and economic.

The Ground Zero Islamic Cultural Center and Mosque project, is a stealth step in the “Grand Jihad” the term used by the Muslim Brotherhood and its confederates for what they describe as a “civilization” battle to destroy the U.S. and the West from within by sabotage.

More here by Andrew C. McCarthy Via National Review Online

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