What the MSM isn’t reporting about the Gaza Ship Raid

Answer Coalition.org the pro-Islamic Jihad organization formed in 2001 in association with the Marxist Workers World Party, Party for Socialism and supported by the Muslim Student Association a front for the Hamas Supported Muslim Brotherhood which has ties to 9/11 mastermind Osama bin-Laden organized this protest outside the Israel Embassy today in Washington, after the Gaza Ship raid by Israel Commandos turned deadly.

Despicable—Children are easily manipulated and this little girl is carrying a Socialist sign to further the pro-Islamic Jihad, Marxist message outside the Israel Embassy today in Washington protesting Israel’s attack on a Gaza bound flotilla.

Did anyone tell these children that the so called “peace activists” transporting aid to Gaza, ignored orders by the Israel Navy to to turn back and then acted anything but peaceful, using knives, clubs and weapons to attack Israeli Commandos that attempted to board the vessel armed with non-lethal weapons.

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Remembering Those Who Served & Those Who Made The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Battle of Gettysburg the largest battle ever fought on 01-03 July, 1863 resulting in the largest number of casualties and is often called the turning point of the Civil War.

While President Obama is absent from his post vacationing with his family in Illinois playing basketball and barbequing one may only hope that his staffers have clued him in on the difference between Memorial Day & Veterans Day by now?

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What If Congress Repeals “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

Sailors and Marines line the deck of the USS Iwo Jima as it passes by the Statue of Liberty in NY as part of Fleet Week.

Congress has votes planned to repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Don’t Harass, Don’t Pursue” Public Law No. 103-160 which restricts the U.S. Military from efforts to discover the sexual orientation of its personnel.

There is a great deal of controversy whether permitting homosexuals to serve or not serve in the military, affects the good moral order and discipline of military service?

Israel lifted its ban on homosexuals serving in uniform and in a study conducted by Aaron Belkin and Melissa Levitt whether its decision to abolish restrictions on homosexual soldiers influenced military performance, readiness, cohesion and morale it was discovered that Israel’s decision had no impact on performance.

Should Congress abolish the restriction that prohibits homosexuals from openly serving in the U.S. Military? What evidence is there that a different impact on performance and readiness compared to Israel will result?

China Silencing Citizens Grievances

Shrine dedicated to the “God of Fortune” lights up the entrance to one of China’s notorious Black Jails where a young woman says says she was taken and raped in Beijing

Chinese authorities have been accused of authorizing many kidnappings of individuals on their way to lodge complaints.

A man walking through a former Black Jail in Beijing.

Black Jails were created by authorities when the random detention of vagrants were allegedly outlawed by China but were they?

Xiao Qiang reports from a posting at China Police Net (in Chinese) Ministry of Public Security: Police Approval Required to Admit “Normal” People to Mental Hospitals.

Wet mattresses are stacked up against a wall in a Black Jail where a young woman says she was kidnapped , taken to and raped with the acquiescence of Chinese authorities in November, 2009

In 2003 Xu Cong Yang, reported that his personal property had been stolen, the main suspect of the theft was the company that Xu had contracted to insure them owned by the local government. Five years later Xu was seeking justice in Beijing when he was abducted, taken to a Black Jail where he was handcuffed, bloodied and bruised and illegally detained for 3 months.

More here from Inter Press Service

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White House Enlists Bill Clinton To Urge Pennsylvania Congressman Sestak To Withdraw From Senate Race

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, enlisted the support of former President Bill Clinton, according to a 2 page report issued today by White House Lawyer Robert F. Bauer which states that Clinton spoke to Congressman Joe Sestak, D-PA in 2009 to abandon his primary challenge of Sen. Arlen Specter, D-PA in exchange for a non-paid White House Advisory Board position in the Executive Branch.

Why was this report released on the Friday before Memorial Day other than to hope that this story goes away by next week?

Why was there a need to have White House Lawyer Robert F. Bauer write a report of the matter unless there was something nefarious the Obama Administration is worried about?

Why was Congressman Sestak’s brother consulted during the drafting of the report issued by White House Lawyer Robert F. Bauer?

In February, Congressman Sestak claimed that he was “offered” a high ranking government post to get out of the Pennsylvania Senate race.

Today, Congressman Sestak claims that received a phone call from former President Clinton (acting on the behest of the White House) expressing his concerns in seeking to oust a sitting Senator, followed up by a conversation with the President Obama’s Chief of Staff about the serving on the Presidential Advisory Board while staying in the House of Representaives.

Why did Congressman Sestak not say this in February? Why has Congressman Sestak changed his story?

Did President Obama, his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, former President Clinton, Congressman Sestak and his brother need to get their stories straight before White House Lawyer Robert F. Bauer released his 2 page report the Friday before Memorial Day?

All of the Republican Members of the House Judiciary Committee have joined Congressman Darrell Issa, R-CA the Ranking Member on the House on Government Oversight and Reform, in writing asking that FBI Director Robert Mueller, to launch an investigation possible “collusion” and “obstruction of justice” involving Congressman Sestak’s brother.

Sounds Dubious.

More here from the Washington Examiner

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Census Bureau Disregarding 4th Amendment?

When does the U.S. Constitution no longer matter? We do know that the TSA routinely violates peoples Civil Rights with their XXX Full Body Scanners which allows for government workers intrusion an individuals privacy.

Former Congressman Bob Barr has alleged in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that Census Workers have been empowered to demand access to any private dwelling in order to count persons residing in the home. Failure of Landlord to provide access may result in fine of $500.00

While Bob Barr’s post sounds dubious, the U.S. Dept of Commerce Census 2010 posts on their website that, “Census takers visit local homes several times to ‘capture resident information’ for the 2010 Census…”

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Via Charlottesville Daily Progress.com

Democrats Ultimately To Blame For Clean Up Costs Of “Deepwater Horizon” Oil Spill Catastrophe

About 6 weeks ago an Atty girl friend of mine discussed the pros and cons of limiting civil liability on corporations and we disagreed why government should not limit the exposure of corporations for their conduct.

I argued, that putting caps on damages is always a bad idea because corporations will do a cost benefit analysis, calculating their exposure (liability) while disregarding the lives of others in favor of profits. Damages should be determined by a Jury and not the government.

During the 1970’s Ford Motor Company was aware of a major design flaw in their Pinto which allowed its fuel tank to be easily damaged in a rear end collision resulting in deadly fires but refused to make a necessary redesign due to the limits of liability, it was more economically feasible to pay claims than to retrofit the Pinto model.

While corporations such as British Petroleum (BP) will legitimately pass on their overhead, labor costs, increases in taxes and other miscellaneous costs to the consumer in the form of higher prices, at the same time corporations must remain competitive in the market place. Should BP have higher prices for a substantially the same product sold by “BCD Energy Corporation” the average consumer will patronize the latter corporation to purchase the similar product because the former corporation isn’t competitive.

What does basic consumer economics have to do about “Obama’s Katrina” which has been spewing millions of barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in unknown Billions of Dollars in damages to private companies and individuals in the affected areas?

Thanks to Democrats that controlled the 101st Congress in 1990 as part of the Oil Pollution Control Act 33 USCA 2701, et. seq. subsequent to the Exxon Valdez oil spill, legislation was enacted that mitigated economic damages of oil companies to removal costs and $75 million dollars in liability.

Removal costs by definition “means, the cost of removal that are incurred after a discharge of oil has occurred or, in any case in which there is a substantial threat of discharge of oil, the cost to prevent, minimize, or mitigate oil pollution from such an incident.”

Section 1003–Defenses of Liability:

(a) Complete Defense–A responsible party is not liable for removal costs or damages under Sec. 1002 if a responsible party establishes by a preponderance of the evidence that the discharge or substantial threat of a discharge of oil and the resulting damages or removal costs were caused by—(3) an act or omission by a third party…”

Disingenuous: It really was of no surprise that Mr. Obama would cast all blame upon BP but also Transocean and Halliburton for the the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster. Subsequent to the testimony of Ross Pillari, CEO of BP Oil Company and the other Executives, President Obama said that it was a ridiculous spectacle and he promised Americans that his Administration will be “tough” on the industry compared to his predecessors (Republicans and the Bush Administration) When will Barack Obama begin accepting responsibility for his own failures and those of his party which controlled Congress in 1990 enacting legislation that limited liability of companies such as BP?

Today the only concerns that Americans have is: (a) the economic liability of business and individuals that have suffered damages as a result of the “Deepwater Horizon” oil spill disaster; (b) who will pay for clean-up costs; (c) preventing a such a disaster in the future.

Since everything that one does has an element of risk to it, government can not guarantee that no harm will occur in the future for anything.

However thanks to the Democrats that controlled 101st Congress which capped damages in 1990 we do know who is to blame for that action and why the American Taxpayers will ultimately be paying the costs for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill catastrophe.

Then: A Century Ago, Sinking of Ship Leads America to War, Now: Sinking of Ship Leads to U.N. for more Sanctions

Remember the USS Maine became a rallying cry for Americans on the 15 Feb 1898 leading to the Congress declaring war on Spain 2 months later.

Remembering the passenger cruise ship RSS Lusitania, that was torpedoed by a German U-Boat off the Coast of Ireland, on 07 May, 1915 the purpose of the sinking was wholesale murder by Nazi Germany and instrumental in bringing United States into World War 1

Recovered South Korea Ship “Cheonan” that was torpedoed and sunk by North Korea off of Baengnyeong Island on the 26 March

Memorial portraits of South Korean Sailors murdered by North Korea

China–U.S. Strategic Economic Dialogue in Beijing, Hillary Clinton described the sinking of the South Korean naval vessel by Marxist North Korea an “unacceptable provocation” calling on the world to cooperate in a “strong but measured response” to Pyongyang


“Unacceptable Provocation” & “Strong measured response” sounds like a whole lot of nothing but another round of failed sanctions upon the totalitarian Maoist regime.

China and U.S. could join in some kind of formal rebuke of North Korea

That will show Pyongyang just to be nice.

They’ve worked so well—Ineffective Targeted Sanctions on North Korea

What do Iranian Fascists learn?

Obama’s Foreign Policy is weak–Crippling Sanctions Will Still Be Ineffective

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Obama Now Dips To 42%

Rasmussen now reports that Obama’s public approval poll numbers have dipped even further, now down to just 42% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of te President’s job performance, while 56% of those polled say that they are dissatisfied with Obama’s work.

More here from Daily News Corner

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Congress Wants To Quadruple Oil Taxes

Claiming that an increase in oil taxes of .32 cents a barrel will help finance clean-ups, Congress is poised to quadruple taxes on a barrel of oil.

Who really pays? Oil Companies will pass on any new tax increases on the consumer.

Federal, State and Local Taxes are the second largest part of the retail price of gasoline. In 2008 federal excise taxes were 18.4 cents a gallon and state excise taxes averaged 21.7 cents a gallon. From 2000 to 2008 taxes averaged 23% of the retail price of a gallon of gasoline.

Remember when, “Hoax & Chains” promised…

Having already broken his no new tax pledge will Barack Obama sign legislation raising oil taxes?

New federal taxes are most assuredly coming. Get ready to dig a little deeper in your pocket and tighten your belt a little bit more.

More here from Politifact.com

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