ObamaCare Utopia–Only Good From The Anointed One

Yesterday Obama signed into law with much hoopla The Fixes to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, leaving open the possibility (more like the probability) of more mandated government changes in the health care system.

Good News: ObamaCare Premiums will rise an average of 17% for young adults

Reminiscing on the promises of Obama’s Utopia. We must never forget to sing our praises to “The One” responsible for all this…O Hail the Messiah Lord Obama

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Obama Approval Rating Drops Back To 46%

More Americans oppose ObamaCare than support it, according to a poll published in the Washington Post—according to the Post, 50% of Respondents oppose the recent health care reform legislation, while 46% support it.

A Rasmussen Reports Survey says that 54% of likely voters support a repeal of ObamaCare—The same poll reports that 55% of Americans believe that the health care bill enacted by Democrat-Socialists, will increase costs.

Gallup ratings of Obama initially showed a temporary spike in approval after the health care bill was passed but the rise was negated by Monday’s report.

Gallup poll shows approval rating for Obama at 46% a figure which ties Obama’s lowest approval rating,

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Obama’s Loony Foreign Policy on Iran

Why should Iran take Obama seriously when deadlines come and go and nothing happens?

Barack Obama said today, “…the door remains open if the Iranians choose to walk through it.”

What if they don’t? Will Obama send Iranian Fascist Ahmadinejad a strongly worded letter condemning the Islamic radical regime and provide them with yet another deadline? Those strongly worded letters have not worked so well on the North Koreans.

Barack Obama said last year, “The important thing is to make sure there is a clear time table at which point we say, these talks don’t seem to be making any serious progress–By the end of the year we should have some sense whether or not these discussions are starting to yield significant benefits…”

The Obama Administration doesn’t understand the middle east problem and therefore does not have a coherent foreign policy with respect to Iran.

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Moshe Arens: An Impasse with Washington

As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was leaving Washington, after undergoing a series of what seemed like deliberate humiliations by the White House, Netanyahu said that he found the golden middle way between U.S. President Barack Obama’s demands and Israel’s positions.

Netanyahu will quickly find out there is no middle way–Obama wants to go all the way, he may be prepared to nibble away at Israel’s positions one nibble at a time but he knows exactly where he wants to go.

It all started  with Obama’s speech in Cairo last June. Pulling no punches and for the first time since 1957 during the Eisenhower Administration, the President raised in public a difference of opinion between the United States and Israel, that had existed for many years but had in the past been relegated to the discreet discussions between officials of the two governments.

Israel would have to stop building settlement in the West Bank, Obama said at Cairo University. One does not need to be very smart to know when Obama said the West Bank he did not mean just Judea and Samaria but rather anything that was located beyond the 1949 armistice lines (the Green Line) and that also included the areas of Jerusalem beyond the Green Line.

Rather than stating clearly that this demand contradicted Israel’s basic rights and therefore could not be met, the Israeli government adopted a tactic of making partial accommodations to the Obama’s demands and stalling for time.

First came Netanyahu’s speech at Bar-llan University, agreeing with some reservations to the establishment of a Palestinian State, then came the government’s decision to freeze construction in the settlements of Judea and Samaria for 10 months.

When U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised Israel for its unprecedented decision and it really was unprecedented–the Israeli government thought it had appeased Washington’s demands, when in reality it was being told by Washington, “So far so good but you still have a long way to go.”

Vice President Joe Biden’s arrival into Israel, on what was trumpeted as a goodwill visit, became an opportunity to turn the decision by a low grade civil servant on the Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee into an “insult” to the United States of America. The Prime Minister and government spokesman took this farce seriously and apologized over and over. It was an unfortunate mistake in “timing” they said not realizing that the United States objected not to the timing but to any construction in areas of Jerusalem beyond the Green Line.

Rest here by Moshe Arens Via Haaretz

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In 2009 Obama dropped his demands for a building freeze in East Jerusalem

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Sarah Palin was Correct about ObamaCare Death Panels

Former GOP V.P. Candidate Sarah Palin was correct when she wrote on her Facebook page that ObamaCare would lead to Health Care Rationing and Death Panels.

Who can forget last years HHS Preventative Services Task Force recommendations against routine Mammograms.

You can now thank “Hoax & Chains” and his loyal Democrat-Socialists in Congress for ObamaCare and they’re Death Panels deciding if Americans are entitled to medical care and worth saving.

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H/T: Net Right Nation

Americans for Limited Government to Appeal Freedom of Information Act Denial by U.S. Customs & Border Protection

Americans for Limited Government (ALG) intends to file an Appeal tomorrow to the U.S. Customs & Border Protection over their denial of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request related to the 05 January, detention of Author, Independent Columnist, Journalist, Blogger and Former U.S. Special Forces Soldier Michael Yon at the Seattle/Tacoma International Airport.

Yon, described the incident on Facebook saying, “Got arrested at the Seattle airport for refusing to say how much money I make (The uninformed ones said that I was not arrested but they definitely handcuffed me. Their videos and audios should show that I was polite but simply refused questions that had nothing to do with national security.”

The FOIA requests seeks to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident, including any policies the TSA have in place related to appropriate questions that may be asked of U.S. Citizens.

Ironically the initial FOIA requested was Denied on 01 March, 2010 just two weeks before the Obama Administration’s Self Proclaimed Sunshine Week where they applauded themselves for the work they have done to increase transparency.

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H/T: Get Liberty.Org

Republican National Committee, Where is the Oversight?

Erik Brown, President of  Dynamic Marketing, Inc. provided direct mail services to political campaigns, billed the Republican National Committee $1,946.25  for costs at the sleazy California “Voyeur” West Hollywood Strip Club in February.

Erik Brown’s Expenditure at “Voyeur” where mainly lame celebs party

Who was watching the purse strings at the Republican National Committee?

Last year the Washington Times reported that GOP Chairman Michael Steele, was presented with a resolution calling for new “checks and balances” on the Chairman’s power to dole out money.

Where is the oversight? Can Michael Steele delegate authority responsibly?

The buck apparently does not stop with Michael Steele who wasn’t even at the GOP but instead was on an airplane returning from a swanky RNC Hawaiian Winter Retreat while the nation is in a deep recession when it happened.

It would seem that without proper oversight and supervision that last years resolution calling for “checks and balances” at the GOP is long past due.

Subsequent to the 2008 Presidential Election, I wrote here and here that the Republican Party had lost its way and Conservatives must seize the opportunity and take our party back.

Unfortunately despite all of the rhetoric, assurances and promises made, Republican values which made our party great, real leadership and management remains lacking at the GOP

Anti-Christian Thuggery–War on Good Friday & Easter

Anti-Christian Thuggery has come to Davenport, Iowa with removal of Good Friday from the Municipal Calendar and replacing it with “Spring Holiday”

Discriminating Against Christians: Obama Administration will exclude Children attending Parochial School from Easter Egg Roll Via American Thinker

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”  –Psalms 33:12

Obama’s Fiscal Train Wreck–Runaway Spending

The fiscal train wreck is happening sooner than we thought a leading bond market traders says, which is why Investors are now telling the U.S. Government it will have to pay more to borrow money.

Bot as much more as Greece but enough to constitute a shot across the Obama bow by what we call the bond vigilantes, investors who try to punish governments that splash to much red ink across national ledgers.

The passage of the health Care bill has focused investor attention on the runaway deficit situation and its long term consequences. The deficit which ran around 3% of GDP in George Bush’s final year, is now exceeding 10%—Government Debt held by the public has gone from 40% og GDP when George Bush was President to 63% now and will hit 90% by 2020

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Sarah Palin–Tea Party Express Rally in Nevada, “We’re taking our country back…”

Former Republican V.P. Candidate Sarah Palin, addressing the thousands attending the Tea Party Express III Just Vote Them Out kickoff rally today in Sen. Harry Reid’s hometown, Searchlight, NV

Sarah Palin declares to the thousands of people attending the Tea Party Express rally today in Nevada, “We’re taking our country back and we’re starting right here in Nevada.”

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