“Oba Mao” T-Shirts on Sale in China, Beijing


“Oba Mao” T-Shirts on sale in Houhai, central Beijing

Chinese are smart—Obama can’t fool everyone. In PRC, Obama is known for what he really is.

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“The One” Town Hall Disappointment in Shanghai

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Obama in China, Shanghai Townhall took Questions from Fake Students

Hkg2961968China Obama Girl

Obama in China, Shanghai lecturing at state sponsored Townhall style meeting. “Hope-n-Change” can’t leave home without his teleprompter.

While in Shanghai, Obama takes questions from fake students at the Museum of Science and Technology.

More here from China Hush

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HRM Queen Pelosi, Spends $2,993 on Flowers with Taxpayer’s Money

Pelosi Queen

Nice going Democrat-Socialist House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, completely out of touch with the economic concerns of the Taxpayers, spending close to $3,000 for flowers between June and October.

Nancy Pelosi, D-CA also spent over $30,000 on food and beverages and over $2,700 on bottled water, just not every day ordinary “Commoner” water will suit Her Royal Majestic fanciful taste.

More here from Politico

Caijing Magazine: Same Values Promised

Obama---Caijing MagazineOn Monday 23 November,  the first issue of Caijing Magazine, following the departure of outspoken Editor Hu Shuli and most of its staff,  hit the news stands featuring Obama on the cover and a letter from the Editor Wang Boming, the magazine longtime Publisher.

Rest here China Real Time Report

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Bleak Friday in Dubai, Lesson for USA

Honoring Our American Hero’s—Thanksgiving Day 2009

Afghanistan ThanksgivingAfghanistan

Honoring our American Hero’s—Thanksgiving Day 2009

Soldiers belonging to Able Troop A-371 Cavalry Squadron standing in line for their Thanksgiving meal.

An American Hero injured in Helmand Province last week, in his hospital bed at Bagram Air Base.

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Thanksgiving Blessings

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CBO: Projections Senate ObamaCare Cost’s

Sentate Health Care Bill Cost Chart

Congressional Budget Office Projections: Senate’s version of ObamaCare $1.8 Trillion Dollars

Senate Republicans released their own cost analysis of Democrat-Socialist Majority Leader Harry Reid’s Socialized Medicine health care bill, price tag $2.5 Trillion Dollars

Senate Republicans Chart depicts the degree of deception Via The Weekly Standard

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Gold Prices Soar To New Record, Fueling Inflation Concerns


A young woman in Taiwan, holds two 37.5 grams of gold from the Bank of Taiwan—Gold prices soar to new record highs as the dollar continues to weaken during Obama’s Watch.

Inflation Worries: What we can learn from Japan Via Seeking Alpha

Significant Numbers of Policy Makers are Clueless Via Naked Capitalism

The “Real Jobless Rate” 17.5% of American Workers Unemployed Via CNBC

The government has spent $3.5 Trillion Dollars during Obama’s first year in office shattering records Bush spent $1.8 Trillion in 2001

There was a time when Candidate Obama promised that he was a proponent of pay as you go saying, “…every dollar that I’ve proposed, I’ve proposed an additional cut…we’re going to have to embrace a culture and an ethic of responsibility…”

Obama Lied—Would say Anything to get elected.

Obama Snubs American Ally Taiwan During Asian Trip

Taiwan Former President

Obama supposedly is the “Leader of the Free World” but during his recent Asian trip, he didn’t have time to travel to our important American ally Taiwan.

Another Ally Sold Out By Obama—Scotty Starnes Blog

On the 17 November I wrote here that Obama reiterates his support for Totalitarianism for Taiwan. While in PRC Obama said, “I have been very clear in the past that the United States supports a One China Policy.

Global Warming, Junk Science Exposed Among One Time Believers

Global Warming

Now what will the Obama Administration do? One-time Global Warming Believers realizing that Climate Change proponents,  purposely destroyed data that did not support global warming claims have become skeptics of the junk science theories.

I have previously written here about some of the rather bizarre claims made and hypocrisy of Climate Change advocates.

Al Gore: Global Warming Caused Destruction of Mayan Civilization

More here Via The Washington Times

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