Gore Vidal: Marxist Dictatorship Coming to America

Obama Marxist

Last year Gore Vidal supported Obama for President during the Democrat nomination process, this year Vidal, has lost support of Obama saying, “America is rotting away” and we’ll have a Marxist Dictatorship in America soon.

More here from Times Online U.K.

Desperation—Democrat-Socialist Alan Grayson, Calls Health Care Crisis “Holocaust”

ObamaCare Eroding Support
Democrat-Socialist Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida compares opposition to ObamaCare a “Holocaust in America”

Wednesday on the House Floor Rep. Grayson said, “I apologize to the dead and their families, that we haven’t voted sooner to end the Holocaust in America.

Yesterday Democrat-Socialist Rep. Grayson said that the Republican health care plan wants “Americans to die quickly.”

Public support for ObamaCare continues to tumble, dropping to its lowest support yet this year.

Just 41% of likely voters support the government take-over of health care while 56% of likely American voters oppose nationalizing medical care.

More here from The Hill’s  Blog Briefing Room

Obamania Souvenir Junk Sales Go Bust

Barack in a Box

Cashing out ones Retirement Account to invest in Obama memorabilia has resulted in disaster for one couple—now with 3,000 Barack-in-a-Box-stored in a California warehouse.

Surprised that they haven’t yet blamed Bush or the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.

Maybe those short-sighted merchandiser’s who took a chance on Obama souvenirs and failed, deserve their own government bailout?

H/T: Hot Air

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Obama to Rabbi’s: Promote Socialized Medicine


In a conference call with more than 1,000 Rabbi’s prior to Rosh Hashanah, “The One” tells the Rabbi’s to use their messages for the Jewish New Year to promote ObamaCare.

Where is the ACLU?

More here from The Jewish Policy Center

Private Medical Records Go Public, Thank Obama


Via CNS News

Forget about privacy, once private medical records become public records for all to see and report, thanks should be sent to Democrat-Socialist Members of Congress who supported Obama’s $838 Billion Dollar Economic Stimulus.

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New Obama Indoctrination Video Ashville, NC

School Indoctrination

A new indoctrination video has surfaced this time children singing praises to “The One” Lord Obama, Savior of the world.

Last week I wrote here about children singing praises to the most benevolent and Holy One  Barack Hussein Obama in New Jersey.

Video here Via Weasel Zippers

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Libyan Lunatic Qaddafi One Lucid Moment At The United Natons, Move The UN From NYC

Libyan Leader Wacko

After translating the wacko Libyan Leader babbling to the United Nations this week for 75 minutes, the translator for the Islamic Terrorist Thug complicit in the bombing of Pan Am 103 finally collapsed resulting in a translator from the UN needing to step in to finish the goofy diatribe.

While the Libyan Lunatic had little meaningful to say, there was one part in which he was quite lucid, it was when he said that the UN should be moved out of NYC to across the Atlantic.

More here Qaddafi May Be On To Something
Via Oklahoma City Republican Examiner

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ObamaCare Fairnes—Buy Or Else


ObamaCare Fairness Rule: Failure to pony up as much as $1,900 for not purchasing nationalized insurance, may result in criminal prosecution, those convicted may be sentenced up to 1 year in jail or be fined up to $25,000

More here from  Politico

Vice President Joe Biden: I have campaigned for some Democrats that are Turkeys


Vice President Joe Biden said at a Democrat-Socialist fundraiser this week for three Virgina freshman Congressmen  Tom Perriello, Glenn Nye and Gerry Connolly, at the home of former Virginia Senator and Governor Chuck Robb.

“These guys are smart, some of the guys that Chuck and I have campaigned for are Turkeys. Not all Democrats are created equal while most Republicans are.”

More here from ABC News Political Punch

Obama’s Marxism

Obama National Socialism

Adrift in the sea of Obamaunism and embracing moral relativism with the enthusiasm of a liberal attending their first ACLU meeting, we have become like Jack Sparrows compass, the needle rather than pointing in the correct direction, points to wherever you want to go.

With the people deposing of Manuel Zelaya, the leftist Honduran dictator who attempted to hijack his countries constitution by staying in office beyond his legal term, we get only condemnation from Barack the Benevolent and also the full weight of the United Nations against a tiny democracy, freedom loving country.

Never one to pass up an opportunity to suppress liberty, support Marxism or subordinate the rule of law, Obama has gleefully joined the ranks of such other freedom loving leaders as Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Fidel Castro and the United Nations General Assembly in condemning the Honduran Legislature and their people in their exiling of Zelaya in an attempt to keep him from disrupting the upcoming election.

Rather than a military coup, as our state run media has proclaimed, this is the rule of law.

Rest here from The Signal–Santa Clarita Valley
by William Creitz