Tea Party Express Rolling Across USA

Tea Party Express

It’s time to take our country back, join the Tea Party Express as it rolls across the country, joining the efforts of other Americans to bring REAL change to our country.

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Senate Majority Harry Reid to Las Vegas Review Journal: I hope you go out of business.”

Obama Congress

Following Obama’s election Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California hold a joint press conference.

In February, Harry Reid touts Obama’s Economic Stimulus package as a jobs creator. Nevada where unemployment is 3rd worst in the USA hit 12.7% in July skyrocketing since “Hope-n-Change” took office in January.

Just six months ago Harry Reid wanted to create jobs in Nevada, before addressing a Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Reid tells Bob Brown of the Las Vegas Review Journal “I hope you go out of business.”

Democrat-Socialist Hary Reid has demonized “Tax Day Protesters” calling them Evil Mongers and now wants Nevada’s largest newspaper to go out of business because they disagree with Sen. Reid on political matters.

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Tea Party Express Rolls Into Town
Via Las Vegas Review Journal

Tea Party Express Schedule & Information

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Democrat-Socialists Manufactured Crisis

Democrat Socialist-Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste

It wasn’t all that long ago that White House Chief of Staff Rham Emanuel said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste” and ever since then, everything is a crisis from the nationalization of Government Motors and Chrysler Corp. to a national Health Care crisis.

Last week Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-MA passed away from a brain tumor, Democrat-Socialists exploit a child at Kennedy’s funeral to pray for ObamaCare.

ObamaCare would have abandoned Kennedy and others in similar circumstances.

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Race Baiting Democrat-Socialists, Do They Even Have Confidence In ObamaCare?

Democrat Socialists-Do they have confidence in ObamaCare

Earlier this month “The One” reminded us of government inefficiency saying that UPS & FedEx are doing just fine it’s the Post Office that is always having problems.

Democrat-Socialist Rep. Diane Watson of California has own astonishing things to say: “They are spreading fear and they’re trying  to see that the first President who looks like me–fails.”

Last week I wrote here “Not every political disagreement is prejudiced.” Why have 3 prominent Democrat-Socialists accused their political opponents of Racism?

How much confidence do Members of Congress really have in ObamaCare?  Why have Democrat-Socialists exempted themselves from socialized medical care, if its so very good for the rest of us?

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Real USA Unemployment Rate 16%


The real U.S. unemployment rate is 16% during Obama’s watch when counting workers that have dropped out of the labor pool either because they’re discouraged or have just stopped looking and have given up on finding a new job according to a Federal Reserve official.

On the 01 August, Obama announced that because of his success in handling the economy, the U.S. unemployment rate fell in July to 9.4 %  while disregarding the many U.S. workers that were not included in the real U.S. unemployment totals.

Obama has no real plan on managing the economic mess that he along with Democrat-Socialists in Congress have created, their solution is more and more federal spending which is not working but is bankrupting the economy leading us down a wide path to catastrophe and not prosperity.

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Explaining the Townhall Protests

Health Care Overhaul Georgia5809118758090929

Via The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network

By John C. Goodman, PhD.

“They’re un-American,” says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “They’re spreading lies and distortions.” says Senior White House Advisor  David Axlerod. They are “being funded by  out of district special interest groups and insurance companies,” says the Democratic National Committee.

“They” as you probably guessed, are the concerned citizens who’ve shown up at Townhall meetings across the nation, to express their displeasure over what President Barack Obama and the Democrats are about to do to our health care system but who are they really? What motivates them? Why are they so angry?

I believe my colleagues and I are in an excellent position to answer those questions. For the past two months, the National Center for Policy Analysis,  the think tank which I run and Salem Communications which employees such as talk show host as Mike Gallagher, Bill Bennett and Michael Medved, have been sponsoring an on-line petitions at http://freeourhealthcarenow.com/ for those who wish to express their opposition to nationalized health care. In the process we’ve collected more than 1.1 million signatures and we’re in e-mail communication with many on a weekly basis.”

Rest here on the Right Truth

Census 2010: Kids Proselytizing For Obama

Census 2010 Obama Style

Obama Administration officials have launched “Census in Schools” an all out propaganda campaign targeting administrators across the country to recruit your kids and teach them to become good little evangelists to their parents.

Meet Obama’s newest Census collectors: Your Kid’s!
Via Michelle Malkin

IRS & DOJ Unauthorized Release Of Tax Records

Invasion of Privacy

The IRS and Dept. of Justice released without authorization over 970,000 tax records, social security numbers and other sensitive information of citizens and businesses.

Who knows where those documents are today and how many scammers around the world are using this information to steal credit and banking information?

Do you really trust the government to preserve the confidentiality of your personal medical records should the Democrat-Socialists takeover health care?

IRS & Justice Department Releases Citizens Tax Returns to Alleged Criminal—Via PR Web

CAIR surrogates revealing themselves, utilizing Islamic disinformation to stifle Rifqa Bary news

Rifqa Bary Holding Her Bible Entering Florida Court Room

Via The American Thinker
‘Apostate’ Girl’s Father: The Unreported Story

Rifqa Bary entering a Florida Court Room last Friday afternoon, Judge Orders that Ms. Bary will remain in Florida for now.

On Sunday, the Orlando Sentinel published a completely irresponsible opinion column by Mike Thomas, which is so misinformed and dangerous, advocating the honor killing of Rifqa and decrying “anti-Muslim” bias by the media.

Council on American-Islamic Relations “CAIR” reveals its strategy here they want surrogates to push the argument that Rifqa was “brainwashed” by Christians who abducted the teenager and took her to Florida.

CAIR the unindicted co-conspirator expose their plan,
how Islamists hope to frame their Rifqa Bary argument.
Atlas Shrugs

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Obama Deficits Higher Than All Of Bush Deficits

Obama Deficits

Tax & Spend Democrat-Socialist Barack Obama deficit spending will exceed all of Bush’s Deficits, putting it into perspective:

In 2009 during Obama’s Watch, federal spending is $30,958
per household, this 22% increase in federal spending represents the largest expansion of government since 1952 and is up 57% since 2001

The Obama Administration now forecasts a $10.6 trillion in new deficits during the next 10 years.

More here from The Washington Examiner

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