Obama’s Watch: Consumer Confidence Zilch

Obama Naive Clueless
During Obama’s Watch…

Stock Market slides as consumer confidence took an unexpected steep slide,  homeowner mortgage defaults rise and home prices values fell 18.1% since April 2008 and down 33% from its peak in the 2nd quarter 2006

News continues to get worse for Democrats, a new Gallup poll finds, More Americans See Democrats As Too Liberal from 39% to 46% the largest percentage rise since November, 1994 after the Democrats losses in that years midterm elections.

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Gov. Sanford Receives Revelation From God?

SC Governor Mark Sanford

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is staying on as part of God’s plan I sort of kinda doubt that this man has his ear turned towards heaven, God never told him to cheat on his wife and family.

Last week I said here that if Sanford has any integrity left, he should announce his resignation from office—that question is answered. Sanford has no principles left, what a Doofus!

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MSM Silent—Duke University Official Is Charged With Attempting To Sell 5 Year Old African American Son For Sex

Duke Official Charged

MSM is silent—Gay Duke University Official attempted to sell his five year old African American Son for sex.

Frank Lombard, Associate Director at Duke University  Global Health Institute, said in an online chat with an undercover detective, that he had molested the child and invited the detective to North Carolina to have sex with the child and had even suggested which hotel he should used.

Sick doesn’t even begin to describe this monster. Tar and Feathers are too good to waste, there is a special place in hell reserved for child sex predators.

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H/T: NewsBusters

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Cap & Trade Harms Economy, Jobs Killer, Higher Consumer Costs, Increases In More Foreign Imports

Cap and Trade

Barack Hussein Obama claims that “Cap & Trade” will reduce America’s dependency on foreign oil and create jobs, what are the facts:

Cap & Trade harms the U.S. economy and reduces jobs

Cap & Trade will kill off Domestic Fuel production

America’s biggest oil companies will probably cope with U.S. carbon legislation by closing fuel plants, cutting capital spending and increasing imports.

More here from Bloomberg.com

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Barack Hussein Obama Meddles In Honduras, Sides With Chavez & Castro, Won’t Stand For Liberty

Obama Socialist in Chief

When Honduras President Manuel Zelaya decided to ignore the rule of law, and sought  changes in his nations Constitution to allow him to seek reelection beyond his 4th term, it’s nation top court ordered the military to remove Zelaya from office.

Barack Hussein Obama supported Zelaya publicly thereby interfering in Honduras political process.

B. Hussein Obama’s radical support for Zelaya is disturbing, Obama would not take a stand against tyranny in Iran saying only we can’t meddle or even stand up in defense of freedom.

More here Obama says coup in Honduras illegal.


Does Obama even like Democracy

How Obama has emboldened Dictators

Obama Appoints Domestic Violence Czar

Obama Czar's

Obama has appointed yet another Czar, this one to define to us what Domestic Violence is and the best ways to curb it.

On the 17 April. I wrote here that Senator Robert Byrd, D-WV criticized Obama’s appointment of Czar’s, saying that the Czar’s gives the President too much power.

The Czar’s have the ability to shape national policy and unlike Cabinet Secretaries do not require Senate approval.

Is Obama becoming a Dictator? When will the Democrats of Barack Hussein Obama’s own party which control Congress, stop “The One” before he becomes too powerful? When will the Democrat controlled Congress, assume its Constitutional roll of Congressional oversight of the Obama Administration?

More here from U.S. News & World Report

Senator Mitch McConnel Requests Reasonable Delay In Sotomayor Confirmation Hearings

Judge Sotomayor

Via Roll Call

Senator Mich McConnel, R-KY today said on FOX News Sunday, that 300 new boxes of  additional documents have been found about Obama’s Superme Court Nominee Judge Sotomayor and her time with the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund and that a reasonable delay in her confirmation hearings is needed, in order so that the Senate Judiciary Committee has time to review the newly discovered materials.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, has scheduled hearings on Sotomayor’s nomination to begin on the 13 July Why not give the Committee Members and their Staffers, a reasonable delay, whats the hurry?

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GOP Sell Outs Responsible For Cap & Trade

GOP Sell Outs

Via Michelle Malkin

The 8 Cap and Trade Republicans responsible for final passage of the false Global Warming energy tax that will adversely hurt all Americans.

Congress “Climate Change” Energy Tax Bill—JAWA Report

More here House Narrowly Passes Climate Bill 219-212

Iran: Cleric Calls For Harsh Retribution For Political Dissent “Worthy Of Execution”

Islam Murderers

In Friday’s Central Muslim Sermon, Ayatollah Ahmed Khatami, called for harsh retribution for dissent saying, “Anybody that fights against the Islamic system or the Leader of Islamic Society, fight him until complete destruction…Anyone who takes up arms, to fight with the people, they are worthy of execution.”

The Islamic Cleric reminded people that the Grand Islamic Wizard, Ayatollah Ali-Khamenei, rules by God’s design and must not be defied.

Worshipers attending the Friday night sermon interrupted the Islamic Fascist Cleric with chants of “Death to Israel.”

More here from BreitBart

China Blocks Google Claims It’s Pornographic

China Google

At about 10:00 pm Beijing time Wednesday, Chinese authorities began blocking Google from time-to-time. State media blames Google for porn on the Internet.

Gao Ye, was interviewed by CCTV Focus Report about Google, turns out to be the programs intern news report was a fake.

Chinese Netzen Reaction To CCTV Attacks On Google

On the 06 January, I wrote here China vows new crackdown on Google.

Free speech is essential in the pursuit of learning, every idea or thought is not an avenue of incitement, censorship only results in finding cracks in the Great Firewall of China.

More here from My Way News

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